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Eva Marcille is on the grind and getting back in shape. The new mother recently posted a picture of herself getting in a workout while her boyfriend, Kevin McCall, pushed the stroller along.Back at it!!! Canyon 2day with my babies!!! It’s not a game!!!! @kevinmccall pushed the stroller so cute,” tweeted Marcille.

The ‘America’s Next Top Model’ winner has expressed her desire to lose the baby weight and get back into the world through various posts on social media. Although many support Eva in her efforts, a few fans have expressed concern over Eva’s decision to go outdoors with baby Marley so soon. One commenter wrote, “The babies can go out at only a couple of days old, it is the moms who risk having a set back and who are at a greater risk at getting infections. Ladies dont let their bodies heal the way they used to.”

Regardless of the backlash, Eva is determined to exercise outdoors. “Negative comments are not welcome on my page,” tweeted the star shortly after getting wind of the criticism. “Like yo mommy taught you, ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say then say nothing at all.’ Unless specified I’m not soliciting advice, rather sharing my world.”

What are your thoughts? Should mothers wait a few weeks before going outside to exercise? Share your opinions below!

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  1. Everyone is different. I wouldn’t exercise after giving birth, but I know women who would. Truth of the matter is that we don’t know what her doctor recommended, we weren’t present during the birth so we can’t say anything about HER experience and what HER body is going through. If she feels like she can handle it, let her be…

  2. I was always told by the old heads (my grannies) that you are not supposed to be out like that for several weeks after giving birth. You have to give your body to heal. I mean its on her and its her choice, but she really should be resting. She will have to deal with it later on though.

  3. Here in Guyana when you have a new baby it’s tradition that you take the baby out for a walk at 6 every morning as a way for them to get accustom to the 6 o’clock sun and it helps with yellow eyes/juandice. We also have something called 9 day where this is when the baby gets introduced to everybody. I think it is the “baby needs to stay inside and keep away from germs way of life” that has so many children in America suffering from allergies, air bourne diseases and such.

  4. What’s going on BCK! Why are my comments not posting??? I’m not saying anything volger or insensitive…Grrr! I guess I’m not agreeing with BCK so my comments aren’t being posted…IRRITATING!

    • It wasn’t just going for a walk she is working out to get back into shape. God gave you only one body so you have to take care of it. Educate yourself before you have kids. the only time you take your baby out is to see the pediatrician, you get a check up within that 3to 5 days after having and then you and your baby go home. Your body needs to heal honey. You can take the baby “out”but not to public places like the mall, restaurants, etc. In order to not go stir crazy, being in the house for all this time It is recommended that you go to places like your parents home or a family members home but driving all over God’s creation. Do you also know you are not suppose to drive? Driving also puts pressure on your pelvic area. It saddens me when I see our young folks treat ourselves and these newborns like we are walking around with dolls. These are real human beings here. please educate yourself before going home.

  5. Doctors recommend that you don’t do any exercise for at least 6 weeks after giving birth. There are a lot of mothers that disregard their doctors recommendations but that is on them. If she chooses to exercise then that is on her because she will be the only one that have to deal with the consequences later if there are any.

    I had to have a cesarean with both my kids, so waiting 6 weeks was not an option. I wish her all the best and I know her petite little self will bounce back.

  6. She can do what she wants to do. I don’t have to take care of her when she gets sick from being FASS. Go ahead Ms. Thang, get all the exercise you want.

  7. Of course they should wait you can’t do that. In addition to getting episiotomy if one is needed the pelvic bones are open to help the baby come down the birth canal. If you are putting wear and tear in that area arthritis set in between those bones and you will feel when you get older. She’s still swollen in those areas. There is a reason why the Dr tells you to not to do anything, no exercising, stair climbing, sex, driving. THE UTERUS is still SWOLLEN. She’s only harming herself. She’s young and doesn’t know what she’s doing. In regards to the baby, the baby can pick up anything in the air, the Dr also tells you no shopping no nothing. You have TB floating in the air, any and everything in the air and your spanking brand new baby is exposed. girls in this day and age, man.she’s learning by trial and error. It’s a sad situation. Jesus take the wheel, this is true when you say it takes a village!

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