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Blackcelebkids.com was founded in November of 2007 as a go-to destination for information about celebrity kids and their parents. Our mission has been to provide our readers with access to as much news as possible about celebrity family matters, from child stardom to parenting.

Our content is geared towards stars of black ethnic descent, hence the name, and we have chosen to pioneer this subject in order to fill a void in current celebrity news media. With over 3 million page views a month, our site has gained notoriety among top entertainment sites such as Essence, MTV, BET, CNN, Us Magazine, EOnline!, and many others.

Our goal is to present our celebrity news in a positive light. We do not wish to perpetuate negative images nor any form of disrespect to the celebrities we feature. This is a site in which we pay tribute to talented role models, young and grown. Our Do-Gooders section, for example, is dedicated to honoring stars who support or take on charitable projects in order to better their communities, and the world at large. We believe these people deserve recognition for their willingness to work towards creating positive change and to support their fellow persons in need. Supporting their philanthropy is therefore of utmost importance here at Blackcelebkids.com.

We also understand both the beauty and the obstacles of parenthood. For this reason, our section Mama Guru exists as a way to address these matters, share experiences, and hopefully enrich family life for our readers.

The celebrity kids aspect to this site is meant to look at two sides of the coin, whether the children are themselves celebrities or whether they are the children of celebrities. Either way, we are looking to provide our readers with respectable celebrities to admire and even look up to. The talents of these stars are of a wide-range, including singing, acting, dancing, sports, and more.

From fashion, to stardom, to family, our site has something for everyone. We offer up-to-date info on your favorite celebs by incorporating into our news their interviews, tweets, Instagram photos, etc. This way, you can always be sure to get everything you need to know, and all the
pics you can handle, in one shot.

With continued success, we hope to in the future expand our site to include more related brands. Blackcelebkids.com is run by the Founder Abigail, who resides in NY. We also have correspondents in LA, and Atlanta.

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