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Kyla Pratt is a mom again! The actress and her boyfriend Danny Kilpatrick welcomed their second child in August 2013, according to the actress’ camp who confirmed the splendid news with BlackCelebKids.com on Friday (February 28).

“Kyla gave birth to a healthy baby girl in August 2013 and is currently enjoying motherhood for the second time around,” said Pratt’s publicist, Ernest Dukes, who elected not to release the name of the little one per Kyla’s wishes.

This is the second time that Pratt has given birth to a bouncing little one without the bright lights of Hollywood being involved. The ‘Let’s Stay Together’ star birthed her eldest daughter, Lyric, in 2010 without the masses being aware of her expectancy saying, “I did not hide. I was out doing everything I normally do. Please believe I was not in the house looking at the wall waiting for time to pass. Just because I didn’t publicize my pregnancy or try to make money off of it doesn’t mean I am not proud of my daughter or her father.”

Kyla told Lathleen Ade-Brown last year that she enjoys everything about pregnancy, including labor pains. “I recently told someone the other day that I enjoyed labor. They thought I was crazy,” said the star. “I went into labor and I didn’t know I was in labor until a couple of hours later. The contractions weren’t what I expected. I expected them to be really strong and then go away but they stayed constant.” Pratt added, “People have a lot of kids because they forget about the pain. I really plan on having more kids in the future because labor doesn’t scare me; it was great.”


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  1. Congratulations Kyla Pratt. But why keep having kids with a man that will not make you a honest woman? Why keep having kids with a man that will not marry you? Why not honor God and get married so you, your kids and their dad can have the same last name? Is it that hard to just do things the right way? Welcome to mommy hood and congrats.

  2. congrads.

    hmmm her show is coming back this week.
    i bet that is why she announced.
    if she doesnt want the publicity why announce it no?.
    you had the baby 6mo ago and no one knew.
    is she still on ‘let’s stay together’? i wonder if she’ll look pregnant on the show since it films about 6months before it airs. I remember erica hubbard(character kita) looked pregnant and they made up the storyline of her doing a reality show when erica went on maternity leave. they also added kyla’s character since erica was pregnant….so will they be adding another new character since kyla(character crystal ) was pregnant ?

  3. You know that no one cares about you when you have to tell the world you had a baby seven months after actually having it…

  4. That’s nice she is having her kids and not publicizing them, yet she isn’t a big star right now anyways so there isn’t many out there wondering if she is preggo or not.

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