North West is pictured holding mom Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring.

Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West thinking about having more kids? Maybe so, maybe no. A family friend recently told media that the reality star and rapper are in a happy place, and considering adding more kids to their nest. “She and Kanye are already talking about having another kid because they want Nori to have lots of brothers and sisters,” said the source.

Learn more about this and other stars in this week’s version of ‘A Celebrity Baby Blog.’

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  3. I see Kim having as many kids as she can for the richest man she can be with. But having children for the sheer joy of loving to be a mother those children? Nope.

    Luda & Dwyane gets all that’s coming to them & more. Eudoxie & Gabby are two low self -esteem kept women. If oyu don’t demand respect from your man, you can’t expect his side chick to respect you.

    Tia & Tamera quit to focus on other opportunites. They may have more children but I see them doing business opportunities that will be more beneficial than their ‘reality’ show.

    Love baby Logan Tamar. Motherhood is awesome.

  4. Luda & Dwade are messy! Kinda sad to see Gabby and Eudoxie played. I can see Kimye being like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and having a gang of kids.

  5. Ludacris got someone pregnant on a break also? SMH

    Why can’t these men learn to use condoms? You go all that time without getting your girlfriend pregnant but the moment you guys “go on a break”, you get someone else pregnant. What is going on?

      • Exactly, women have no shame at all today. They trap celebs (or get money from them) by having children. After watching Being Mary Jane, I see that even wearing condoms ain’t safe

          • We. as women, have to realize the power we have within. WE have control of who we allow to enter down below. We have the right to say yes and we have the right to say no no. A man doesn’t control our bodies. We control our bodies. Remember that.

        • Seeing Mary Jane stealing that mans babies was a killer for me!! Lmao I was like OMG, do women really do this? Women can be so trifiling. Cant even say these men should have worn condoms b/c they probably where but didnt flush it afterwards themselves lol.Trapping these men & Bringing a kid into the world just for a check smh.

  6. Kim and Kanye? Unless they tie the knot don’t want to hear about any other kids they are planning to have.

    Love that Tamar is adjusting well to motherhood. Wish the best for that family.

    Tia and Tamera. The smartest thing they have done so far. Keep the camera’s out of your home. It’s just me; never cared for reality shows. They are faker than sitcoms on the tellie.

    The amount of child support Bridges is asking to pay “seems” reasonable if he is telling the truth about his monthly finances. But there is the truth and the “truth”. Bridges gets paid a minimum of $250,000 to appear on a music track. His second baby girl deserves to live the same lifestyles as her sister. Bridges laid down with the mum unprotected and needs to face the consequences of his actions. You play you pay.

    It’s amazing how many “men” get into a bed with a woman but wake up as “little boys”. Back to Bridges finances; both of my parents and close relatives “make” 24 American dollars per year. People can make anything on paper, their financial compensation comes in other ways and if a company isn’t a publicly traded company (Bridges companies are also private) the persons exact financial compensation will never be known.

    Do-Gooders who self promote? It’s good that they are helping others but they can still help without getting the press involved. They are actually helping themselves.

    That smiling face on the cutie alert…What a happy bebe…And that smile…pure Gerber.

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