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Miley’s got a new room that probably looks better than yours. Justine Simmons and Rev Run recently showed off their daughter’s renovated space, designed by PoshTot, and it is breathtaking.

Miley has her royal quarters set in place with a tree that features one of Disney’s beloved princess’ and a desk made in the form of a carriage. The painted scenery resembles the setting of ‘Rapunzel,’ making us believe that Miley favors the long-haired princess over the others. Although the scenery is great, it is Miley’s bed that steals the show with a slide on one end and stairs on the other the give dual access to the little one’s decked out loft. Beneath Miley’s bed is a reading area that has a hot pink pillow for added comfort. Pink carpet also makes this room inviting, giving off the “Welcome Home” atmosphere that every little girl needs.

Andrea Edmunds, founder of PoshTot, was elated to work with the Simmons in renovating Miley’s room. “Working with the Simmons family was truly a joy for me and the rest of the PoshTots crew,” said Andrea. “I felt a real connection with Justine and Miley, which made this fantasy design project even more special.”


Justine couldn’t have been happier with the way her daughter’s room turned out telling media, “Words cannot express the way my entire family and I feel about the amazing work and generosity from PoshTots. My husband (Joseph Simmons/Rev Run) said it best, ‘You truly do this to see the joy in the hearts of big and little people.’ She (Miley) keeps saying it’s like a dream come true.”

Rev Run and Justine made their youngest daughter’s room the first priority in their renovation efforts. Most members of the Simmons family are featured in a new docu-series that shows off their creativity and ability to budget when decorating. Justine and Rev Run parent six kids together.

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  1. I guess if it makes her happy that is all that matters. IMO, it just seems too much like a princess room kit than something that reflects the child and family’s unique personality and style. Its just too generic princess for me. Apparently, the designer either had little to no imagination/originality to make this a more personalized room that could easily grow with her or the family didn’t have the funds for a custom look.

  2. I watched their show and saw how they put together her room and they showed their remodeled new kitchen! This is definitely every little girls dream room!! :”)

  3. Holy crap…I wish I had a bedroom like that when I was a young girl. I wish I got the channel to see the show.

  4. I’ve been watching the show and it’s pretty cool seeing Rev Run and Justine on camera again. They are so funny. Love that couple. And Justine is doing a great job renovating (it’s mostly her ideas). Since it’s not mentioned above, the show is called Rev Run’s Renovation and it’s on the DIY network if you’re interested.

  5. How adorable her sweet room is….reminds me when Ming & Aoki had their rooms designed like that, when they were much younger on Kimora’s reality show.

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