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Madison, Madilyn, and Monica! Is that enough M’s for you? The trio met up in church this past Sunday to celebrate Easter. Madilyn and Madison were accompanied by their parents, while Monica attended church services with her family. “The beautiful @monicabrown w/ My M’s today at church,” wrote Ne-Yo. The R&B sensation and his girlfriend captured dozens of pictures of their little ones this past weekend.

Madilyn and Mason were like many children throughout the country who enjoyed a little bit of Easter egg coloring on Saturday evening. The brother and sister got super creative with one egg by mixing blue and purple together. The egg came out looking fabulous, along with other dyed creations that were also beautiful.

Ne-Yo tries with all of his might to be a good father. The singer has shared several memories from childhood where his mother had to take on the roll as mom and dad. “I can’t tell you how many times my mom had to take on the role of dad,” said the star to media. “I never want my kids to go through that.” Although he travels a lot due to his demanding career, Ne-Yo always manages to take time off to spend time with his little ones.

Madilyn and Mason are Ne-Yo’s kids with Monyetta Shaw. Mason is the couple’s youngest child.

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