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Happy Birthday Cordell! The teen celebrated his seventeenth birthday earlier this month, having family and celebrity friends wish him well. Bow Wow and 2Chainz were two of many stars to stop by Cordell’s party, making sure to take pictures with the teen before leaving.  Of course, little sister Cori was at the celebration. The teen struck several poses with her brother and even coordinated with Cordell who, like his sister, wore blue to the party.

Cordell has been quite the talk of Hollywood lately because of his ability to play well on the football field. The teen was ranked among the top ten best wide receivers by ESPN and Scout.com. In addition, Rivals.com ranked him as being among the top twenty best high school wide receivers in the nation. Thus far, Cordell has been given scholarship offers by fourteen universities hoping to have him on their team in the near future.

Shante Broadus and rapper Snoop Dogg have three kids in all. Cordell was born on February 21, 1997.

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  1. Now that you mention it, Snoop’s daughter does look A LOT like Snoop’s dad. I can’t figure who the sons look like, though. Interesting distribution of genes.

  2. Judging from facial features and bone structure alone, something is a little different. The boys don’t look JUST like their dad, but there are definite similarities in their eyes, expressions, body frames, etc. I’m sure he loves Cori just the same though.

    • I’m not basing my opinion on skin color either… People from two different races can look alike if they have similar phenotype and features.. My observation is based on the fact that father/daughter have zero percent obvious physical similarities…again, I’m sure he loves her just the same regardless of whatever

  3. I agree. Corie is beautiful and Lupus has nothing to do with her skin. Her grandfather (Snoop’s Dad) is dark just like her and its called GENES. Her complexion comes from him. Snoop has done his interviews and said that so people please stop all that. Horrible….this world I tell you!

  4. You guys are so WRONG!!! That girl has Lupus and it is known for the discoloring of skin! How dare you talk about a child like that!!! Also there maybe someone in the family who is that beautiful complexion!!! Do you know for 100% who your daddy is?? So have several!!!!!!

  5. That is Snoop and his wife REAL DAUGHTER. And she is beautiful. Have you ever seen Snoops Dad? If not, she looks just like her PAPA…he did an interview and stated he calls her his little chocolate..its called GENES! I look like my grandfather too…freckles and all so this is crazy for someone to say their REAL DAUGTER would have been beautiful..saddens me…

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