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    Zendaya graces the March cover of NKD Magazine cover. In the publication, the seventeen-year-old talks about her music, being a role model and lots more. Check out what the busy multi-tasking starlet had to say to NKD Magazine now!

    On DWTS:

    Some people get to go to prom and some people get to go on Dancing with the Stars. I think I’m good. I didn’t want to come in there as the celebrity who tried to pass by doing some little two-step. I wanted to learn how to be a professional dancer. Being 16 years old helps, and maybe my knees are a little better, but it still takes a lot out of you. I didn’t go on the show to try and win. I went on the show to experience something new.

    On being a role model:

    Spotlights are used to highlight something in someone that can bring a spotlight to other people. I wanted to be a good influence on my demographic. Their parents have told me they’re proud of me and that they want their kids to be like me.

    On her album:

    Every decision was mine to make. I found my producers, chose the artwork, songs, and all the visuals that came with it. I only chose songs I would listen to a million times. If I wouldn’t listen to it a million times, who will? I needed to be in love with it.

    Check out the more from Zendaya at www.nkdmag.com.

    Photos: NKDMagazine


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