Founded in November 2007, serves as a one stop portal for information and pictures on black celebrity kids, babies and their parents. We get over 3 million page views a month and have been mentioned by top entertainment sites such as Essence, MTV, BET, CNN, Usmagazine, EOnline!, and many others. On this site, you will find loads of pictures and news on black celebrities and their kids, and everything else in between.

Content is a pioneer in providing news and tidbits on celebrity kids and babies of color.  A celebrity kid is defined in two ways.

1) He or she can be the offspring of a celebrity

2) He or she may be a celebrity kid in his/her own right

On this novel site, readers will find content that is presented in a positive light;anything that is deemed negative is not tolerated on this site. Furthermore, please be mindful that any kid who has any percentage of African ancestry in him will be featured on this site. However if such a person happens to be biracial, then that is exactly what he is: biracial/mixed. Please do not let the name of this site define how you label a person and his/her ethnicity.


The founder/Chief Editor/Headmaster is a female who resides in New York. Many have referred to her as “BCK”,”Baby Nak”, but her actual name is Abigail. As of November 2008, Abigail welcomes Mama Guru to the BCK family.

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