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Schoolboy Writing in Notebook

The news regarding the crumble of public schools seems to be more and more prevalent.

From testing scandals to school shooting, there is a growing fear for children in the education system. It’s enough to make any parent worry about and question the public school system and if they want their children to be subjected to an environment that may be hazardous.

More and more parents are choosing to remove their children from public schools and opting for educating them at home. For some parents, being able to control their child’s education and safety is more important than anything that public schools have to offer.

For other parents, letting their children experience the environment of school and being able to become active and social in a school setting is more important. The memories from school trophies and yearbook photographs are something that you can not get at home.

No matter what a parent chooses, the most important thing is that they are doing what they feel is best for their child.

What do you think? Home school or public school?

  • Schoolboy Writing in Notebook




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  1. Everything has its positives and negatives but I think home school is great option. It is easier than you think to find good curriculum with the teacher’s books which helps parents who are afraid. Your kids also have the option to take all of their courses online. Our family has paid a fortune in private school tuition as well as home schooled our children even though we live in a so called good school district.

    Because of my husband’s job we lived abroad and our boys got a fantastic education. When we returned to the US the only thing comparable was private school. That went well until the administrators had the bright idea to put kids at different levels in the same classroom. Prior to that they were grouped according to ability. Our kids were miserable so I took the boys out for a year just to give home school a try. I won’t lie to you it isn’t necessarily cheap but that all depends on the curriculum you chose.

    The great thing about home school is your child can work at their own pace and chose subjects that interest them more. Home school mimics classical education and encourages self-learning and exploration – everything needed to do well in college. Home school children are in many cases outperforming public and private school student so if you go to college websites you will notice most colleges including Ivy League schools are making allowances for them.

    These days the sky is the limit. I know women that home school their high school children and because you can take SAT subject tests and AP classes it is easy to have proof that your child can handle college level work. The only downside I can see is that you have to be a stay at home parent or work part time and it is a little more work for the parent. You have to chose or design your own curriculum, but they have books at your library that can help you with that as well as organizations like the Home School Legal Defense Fund. They are lawyers that will have your back if the school district acts up and they will help guide you with regard to the laws in your area. Don’t proceed without visiting their website which provides free info. And good luck to all of those who give home school a try. It is a lot easier than it sounds – I promise.

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