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Is Tamera Mowry-Housely thinking of having another baby sooner than later? Maybe so, maybe no. The actress gave insight to the possibility of more kids to Instagram fans a few days ago while sharing a picture of Aden playing with a family friend. “I┬áthink Aden is ready for a sister,” wrote Tamera.

Find out what else the celeb had to say as well as what other stars have been up to in this week’s version of ‘A Celebrity Baby Blog.’

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  1. All someone sees is forehead SMH why so much hate when someone comments on a child that happens to be lighter/w different color eyes? I see it all the time. So sad that color seems to always creep its way into post of children that are mixed. For folks to always state children are a blessing and a gift… Makes you wonder if that’s how they really feel.

    • Why am I NOT surprised that Aden is one of the most gorgeous babies you’ve EVER seen?!

      Yes he IS gorgeous, but so are ALL of the other babies here.

      • Like I said he is one of the most gorgeous babies I have ever seen. You being surprised or not, doesn’t make a bit of difference to me. No all babies are not gorgeous….but I’m not a shallow person. I don’t talk about children, I would rather move on to next subject.

      • Just cut the bull, ok. You know and I know that Aden is simply gorgeous. From his curls to his blue eyes. If Aden was blue black to cocoa brown with the same looks and face…..he would be just as gorgeous. I don’t care about Aden being biracial, I think he is simply a beautiful baby. Just like I think Curtis Jackson son, Tia’s son Cree, Blue, etc are just as gorgeous. Then again everyone have their own opinions, so stop trying to knock mines, lol…..blessings.

  2. Aden is not going to want a little sister, he’s going to want someone he can play with like a little brother. Boy’s want someone they can wrestle with and play video games with..

  3. Apollo? SMH. A perfect example of once a criminal, always a criminal. even Pheadra & his two boys love couldn’t help him. SMH..it’s always the cute ones…

  4. He’s adorable. Celebrities disclose personal info & then complain about lack of privacy. Do we really care when & if they have children, they get married, they get divorce, they buy a house, they sell a house, they dance, they carry a (fill in the blanks) pocketbook?

    I know I don’t. Just show me pics of the precious babies & do you.

  5. Yeah Tamera please give Aden a sibling. For one they seem to make cute children and two well Tamera will have somewhere else to focus her energy instead of on all the negative comments about her marriage. I mean she just seems to have a hard time ignoring the hate.

    I hope the rumors aren’t true about Apollo because if so Phaedra might be mommy AND daddy for awhile.

    I hope charlize takes it slow with Sean my Jackson is too precious to have “uncles” running in and out of his life. ;-)

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