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“I’m going to stand up, and I’m going to fight,” said Alexsandra Wright during an exclusive interview with ‘Inside Edition.’ The mother of Matthew Knowles’ only son sat down with Jim Moret to talk about Nixon and the relationship with his father that is non-existent.

“You’ve seen him more today than he has,” said Wright to Moret who asked her about the amount of time that Matthew has spent with little Nixon. “It’s disappointing. I’m not angry, I’m disappointed. He raised two other children and was very active and involved in their lives and they turned out very well. So why he’s choosing not to acknowledge his only son, I don’t know.”

Alexsandra explained to Jim that she is currently the only parent taking responsibility for Nixon but has vowed to keep fighting for her son’s right to have a relationship with his father. “I’m going to stand up, and I’m going to fight tomorrow, and I’m going to fight the next day. I’m going to keep fighting because that’s the only way to give him his identity,” said the mom.

Nixon is Alexsandra’s only child with Matthew Knowles. The little one was born on February 4, 2010.

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  1. I hope and pray that this woman isn’t looking for any kind of sympathy because she will not be getting any. This woman broke up a marriage. I feel sorry for the little boy, but this woman I could care less for. God states in the bible what he has brought together in holy matrimony let no man put asunder. God don’t like ugly and karma is aitch.

  2. Growing up in the Caribbean my mum was taught that “baby don’t keep a man”. In this day and age a court can make a man pay MONEY for his child but no court in the land can make a man spend TIME with his child if he chooses not to. I’m not going to debate if what Matthew Knowles is doing is right or wrong but I can say this…THAT LADY NEEDS TO LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND ASK HERSELF IF SHE IS NOT THE REASON KNOWLES IS STAYING AWAY FROM NIXON.

    What exactly is she fighting for? She already got the money; all the time and energy she is expending vilifying Knowles in the media should instead be spent on her son. Spend the time bringing him around positive male role models who are willing to be a part of her village (grandpas, cousins, friends, brothers; the list goes on an on).

    BTW, what does Beyonce have to do with this issue? They have the same father but that and fifty cents can’t buy coffee. My two older brothers have two half sisters and they have zero relationship with them. They know who they are and have met them (one is even a nurse in one of the hospitals my oldest brother works at) but at the end of the day just because you share blood with someone is not a reason for them to be in your life. My brother’s and their sisters have nothing, no values; morals; fiscal responsibility; not even religion in common. Not even a mum in common as my brothers were raised by our mum not their biological mum. Beyonce owes Nixon nothing except the respect you give another human being. Nothing more.

  3. You can’t force a man to be a father. I can see her wanting Mathew to take care of his child financially, but “fighting for her son’s right to have a relationship with his father”…please. Like others have said, she needs to get a job, own up to her part in this mess, and raise her child alone like every other single mother on the planet.

  4. My aunt said something the other day to a friend of the family who wasnt married but was pregnant the girl said I didnt sign up to be a single parent my aunt said ” yes you did you werent married when you got knocked up” So with that being said didnt this lady sleep with him while he was married? I’m not taking his side whatsoever because he’s wrong on all levels… creeping on wife & knocking up his side piece. But she’s making an entire fool of herself he’s not the first man to not want anything to do with his child and he wont be the last. Do NOT compare this child to the children he had with the women he was married to. Although he should be there and take care of his son without force, men jus arent wired like women are.This is a sad case. It shows how immature Mathew really is. Despite him losing his wife behind his nasty antics this is his CHILD, FLESH & BLOOD!!! This child did not ask to be here and did not get here by his mothers actions alone…

    • You broke that all the way down. Matthew is taking the anger he should have towards himself for messing up his family and directing it towards the wrong person which is his son. Matthew is wrong for the way he is treating this little boy. Matt will have to answer to God for what he is doing. God looks at a man that doesn’t take care of his child like a non believer. Matt has not only messed up his 30 year old marriage but he has also, messed up his relationships with all three of his kids and grand kids. I pray for Matt. I also pray for Alexsandra and Nixon. I pray Beyonce and Solange eventually come around, they will never know when they might need this little boy.

  5. What indication did Matthew give this woman to believe that they would be a family? They had sex, it didn’t appear that the two were in a meaningful relationship. The only reason she’s even revelant (in the media) is because of Matthew’s famous daughter. Who by the way, has absolutely nothing to do with her father’s indiscretions. It’s not about being immature, Beyonce has her own life/family. Perhaps if her parents had been in a good place when Nixon was conceived, Matthew’s family would’ve been more accepting of Matthew’s child.

  6. It amazes me how people are saying what Beyonce should do..she doesn’t owe this woman anything! Matthew slept with her not Beyonce…I don’t know about yall, but I know if my dad had an illegitimate child…I wouldn’t want a relationship either and thats keeping it REAL; unless this was something I grew up knowing. Matthew needs to step up not Beyonce.

