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Torrei, Heaven, and Hendrix rang in the new year with the dolphins. The comedienne smiled and kissed the friendly sea creatures as her kids swam in tow. Kevin Hart was also on vacation with Torrei and the kids, relaxing and celebrating with them in the Bahamas.

The past year has been a phenomenal one for Torrei as the comedienne tells media, “I feel that I’m in a space where I can 100% own who I’ve grown to become as a woman outside of identity as the ‘ex-wife’ of Kevin. I wanted to take time to reflect on this year and reward my children for being great kids and being able to deal with their parent’s schedule. From the junkanoo celebration to the relaxed way of life, I really felt grounded. My kids were able to learn so much from this experience. Not to mention, having sister-locks allows me to be more active and adventurous without having to worry about what I’m going to do with my hair!”

Torrei and Kevin have two kids together. The couple’s son, Hendrix, celebrated his sixth birthday a few weeks ago.

See more pics from the Hart’s vacation in the Bahamas below!

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  1. These two are some of the most beautiful children featured on this site. Heaven is also very photogenic.

    After watching that episode of An Animal Ruined My Vacation (on Nat Geo Wild), featuring a dolphin, I am now afraid to be in a pool with a dolphin. Torrei and kids are very brave.

  2. Ok i never comment, but Kevin hart and Torrei have some of the most beautiful BLACK children I’ve ever seen. The little girl looks as if she should be doing commercials, she’s soooo cute.

  3. Heaven looks just her mommy.

    I’m glad to see that they all four spend family time together. That’s great for the kids to see their parents still get along even though they are no longer married.

  4. I’m gonna go out on a limb and ask … Does she bleach her skin? I’m hoping she doesnt but pictures I’ve seen of her before her skin was darker. Maybe it just the make up, maybe I’m tripping… Anyways they co-parent so well!!! Love the Harts!!!

    • I really think the highlights in her hair brightens her face up just a bit. but I think it’s mostly the lighting. I’ve seen recent pictures of her with her hair like this and she looks darker. My skin color is very similar to hers and in some pictures I look much lighter than in others, depending on lighting.

      OAN: They have beautiful children. I can imagine that both are full of personality.

    • People always make these comments and it sounds so odd. Black people do change color and TAN. I have relatives that moved to the west coast and are now a shade or two darker. When I moved from the south way up north, I got lighter. And I just came back from a ski trip and got a winter tan. It all depends on your exposure to the sun. Not everyone is bleaching.

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