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    Sean “Diddy” Combs held an extravagant “Swervin Sixteen” birthday bash for his youngest son Christian Combs On Friday, April 04, 2014. Themed as “I Am King”, the party was held at famous nightclub 1 Oak in Los Angeles, California.


    Christian is photographed sitting in front of his billboard

    Diddy spared no expense celebrating his sons Justin Dior Combs and Quincy Brown’s 16th birthdays and neither did he when it came to his mini me. Upon arriving at the birthday extravaganza, guests were greeted by a giant billboard of the birthday boy.

    Guests in attendance included Zendaya Coleman, Selena Gomez, Meek Mill, Kendrick Lamar, Sofia Richie, Tichina Arnold, Reginae Carter, Willow Smith, the Mcclain sisters, Mindless Behavior, Nala Wayans, Kylie Jenner, Cordell Broadus, Ryan Elizabeth Peete, and lots more!


    Christian with his sisters, dad, and grandma


    Kim Porter with the Combs sisters

    Christian, whose mother is former model Kim Porter, arrived with his family for the evening. His sisters, grandma, and father posed with him on the red carpet. Although not photographed on the carpet, big brothers Justin Combs and Quincy Brown, and mom Kim Porter were there to support.

    Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar performed and young star Zendaya Coleman sang him the traditional ‘Happy Birthday’ song.

    Christian’s actual birthday is on April 01.

    Check out tons more pictures below!

    Photos: Access Photo Agency/Instagram/ChelseaLaurenLa

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    10. these kids party like adults, i hope they will have adult like work ethic.
      that cake doesnt look apetising.
      has everyone moved to cali? i think in new york they would be more humble. ah well.not my problem.

    11. Christian is the splitting image of Diddy. His waves are making me seasick. :)

      The Combs sisters are adorable. Could they be the next huge act on Bad Boy?

      Justin is looking like Misa’s twin. Kim looks great for a mother of four. She hasn’t aged much over the years.

      Faith looks well. Looks like an awesome birthday party.

      Good grief at Mama Combs.

    12. Happy Birthday Christian!!
      Justin is GORGEOUS…
      Quincy is very Handsome..
      And Chance is a KNOCKOUT just like her mommy.
      The twins are cute/w legs for days..

      • If you are sincere when you say the twins are cute, you could have said all three girls are cute. Was that your attempt at a save?

    13. OH GOD, CHANCE STANDS OUT LIKE A TRUE GODDESS!!! She is SO beautiful to me. I hope my newborn is pretty like her. I know Chance has a good personality too!

      Christian, H..B.D. AND the twins are getting so tall.

      • Another silly comment by you!
        Do you know Chance personally that you know she has a good personality. Have you two met?

    14. Diddy has such gorgeous children. I really adore those twins! The party looked like fun. I wonder did Christian get a brand new car for his 16th B-day.

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