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Is Sonya Miller living off government assistance? Apparently so. According to ‘TMZ,’ the estranged wife of Master P is not getting enough money  from the Hip Hop mogul, and has since resolved to live with her son while receiving welfare.

The media source reports,

“Master P’s estranged wife claims he’s worth $200 MILLION … yet she says he’s left her and their 4 minor kids so destitute … they’ve been struggling on welfare.

Sonya Miller says she’s indignant … because she helped Master P create one of the most successful labels in hip-hop — No Limit Records –yet he has cut her off like a bad habit.

Sonya says things have become so desperate … she had to move in with her adult son, Lil Romeo.”

Sonya lays claim to helping Master P build his brand,  telling media that he wasn’t rich and famous when they wed decades back. Master P and Sonya have seven kids together. The Hip Hop mogul has nine children in all.

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  1. Here is a clue Sonya Miller….. GET A JOB!!! Smh these women who depend solely on a man to provide for you after it is over! He is responsible to take care of his kids yes but not you. You are grown take care of yourself! Sad

    • Sonya Miller should get half of everything PERIOD… BCK Sonya has SEVEN children byMaster P.. Romeo is one of them but he never interacts with the others . Cymphoniwue and one other son are by his mistress of a decade who is Asian. He is pure scum that treats all if his family like trash besides the 2 children he makes money with. As a mother BCK to only mention four kids just because they’re the only minors isn’t ok. She gave birth SEVEN times for one man during a 20 year marriage . She needs his help

  2. That’s trifling. So, he and all of his money only hangs out with the kids that’s making a lot of money and noise. Dang shame. He and Matt Knowles are the worst kind of dead beat, rich and indifferent.

  3. Wow!!!….I agree with the others on this one. I’ve NEVER seen Master P with his other children, he’s always with Lil Romeo and Cymphonique at special celebrity events. He know he needs to stop with that nonsense, and help take care of his other kids too. Shame on him!!.

  4. WOW, I thought Master P had a lot of money. If he does, he need to pay up. I rarely see him with his kids from the balck lady but always with Romeo and and the half asian daughter. What is up with that

    • Yes I find it strange that out of his nine kids we only ever seen him with Romeo and Cymphonique. Parents have their favorites but to favor only 2 outta 9?…..

    • Romeo is one of his children from the Black lady (Sonya). He’s seen with these two because they’re the public figures. His other children live very normal lives so maybe that’s why they’re not in the spotlight with him. I wouldn’t assume this means he has favoritism or don’t spend any time with them.

      Sonya and Master P have seven children together — four of which are still minors.

      • Some of the other kids act and sing too…Romeo seems to dote on his younger siblings according to what he posts on Instagram. Master P is a public figure so we would at the very least see him pictured with even non famous kids,

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