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The Little Girl Who Lost Her Smile made its public debut in a big way this past weekend. Many local residents came out to support Tiffney Cambridge on her new journey as a children’s author at her book reading and signing held at Books and Cookies in Santa Monica on Sunday.

“I wanted what was best for Cali and Justice,” said Tiffney right before reading the story to attendees. “I wanted them to not lose their smile even though through the process, I had lost mine.” Although, as the story goes, they did lose their smile, Tiffney and the kids managed to regain their happiness in time.

Books and Cookies did a spectacular job of hosting the event, with Chudney Ross serving as a great hands-on owner. Although the celebrity had other staff members to help her, she was very much involved with setting up the event. Chudney even rushed out to bring the decorations inside when the storm rained on the celebration.

Daphne Wayans, Aja Metoyer, and Sundy Carter were three of many celebrities to attend the signing. Aja Metoyer was there with her three children Amara and Aniya Wayans(dad is actor Damon Wayans Jr) and Xavier Wade(dad is NBA star Dwyane Wade). Daphne Wayans and her daughters Jolie and Nala Wayans were also on hand to support as was reality star Sunday Carter and her daughter Kennedy.

Although many adults were present, the focus of the day was essentially on the children. Even Tiffney took time away from her reading to tell parents, “You have to get along.” She further explained, “Harlem’s mom and I, we get along fine; actually we’re good friends … She has not given me one bit of trouble for the entire ten years that I have been with Jayceon.”

Tiffney has two kids, Cali and King, with rapper Jayceon Taylor, a.k.a. The Game. Harlem is Jayceon’s son from a previous relationship. The Little Girl Who Lost Her Smile is available for purchase at Books and Cookies in Santa Monica, and online at Tiffney’s website.

See more exclusive pictures from the event below! Stay tuned for our interview with Tiffney and daughter Cali!

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At 14-years-old, Willow Smith has become a fashion icon for her generation. The teen either garners praise for her style choices or criticism from those who don’t quite understand her reasoning behind such decisions. Regardless, it seems that Willow’s fashion sense is in a class of its own. So what is next in the style department for this revolutionary teen?


“I just want to have dreads.” Willow explains her reasoning for wanting locs in the latest issue of CR Fashion Book saying, “I want to embrace my full self. [I want to be] as natural as I can be.”

Miss Smith goes into further detail about her fashion sense by telling CR, “I think my look changes all of the time and right now it’s a bit more messy, kind of grungy.”

Willow is Will and Jada Smith’s only daughter. The couple also have a son named Jaden together. Will Smith has three kids in all.

Check out Willow’s full interview when the latest issue of CR Fashion Book hits newsstands on March 5, 2015. For now, see pictures from the teen’s spread!

Photos: Cr Fashion Book



President and First Lady Obama have brought the concept of “No Child Left Behind” to the international stage. The First Family recently shared their desire to ensure that no girl in the world is denied the opportunity to obtain an education.

“We’re making it clear to any country that’s our partner or wants to be our partner that they need to get serious about increasing the number of girls in school,” said President Obama during a recent press conference in which he introduced his ‘Let Girls Learn’ initiative. The plan will seek to decrease the learning gap between boys and girls in other countries by stressing the importance of women receiving equal opportunities in education.

First Lady Obama was especially grateful for the new strategy as she told media, “I see myself in these girls. I see our daughters in these girls.” She is currently planning to visit Japan and meet with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s wife “who also shares our passion for girls’ education and is eager to partner with us in this work.”

President and First Lady Obama have two daughters named Sasha and Malia. Sasha, the youngest of the two, will celebrate her fourteenth birthday on June 10, 2015. Malia will turn 17-years-old in July.



It was a day out with the boys for Monica Brown who engaged in a bit of Motor Cross and arcade fun with Romelo and Rodney Jr., earlier this week. The R&B singer had other family friends with her as she had fun with her sons.

“#ReCapOfYesterday #MotorCross with the best crew ever,” shared Monica after the adventurous day. Carmen Surrillo, mother of LaLa Anthony, was one of the “crew” members who came along with two other guests. “We missed u Kiyan and La,” wrote Monica.

Brown is currently creating another album. The record, titled Code Red, will serve as a follow-up to Monica’s 2012 album, New Life. The previous release had hit singles such as ‘It All Belongs To Me,’ and ‘Anything (To Find You)’ on it. There is little telling what Code Red will bring but Monica does promise to present a few upbeat songs. In fact, the singer tells social media fans that her lead single will have a “mid … club vibe [with] lyrics of distance.”

Monica has one child with husband Shannon Brown, Laiyah, and three kids in all. Rodney and Romelo are the singer’s kids with ex-boyfriend Rodney “Rocko” Hill Sr.

Photos: Monica Brown/Instagram



He is steadily becoming one of the most popular Christian rappers around, and has a Grammy Award to show for it. Lecrae is gaining stamina in the music industry with the support of his wife and kids.

