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The Dean boys are one cool group. Prince, Kasseem Jr., and Egypt were recently photographed by dad while looking stylish and chilled. The older Dean boys were the epitome of cool, while Egypt was the inquisitive one who pulled on his brother’s ear as the picture was taken. Egypt got to show off his style in a different picture in which he was photographed alone. “He said take the pic now Dad,” tweeted Swizz next to a candid of his son holding a cup while propped up against the wall.

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys son has completely changed his parents’ outlook on life. Alicia recently shared her thoughts on feminism with media, telling Wonderwall that she is beginning to lean more towards empowering women on an international scale because of her son. “I am honored to be raising a son and to be the example [for him] of what a woman is, should be or can be — I find that to be a really powerful position,” said Keys. “My mother was an absolute self-pronounced feminist. I think I have that same desire to uplift the female race, so to be able to raise a man who can also uplift and respect women in the world is a really big honor.”

Egypt is Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz’s first child together. Swizz has four kids in all.

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  1. Am I the only one that thinks the parents should do something with Egypt hair??? I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with Blue Ivy hair but this child needs his hair done or cut off.

  2. They are all cuties! Just bc your dad hasmultiple kids from diff women doesnt mean, you will repeat the cycle. I did not & so have many others You can learn from others mishaps/mistakes.

  3. I agree, the kids are here now so I don’t understand why that point will make him a bad dad. Besides, when celebs do something, y’all act brand new. I bunch of guys have multiple children before they hit their 30s and become ‘men.’ As long as you take care of yours.. that’s all that can be expected.. I love the fact that he has fostered a strong sibling relationship between the 4 of them. And also much to most of you alls dissatisfaction, there is a good working relationship with all their mothers too.

    • Let me put you on real quick. Let me shed some positive light your way. So what, he had children with different mothers. All of those children have a purpose to be here or else, they wouldn’t be here. Furthermore, Swizz is a good dad and is very active in all four of his children’s lives. Diddy too. Stop focusing on the negative.

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