Ten-year-old Quvenzhane Wallis is moving on up. The Oscar nominated actress is set to make some serious cash from the upcoming musical remake of “Annie,” in which she is starring. Check out some of of the details of what Quvenzhane stands to make.

    According to TMZ reports:

    – $750,000 base salary
    – $750,000 bonus if the movie does super good
    – 5% of profits
    – 5% of all merchandising
    – 10% of sound track album royalties

    In addition to her bank roll, Quvenzhane’s contract also states that her name can not appear lower than second, which means that her name will appear above either Jamie Foxx or Cameron Diaz, her powerhouse co-stars.

    She also gets unlimited Wi-Fi in her trailer and can veto any film bloopers before they are released.

    When it’s time for Quvenzhane to promote the film, they have to give her 3 dresses from which to choose and she gets to keep the one she wears.  But one caveat — she can’t sell or lend the garment to anyone.

    The best part of all-her image can be used to promote the film but NOT the sale of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, feminine hygiene products and pharmaceuticals.  It also prohibits producers using her image for gambling, EXCEPT her punim CAN appear on Pachinko machines.

    Sounds like Quvenzhane is learning how to make the most of showbiz!

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    4. Why is a child’s salary important? Telling all her business. I hope this remake is good and it doesn’t ruin the original one like the remake of Sparkle. That remake was horrible. I’ll support Quvenzhane though.

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