“My kids don’t know any different, this is all they’ve ever known,” says the rapper of his children’s reaction to his recent rise to prominence. “They’ve grown up with me doing concerts. They’ve grown up with me—well, they’re not grown up, they’re still little bitties. They just think ‘Wow, more people know my dad than normal, but no big deal.'”

In terms of his wife, Lecrae tells ESSENCE.com that she “likes to keep a low profile. She’s not like, ‘I’m ready to be one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ She likes to keep a low profile and that’s just her lane. But, we’re all excited,” exclaims the star. “It’s also cool for her to get to go places that she would’ve never gone.”

Such places include ESSENCE Fest 2015. Lecrae tells media that his wife will be his guest of honor at the event. “I will be sleeping on the couch everyday this year if she doesn’t get to come. Trust and believe I will be bringing ALL the love,” shares the artist.

Lecrae and wife Darragh Moore are the proud parents of three kids. Check out more pictures of the little ones below!



Chris Brown is a proud father, according to family friends who recently spoke with TMZ.

The media source reports,

“Chris Brown is the proud father of a 9-month-old baby girl … TMZ has learned.

The baby’s mother is a 31-year-old former model named Nia — who we’re told has known Chris for several years.

Sources connected to both Nia and Chris tell us they are on very good terms — however they’re not together romantically. We’re told 25-year-old Chris is happy about being a father.”

Neither Chris nor Nia have confirmed or denied their parenting a child together. If the rumors are indeed true, then the little one makes Brown a father for the first time.

Photo: Getty Images



Did Daniel Gibson Sr., miss his son’s birthday? Yes, according Keyshia Cole who called her estranged husband out on Instagram after he failed to give his son well wishes on his special day.

“This is what your doing while your baby turns 5 tho,” asked Keyshia. The singer also shared footage of Daniel enjoying the company of others at what could have been a party. “[He] hasn’t even gotten a call from his father, I love you!? Or say HappyBDay,” exclaimed Cole. The singer ended her post with a hashtag that read, “Just when I tried to give you credit.”

Keyshia and Daniel have been separated for a number of months. The ‘Shoulda Let You Go’ singer told fans last March that her husband was unfaithful to her, and she wanted to focus on her son and music.

Cole later told media that Daniel was a great father. “We co-parent,” said the star. “He’s a great father. At 8:30am he comes to take DJ to school every morning. I pick up him up and we good.”

Daniel Jr., is Keyshia and Daniel Sr.’s only child together. The couple wed in 2011.



Kobe Bryant is usually a private person but the Los Angeles ‘Lakers’ player is withholding little in his Showtime documentary called ‘Muse.’ Kobe discusses nearly everything that pertains to family, including the rape allegations that caused his wife Vanessa to miscarry what would have been their second child at the time.

“We were expecting our second child during that time,” says Kobe of his wife during the time when he was accused of raping a woman in an Eagle, Colorado, hotel. The woman, who was also an employee of the hotel, told authorities that the basketball star assaulted her on July 1, 2003. “There was just so much stress,” says Bryant of the intense situation that lasted for more than a year. “[My wife] actually miscarried.”

The NBA sensation goes on to express deep regret in his family’s loss. “It is something I have a real hard time dealing with that, I feel like it was my fault,” shares the star. “We should have been building our family, but because of my mistake, we lost a baby.”

Kobe further explains, “We try to justify the fact its not, realize how common miscarriages are, these things happen, but the reality is it happened because of me. That’s the reality of it, and that is something I’ve got to carry forever.”

Vanessa and Kobe Bryant have two daughters, Gianna and Natalia, together. Gianna, the youngest of the two, will celebrate her ninth birthday on May 1, 2015.




Jennifer Freeman wants more for her daughter, which is why she is asking the courts for an increase in child support payments. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, the actress is asking a judge to order her estranged husband, Earl Watson, to give more than the $2,500 per month that he ordinarily provides for Isabella.

The media source reports,

“The two are warring over cash — she claims she deserves way more than the court-ordered $2,500-per-month in child support since he’s rich. He claims he’s not as ballin’ as he used to be … because he’s retired from the NBA and only making $30k per year as a coach in the NBA’s D-league.”

In addition to sharing his financial constraints, Earl also told the courts that his estranged wife has experienced her share of money problems as well. According to the former NBA player, Jennifer has not been steadily employed as an actress since her gig on ‘My Wife and Kids’ ended a decade ago. Although she has scored a few paying roles here and there, such as her appearance on ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’ in November, Jennifer has not established a continuous flow of revenue for her and Isabella to enjoy.

A judge is expected to hear both sides of the case in coming weeks. Isabella is Jennifer and Earl’s only child together.



Tamika Fuller is trying to prove to the courts that she is capable of caring for her daughter without Ludacris’ money. She recently got a full time job in the hospitality industry in hopes of regaining full custody of little Cai.

According to TMZ,

“Tamika Fuller took losing custody of daughter Cai to Ludacris very hard … and is trying to get her life in order to gear up for an appeal of their custody arrangement.

