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stevie j

Mimi Faust hasn’t said much about Stevie J’s historic child support case, until now. The ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star recently commented on Stevie’s case while speaking with Hip Hop Enquirer.

“He made his bed,” said Faust to the media source. “I got one though. I got one. So I really need him out so he can do what he needs to do for that one.”

Check out what else Mimi had to say in this week’s version of ‘A Celebrity Baby Blog.’

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  1. Stevie J is a hot mess. So are the so-called women who fell for him. You too Mimi.

    I guess Senior Hernandez will assist him with supporting his children. He’s going to need it. LOL

    And what’s up with Mimi and this sex tape? Her behavior isn’t remotely better than Joseline’s. Get a grip ladies, he’s not worth the time or effort. I know Eve is extremely thankful she didn’t marry that fool.

    I don’t think I’ll be able to stomach this upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I now realize that Mona Scott is all about the ratings. Translation … she cashes in a bigger paycheck.

  2. Mimi… ugh. I really wish they would require people to get a license to have children. Too many broken people are having children with other broken people, not giving a hoot about the example they are setting.

    Stevie J is a philanderer and Mimi has sex for money. What do you think that little girl thinks of love and marriage? Probably not much.

  3. If Game assaulted Tiffany and she sustained the injuries the media said she had the LAPD would have issued an immediate arrest warrant. I agree with Kaelyn she’s upset that Game decided to move on.

  4. I don’t understand. Why didn’t Tiffany go to the hospital right away instead of waiting until the next day?

    Feel really sorry for the kids. Caught in the middle. Very sad.

  5. @Stevie J…Gross! He just look tacky. I can’t believe he has all those kids.

    I do NOT believe The Game “assualted” Tiffany. Tiffany need to let this man see his kids asap. She is hurting them by keeping them away from him. She is pissed bc he chose to move on w/out her. She played w/his heart so he moved on.

  6. I don’t take mimi seriously…

    I think Tiffany is lying. He may have shook her up or hit her but I doubt he did that to his children. When things don’t work out for most women, they really go for the lowest to make the man look terrible. From the show they had, she was petty so.. Idk she’s full of it in my eyes. I hope things work out for the game when it comes to seeing his kids.

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