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Ciara is expecting her first child with rapper Future! The “Body Party” singer confirmed her baby news Tuesday on television show The View.

Ciara and her fiancé Future, 30,  are looking forward to the arrival of their bundle of joy. “I’m so excited.  Last year was, like, the best year of my life.  Being able to get a fresh start with a new label…and of course the engagement,” she said.

Ciara and her beau plan to marry this year.

“My mother and father were married for 30 years, and my grandparents were married for 50 years, so it’s only right,” she said back in November. “And I’m an only child, so I want to build a big family.—not too big, but big enough.”

Stay tuned for more details!

spl654067_00643 Photos: Splashnews/Twitter

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    As soon as I said, “until I hear it come out of her own mouth”… and what do you know!

    Yes Ciara you know how to be EPIC! Congratulations lady!

    And I saw her on The View and when Barbara asked her I just knew she couldn’t wait to confirm and say “yes”, she looked so relieved it almost made me cry!

    That has to be a lot of pressure to hold such a wonderful BLESSING inside of you and not be able to tell people, but I am happy for her and Future! YAY! :) :)

  2. She makea a hot pregnant woman, I wish her all the best. Like the other post said, I am happy she announced it on her own time regardless of what the blogs were saying. Congratulations Ciara!

  3. She may as well have ocme out with cause you could clearly tell in her face. I’m pregnant so I can spot another pregnant woman a mile away..LOL!! I am happy for the two of them. And people saying her bump was invisible clearly did not see that belly button coming through her shirts!!!

  4. congrats to the both of them I know this is exciting for the both of them!!!!! You could tell she was pregnant before she announced it you could see it in her face.

  5. Congratulations. I’m so happy for her!!
    This also frightens and excites me, (grandma could be in my near future) her and my daughter went to high school together and this makes me realize that this IS the next step in their lives. They are really grown now!

  6. I’m sooooo glad she finally confirmed it. I was tired of getting on EVERY gossip site seeing her “invisible” baby bump in pictures. CONGRATS to them!!!

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