Proud mom Monica Brown shared an adorable new shot of her kids Romelo Hill and Laiyah Brown on Twitter this past weekend.

“Romelo refused to leave for his game before holding his sister. He said, ‘Momma I can’t wait until she can watch me play’. LOL,” the singer tweeted. In the candid snapshot, Laiyah,4 months, can be seen gazing up at her big brother Romelo.

Video: Check Out A Cute Video of Laiyah Brown on Christmas Day

Romelo, who will celebrate his sixth birthday on January 8th, is a star player on his school’s basketball team. According to Monica, both Romelo and her eldest son, Rodney ‘Rocko’ Hill III,8, are excited about the new basketball season. “Basketball Season [has started] for the boys. Romelo decided he would be #2 this year…he’s ready!”

Romelo and Rocko’s dad is rapper Rocko Hill. Laiyah’s dad is NBA player Shannon Brown.

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  1. Monica your precious little girl is beautiful. I would have her pics all over, lol. It is always going to be hateful people in this world. Because some people said mean things about North, Blue, Cree, etc. doesn’t make them any less beautiful.

  2. SOOOOO ADORABLE! Ughhhh the baby fever is starting over here! I can’t wait to be a mommy…well yeah I can lol, but HEY it’s exciting to think about!

  3. She is really big, considering that she’s not even six months old yet. I’m sure she’s pretty, but I would have loved to have seen her right in her face.

  4. Monica knock it all the way off, you’ve always posted pic of your children & continue to do so w/the boys so was the difference now. Stop w/the teases & behaving all Hollywood all of a sudden & show a pic of Laiyah u know your eager to show her to the world!

  5. Monica responded to someone under a pic and said the reason theyre scared to share laiyah is because they saw the way people critisized blue north etc and they are scared that people are going to find something to pick woth! Its heart breaking when parents cant share thier baby because of such cruel people!

    • I don’t blame her. I would be afraid, too. Some people are horrid acting. I bet if someone criticized their child, they would want to beat the living daylights out of that person! But they think it is okay for them to say mean things about someone else’s baby. SMH. Someone even posted a very ugly comment (wont repeat it) about Adrienne Bosh’s beautiful baby on Adrienne’s instagram. Thankfully, it was quickly removed.

      Cute video! From the side, Laiyah looks like Romelo when he was about that age.

    • It is sad that parents even care what other people think. Is that why they post the pictures because they are fishing for complements? There will always be someone that has something negative and mean to say. Some of the most beautiful children in the world get criticized. That’s just reality. I don’t think showing half the face will stop people like that from being mean. It certainly hasn’t worked for Beyonce. She’s better off just posting the picture and ignoring the haters. Eventually they’ll get bored and move on.

    • THIS IS NO SHADE AT ALL!!!! But I follow Monica and that’s not what she was saying … She said that she was not on social media when the boys were babies and that a family friend released a pic of her and Baby Romelo while she was in the hospital she said THAT hurt and it was invasive . She didn’t share the boys until they were both almost a year . I believe she will do the same with Laiyah . Although she shares video of her where you can see her I respect that she does it one e she feels like it … If you follow Monica you know there is NOTHING Hollywood about her

  6. I love this picture. They are going to be the greatest big brothers ever. I hate it for whoever when she starts dating..LOL!!

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