  7. Beyonce should meet the child and stop declining like a immature person she has a kid herself with not meeting the child regardless how he was created and brought into the world. That show major immaturity on Beyonce,s part BIG TIME.

  8. I wonder how Mathew justifies not playing a financial or physical role in this child’s life? There is no excuse, it’s shameful. Wasn’t this the same man that said he would buy a hospital for his daughters if they wanted to be doctors? Does that same effort and dedication not apply to this little boy? Both of his parents leave a lot to be desired. Ms. Wright is just as shameful parading him around on TV and playing the victim.

    • “Wasn’t this the same man that said he would buy a hospital for his daughters if they wanted to be doctors? Does that same effort and dedication not apply to this little boy?”
      Lol. Is this a serious question?

  9. Well the courts can order child support but they can’t force a man to have a loving relationship with his child. Morally it would be right but I’m not sure his moral compass is all that great. He did cheat on his wife after all.

  10. Honey stop trying to be a victim, you are a volunteer. People need to stop giving her a stage to perform on because she will never have what Tina had. Have some respect for your son…it is not his fault his parent are acting like dumb dumbs……. Mathew u will be punished buddy boy!!!!!

  11. This chick’s focus is so off, not to mention that she is setting back the feminist movement a hundred years. Her son is an individual and should not be defined by his father’s presence in his life. She needs to be teaching him survival skills not sitting around waiting for his father to embrace him. Clearly the picture in her head is different than her reality.

  12. She needs to “stand up” in Human Resources somewhere and fill out applications for a job. She is as responsible for supporting her child as Matthew. Yes, he’s being a jerk and should be ashamed. But, when you play the harlot with a married man, when they are done with you they sometimes just pull their pants back up and go home to their wives and family leaving you to deal with your regrets.

  13. This is such a sad case. That poor child is stuck in the middle. If he didn’t want a child he should have used contraception if he was going to step out on his wife. They both should be ashamed for not being more careful and having more sense. The child is the one who will suffer. Just Sad.

  14. I understand what everyone is saying about him being married…but they were separated but at the end of the day..that is his child.

    Do you see Luda running…Dwayne Wade…its a child that had nothing to do with this and yes he should have his daddy present in his life.

    Nixon doesn’t deserve this at all…so unfair…sooooo unfair…

    I had 3 parents in my life and I cant see my life without my dad so I feel his mom on fighting for him to have his parents present…Praying for Baby Nixon♥

    • Separated or not, he was still a married man. And, they are off the market until the divorce is finalized. Stay out of gray areas ladies. Its nothing there but trouble and disgrace. I would even leave him alone until the scent of his ex is out of his air because he can still go back. Beyond that, unprotected sex can result in babies wanted or unwanted. Its never fair to the kids born into that relationship because he will forever be marked by their disgrace. Unfortunately for this child, the entire world knows.

  15. SMH at what their actions have created, it is so sad that his biological father doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. She can fight all she wants but reality is aside from making sure he pays for her son financially, she can NEVER make him be an active, involved father to their son if he doesn’t want to. He’s a handsome little boy and he deserves both parents but if his father has to be FORCED to do what he should be doing, perhaps he’s better off without him at this time.

  16. What makes her think her son (a love child) will be raised like Solange & Bey was? They were raised with their parents married in the home together! ….I read the rest of the interview & she seems full of it. She kept bringing up Beyoncé but then say she has nothing to do with it. Then she goes on to say there was talk about bey & Jay raising the child smh. Matt spent so much time & money to make sure his daughter has a clean image & perfect, no way he would mess up her image by having her raise his love child?! Smh

    Matt take care of your child!

    • Why is it unreasonable to expect Matthew to love his son just as much as he loves his daughters? He seemed to sacrifice and profess his love for his daughters which made him look like a good dad. So it’s shocking that he’s such a dead beat. A real man would want the best of everything for all of his children period. Even some bad parents turn good when they are grand parents and Lord knows he’s old enough to be his sons grandson. This makes me wonder if Kelly is his love child?

      • Probably because his daughters were anticipated while this child was not…? Are people seriously in here comparing his relationship with his daughters to this child in confusion? o_0 It’s not hard to understand. I’m not saying it’s right, but please don’t act like this child came under the same circumstances as his older kids. And how can Kelly be his “love child”? Her mama didn’t even know them prior to her joining the group.

      • Matt needs to be a father to the child & should love that boy like he loves his daughters. But for her to compare how Solange & bey was raised to how her son is being raised makes no sense. Kids who are raised in the same homes as their parents have more privileges then those that are raised w/ just 1 parent. It’s obvious. As a unit, Matt & Tina raised them girls to be who they are today. It wasn’t just singlehandly Matthew.

  17. Was she expecting for something good to come from sleeping with a married man?!?! o_O With that said, shame on Matthew! Now this child has to deal with these two jackarses for parents.

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