Step one, we’re told, is Tamika landed a gig in the hospitality industry … and she’s working nights, 40 hours per week to make enough money to support herself and Cai.”

The courts awarded Ludacris full physical custody of his youngest daughter earlier this year, after the rapper presented proof of financial stability along with evidence of his ability to provide a good environment in which children can thrive.

Cai is Ludacris and Tamika’s only child together. The rapper also fathers a daughter named Karma, and is expecting his third little one with newlywed wife Eudoxie.



Who says that pregnancy style has to be inappropriate? Certainly not Tamera Mowry-Housley. The actress and ‘Real’ co-host tells PEOPLE that it is possible to dress sexy while expecting.

“I always feel sexier when I’m pregnant,” says the star. However, “The worse thing that a pregnant woman can do is force herself into jeans or clothing that obviously isn’t maternity and it’s too tight. So if you’re not going to wear maternity clothes, make sure you can still get away with it comfortably.”

Mrs. Housley is certainly using this time to learn a few fashion rules that she can pass on to her daughter. “I feel like I have to up my fashion game already,” shares the actress. “I want to be an inspiration to her from birth. I already know I’m going to do my hair, I’m going to do my makeup because it’s so weird what having a daughter does to you. You just become more girly.”

In addition to becoming more “girly” in the area of style, Tamera is becoming more aware of her diet as an expectant mom. “I’m learning that a lot of times, women think that once you’re pregnant you have to eat for two,” she explains. “Of course you’re supposed to eat — on average, you’re supposed to eat about 300 calories [extra]. And 300 calories is about two full glasses of whole milk and a piece of toast. So when you put that into perspective, it’s like, okay, I’m eating for a little peanut. Not a whole other person.”

Tamera and husband Adam Housley are expecting their daughter to arrive in July. The couple are already the proud parents of a son named Aden.

Check out pictures from the Housley’s latest trip to Belize and some of Tamera’s pregnancy style below!

Photo: A. Adam Housley/The Real Daytime


Ross 1

Evan Ross doesn’t have to wait for the birth of his first child to experience the joys of parenthood. The newlywed is encountering such pleasures now. Ross tells Wendy Williams that being a stepfather to wife Ashlee Simpson’s son is affording him the opportunity to enjoy parenthood.

“It’s amazing,” says Evan. “I can’t tell you how incredible that child is. He’s unbelievable. He’s been a blessing in my life and I’ve learned so much from him. He was excited [when me and Ashlee got married] because he was my friend. We became like homies, buddies. He was excited. He was at the wedding and we were like, ‘This is as much your wedding as it is ours.’ And he loves Mama D, so it’s cool.”

The star also tells Wendy that he is excited about his wife’s expectancy. “[We’re expecting a baby girl], yeah,” he shares. When it comes to names, “We have a few ideas, but we’re keeping that for us. No, it’s not going to be [a Hollywood baby name like] Apple, Orange or anything like that. We got some ideas. It’s going to be different though.”

Ashlee and Evan wed last year. They are expecting their daughter to arrive this Fall.



Baby Future has a song written in his honor. Diane Warren recently created a ballad called I Got You for Ciara and her son that will have fans crying.

Ciara even shed a few tears while sharing the powerful song with executives last month. The ballad features baby Future giggling right before his mom begins to sing. Remnants of Hush Little Baby can be found in the song as Diane wrote the latest ballad while having the classical piece on her mind.

Many challenges have come Ciara’s way but the proud mom has told media that she refuses to quit. “I think happiness starts with you and you can conquer anything, change the energy of your universe by expressing happiness,” said the singer during one interview. “I feel pretty darn good.”

Ciara also commented on her incredible weight loss after giving birth to her son during the interview. “It was quite a challenge but doing that is a form of strength and gives you what you need to keep pushing through cuz baby gotta eat and baby ain’t cheap,” shared the star.

Future is Ciara’s only son with ex-fiance Nayvadius Cash. He will celebrate his first birthday on May 19, 2015.

Photos: Kristi Miller/ News Corp Australia



How are the Cannon kids coping with their parents separation? Just fine, according to Nick Cannon. The actor tells AJ Calloway of Extra that Monroe and Moroccan are enjoying the additional space.

“I’m having a lot of fun,” says Cannon. “I got a cool situation where [at] my house, they have their own rooms, they’re picking out their stuff … they have all this individuality and they have their own space,” explains the star.

Nick also tells media that Monroe takes full advantage of the privacy by reading books in her room. “It’s like, okay, that’s impressive. I’ll let you have some quiet time,” shares the actor.

Nick and estranged wife Mariah Carey moved to divorce one another last year after enjoying more than five years of marriage. Although the two have decided that their differences are irreconcilable, Nick and Mariah are managing to co-parent well. “They love mommy, they love daddy,” said Cannon during one interview. “We spend holidays together, we do everything that we are supposed to do together as a family.”

Monroe and Moroccan will celebrate their fourth birthdays on April 30, 2015.


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