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Just months after giving birth to her and husband Joshua Alafia’s son, Yaya DaCosta is advocating for breastfeeding. The model and actress recently shared a picture of herself while breastfeeding little Sankara tweeting,”I know I’m mad late, but I haven’t been on the computer much lately. Just heard about the uproar over @ash3nicole pic & had to post a copycat photo in solidarity. Hope you don’t mind, beautiful sistren. I’m so proud of you and stand by you…”

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DaCosta made reference to Ashley Nicole’s Instagram post that went viral a few days ago. The model and girlfriend of NFL star Philip Wheeler shared a picture of herself while feeding her infant son telling fans, “Was on the way out the door but then mommy duty called… Everything stops for him!” While many praised Nicole for her motherly efforts, some criticized Nicole for posting a picture of herself while breastfeeding on Instagram.

In response to the uproar, Yaya decided to also post a picture of herself engaging in motherly duties. The star even took another picture that fully disclosed her face tweeting, “Hubby was like ‘you can’t see your face!’ (in reference to the first picture the actress posted which is shown below).”

Even in a society that boasts of change, breastfeeding is still a hotly debated topic. While many in the United States encourage public feeding when conducted discreetly, some still believe that breastfeeding should be done at home.

What do you think? Should women prepare bottles at home to avoid public breastfeeding? Or, should mothers exercise their rights and feed in public whenever necessary? Also, what are your thoughts on mothers posting pictures of themselves while breastfeeding on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook?

Voice your opinions below!

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  1. Our society is overly sexualized the censorship of a woman breast is absolutely insane to phantom. Breast are designed to feed babies to hold milk. It is the main function of that body part. But our society would say otherwise and declare the breast as merely a sexual object to entice eroticism. Outrage over a mother doing the most loving thing for her child is mind boggling!

  2. I’m an advocate for breastfeeding as well. Nonetheless, when I’m sitting in a nice restaurant or even the bus stop, I don’t want to see all of that. Discretion is the key.

    Yaya’s photo is more tamed than Ashley’s. Not sure why she would post that intimate moment between mother and child on social media.

    To each is own, I guess ….

    • I have been breastfeeding for a month now but I usually pump and make sure I have bottles available when I leave the house. I have not gotten comfortable enough to do it in public yet, but I dont knock those who do. If the baby is hungry they have to eat so I say just look away. Breastfeeding is beautiful and should not be looked at as wrong and disgusting.

  3. Thanks for finally getting around to this bcks. Society is losing a moral a day. folks are getting mad at mother’s who post pictures of them doing what comes natural like breastfeeding their babies up on instragram, but yet Trey Songz can record a soft p0rn video and have it shown on live t.v without a problem. Sad

    These pictures are beautiful. They also might inspire others to breastfeed.

  4. If fixing bottles at home prior to outings is a part of someone’s routine and that works for them, then I’m all for it. The same goes for mother’s who choose to nurse with a cover or in designated nursing areas. But for those who don’t ordinarily pump, that option requires an unnecessary amount of effort on the mother’s part (finding an effective pump, purchasing said pump, trialing out a series of bottles that baby may or may not accept, finding a balance so baby doesn’t experience nipple confusion/you don’t experience a decreased supply or complications, planning outing around the amount of time milk keeps outside of storage, etc) to prevent a stranger from getting offended. Since so few people who speaks against breastfeeding can honestly say they aren’t guiltily of passively accepting, if not enjoying, imagery of breast depicted as sexual, I think the best thing for people offended by nursing to do, is simply to look away. No one’s comfort level should affect how a mother goes about feeding her child, be it covered, uncovered or via bottle. The fact that breast are viewed as sexual, doesn’t change the fact that a nursing mother is making correct use of her breast.

  5. I personally don’t even pay attention to mother’s nursing in public. If I happen to look over and realize the mother is nursing I will look away. I myself when I nursed my son I used a cover up because I didn’t want people to see my breasts. Not every woman feels the need to do that and that is their choice. I just see it as a mother feeding their child that is it. I think it is wrong to expect a mother to go to the restroom to feed their child. I feel if everything else can be out in public then that should be allowed too. It only becomes an issue when someone makes it one.

  6. Why does everything need to be a movement or a public service announcement? Breast feeding been normal, normal for centuries so they aren’t normalizing anything. Everything doesn’t need to be posted & shared for the world. But they want a reaction from their followers & media….breast feeding is suppose to be a special bonding time for mother & child, why interrupt that moment w/ a selfie to post on ig? Keep that personal.
    Babies get hungry, babies need to eat when they need to eat. Breast feed if you need to, wherever you are. But you don’t need to nurse on Fb, ig, or twitter. Let your child eat in peace. You wouldn’t want someone snapping pics while you were stuffing your face

  7. I don’t have a problem with a woman breast feeding discreetly in public, but I think Ashley Nicole and Yaya feeding and posting the picture is pure exhibitionism. I think there is a big element of exhibitionism in a lot of breast is best crusaders. If your baby is hungry he/she has got to eat, but be discreet!

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