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Erica Campbell and her daughter, Krista, gave a splendid showing at the 56th GRAMMY Awards. The singer looked gorgeous on the red carpet, wearing a flowered dress that fit her well. Krista rocked a white outfit with furs and headband.

Erica’s gown didn’t seem to stir up as much controversy as the dress that she wore for the cover of her upcoming album, Help, did. Many foes, and a few fans, expressed disappointment in Campbell’s choice of apparel that featured her in a white dress that showed off her curves. Hopefully the singer will get more kudos for her Grammy Awards dress as it overlapped and hid much of her midsection.

This is the first year that Erica was nominated for an award as a solo artist. The singer typically attends the Grammys as the second half of Gospel duo, ‘Mary Mary’ but has decided to branch out and take center stage alone, as of late. Campbell was in the running for a GRAMMY for “Best Gospel Song” but lost to Tye Tribbett who won for his writing and recording of, “He Did It Before…Same God.”

Erica has three kids with husband, Warryn Campbell. You can expect to see her solo album hit music stores later this year.


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  9. Its time and Mary Mary is at the level now where the sister no longer needs to be the stylist. They need a more polished and sophisticated look for these types of events. And, the sister is just not cutting it. She and her little princess are beautiful but the outfits leaves much to be desired. It looks off the rack instead of exclusive custom. The sister can still manage the wardrobe but she is just not capable of styling them for where they are now and where they hope to be. Even Bey dropped Tina at a certain level in her career.

  10. I don’t believe it was a good idea to bring Krista to the Grammy Awards. JMO. Between Beyonce bending over and showing her behind to the explicit language. It don’t believe any child should be at the Grammys. Krista looks beautiful in her dress nonethess.

    • I agree. There is too much raunch at these types of events to expose your kids to. But, maybe they were at the earlier part of the show before it was televised. Not all of the show is televised. Some people get their awards earlier in the evening and I believe that is when the gospel/Christian music category is awarded.

    • I also agree. This was not an appropriate place for a child. Krista did look cute in her outfit. Erica probably thought it was no different than taking her to a concert.

  11. Krista is very cute. She looks just like her dad. I pray for the Mary sisters after losing their dad and Tina’s husband issues I pray they stay strong throughout all of this. God will handle it all.

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