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Jahkiyla N. Atwaters may be young but she is moving her way to the top of her game. She was born on October 2, 2003 in Boynton Beach, Florida. Growing up in a middle-class, single-parent home, Jahkiyla has always been family oriented, with a heart for helping people. With the help of her mother, other family members and friends, Jahkiyla has started her own foundation called Jump With Jahkiyla. The foundation provides annual vouchers to children that can’t afford to play sports and allows children to experience things they wouldn’t regularly be able to experience on their own.

Being involved with so many different activities, Jahkiyla is focused on her education . She is also passionate about modeling, acting, dancing and cheerleading.  Alongside The Boynton Beach Bulldogs, East Coast Flames, and The Boynton Beach Cougars Jahkiyla received three victories in the state of Florida’s Cheerleading Championship competition. Jahkiyla was also recently named “Scientist of the Month” at her elementary school. With a smile on her face and a “Go-Getter” attitude, she succeeds in all that she puts her mind to. Jahkiyla’s passion will continue to make a positive impact on her community while her goal is to soon impact the world.

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  11. Im so proud of this little girl and I want to give a shout out to her mother who is doing a terrific job. Keep it going.

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