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Cordell Broadus is working hard to make a name for himself outside of just being a celebrity’s kid. The football player tells Bleacher Report that he is striving to move away from his father’s shadow and become his own man.

“Me personally, having my dad with such a popular name, it is kind of hard separating myself with that limelight,” says the athlete. “I’m Cordell Broadus and Snoop Dogg’s son so that’s my main goal, trying to make a name for myself.”

Although he has no desire to follow in his father’s path career-wise, Cordell does cherish every word of wisdom that Snoop gives. “One thing my dad has taught me, and it stuck in my head, is never get comfortable and just keep working hard and grinding.”

So just how long has Cordell been grinding on the field? “My dad tried to get me on the field early. He had me out there playing at 6-years-old…He wanted me to really get the concept of the game at a young age.”

Broadus is currently being recruited by several colleges and is considering his options on the West Coast. Snoop Dogg and wife Shante Broadus have three kids.

VIDEO: Cordell Broadus Opens Up on Living in Father’s Shadow




Summer Chamblin has photographers taking her selfies. The mini fashionista recently gave us a behind the scenes look at mom June Ambrose’s promotional efforts for ‘Rockmom Chronicles.’ Summer made sure to have the photographer, Keith Major, snap a picture of her by herself in addition to taking several shots with mom.

The ‘Rockmom Chronicles’ is June’s way of sharing tips about motherhood with her fans. The celebrity stylist gives advice on everything from cooking a quick meal for the family to getting organized for the sake of productivity.

In one of her earlier posts, June discussed her morning routine that included waking up before all other members of the house. “Waking an hour before my kids start tapping me on the head is my secret to keeping my sanity,” wrote the stylist.

June’s ‘Rockmom Chronicles’ began as a blog but appears to be taking on a larger shape these days. Ambrose has two kids, Summer and Chance, with husband Marc Chamblin.



Congratulations to Amina Buddafly who gave birth to a baby girl earlier this week! The ‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ star welcomed her and husband Peter Gunz’s daughter on Tuesday, July 29, 2014, after nine long months of expectancy.

Amina did a photo shoot just days before delivery in which she told fans that she hadn’t given birth yet. “Yep I’m still preggo,” tweeted the star.

Few will forget the dramatic announcement of expectancy that Amina gave her husband at the ‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ reunion. The reality star threw a positive pregnancy test on the table for Gunz and all other cast members to see. Amina’s timing was priceless as she waited until Peter got on the subject of his love triangle with her and co-star Tara Wallace to reveal the results.

Amina and Peter have not shared any pictures of their newborn and the name of their princess has yet to be revealed. According to Amina, the family is “just enjoying some private time for now.”



What does Kelly Rowland crave? Why, sandwiches of course. The singer tells E! News that she loves to dive into homemade turkey sandwiches in addition to enjoying the salad and crab at a nearby restaurant in Malibu.

“I love rye with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions—the works,” says the star of her sandwich cravings. “I like to make it myself then cut it open and just look at it.”

Kelly also enjoys dining out. “My favorite thing to do right now is go to Nobu Malibu,” shares the star. “At Nobu there is this salad, the cucumber salad. And the crab tempura in ponzu sauce. Oh my God!”

Rowland tells E! that she loves to wear light colors when going out.  “Anything that allows me to breathe! It’s hot outside, so you just want to allow your body and skin to breathe.”

Kelly and husband Tim Witherspoon are expecting their first child to arrive in coming months. The couple announced their expectancy of a boy earlier this week telling media, “We’re very excited.”

The Witherspoons wed last year.

Photo: Caress



Baby showers are always great when you have good gifts and great snacks. Kelly Rowland can attest to that as she enjoyed her first shower in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

The R&B sensation munched on jelly beans and lavished in the adorable gifts that family and friends gave. Kelly held up a onesie that bore the statement, “Destiny’s Baby”  along with a picture of headphones. The star was very lively as she ate jelly beans that were donated by Caress. The brand sponsored the entire shower, and gave party attendees beauty products along with other goodies in treat bags.

Rowland recently told media that she and husband Tim Witherspoon are expecting a boy. “We’re very excited,” said the star. “So far, everything has been good. I just feel like the baby is already rotten–like literally, my Caress family has gotten him all of his little bathing stuff, his toys–it’s just so cool.”

Kelly and Tim are expecting their little guy to arrive in coming months.

Photos: Twitter



Doutzen Kroes and Sunnery James are on cloud nine . The model and DJ welcomed their second child into the world on Wednesday (July 30), and shared the splendid news with Instagram.

“A miracle saw the light of day this morning,” tweeted Doutzen along with a picture of the newborn. “Welcome Myllena Mae. Mommy, Daddy and big brother Phyllon are super proud!”

Kroes announced her expectancy via social media few months back. The star shared a picture of her bump and tweeted, “This is not a #throwbackthursday this is now! So happy to share with you that we are expecting.”

Although she was happy to be pregnant, Doutzen was even more ecstatic to learn the sex of the baby. “I wanted a girl so badly — I had it confirmed by two doctors,” exclaimed the model during a recent interview with Glamour magazine. Doutzen also discussed body image saying, “I don’t like to stress about [my body]. I look to my sister, a nutritionist, to help me lose the weight [after the baby is born].”

Doutzen and Sunnery James have been married for five years. The couple’s first child, Phyllon, was born on January 21, 2011.



Halle Berry and Nahla share an ice cream moment. The ‘Extant’ star was recently spotted outside of Ralphs in Los Angeles with her daughter who gave mom a lick of her refreshing treat. It was evident that the day was one designated for errands as Halle and Nahla wore casual clothes and appeared to be in no real hurry.

Such days of relaxation are far and few for Berry who has taken on the role of actress and producer in the CBS series ‘Extant.’ The celebrity recently told ET Online that she has been busy shooting scenes for the show.

“It’s been difficult. Honestly, because of the back breaking pace that television is,” explained the star. “It’s been a lot but I happily say it’s been rewarding and fun and I think I’ve risen to the challenge.”

Halle described the plot of the show as being superbly good saying, “You come home to something you cannot explain. “There’s all these questions that we have to answer throughout these 13 shows.”

‘Extant’ made its debut last week on CBS. The show airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. Halle Berry has two kids.

Photos: AKM-GSI



The Dashes are a squad of one. Damon Dash recently shared a photograph of his family with Instagram fans in which love and unity were put on display. Damon told subscribers that his loved ones served as a squad and that he loved “watching my babies play.”

Dash also shared photos of his children while lounging around at home and dining out. In one pic, Tallulah reigned supreme as she sat on top of her sister and brother. Ava served as the protective big sister in another photo that featured the Dash kids enjoying a little pool fun.

When not spending time with his kids, Damon is promoting his art gallery. DDPoppington.com went live earlier this year, and serves as the gift shop to the brick mortar Poppington gallery in Manhattan. The Poppington gallery showcases the best independent talent in the nation, while the online store offers consumers the opportunity to purchase clothing that bares the Poppington name.

Damom Dash has two kids, Tallulah and Ava, with ex-wife Rachel Roy. The entrepreneur also has a son named Damon II.

Learn more about the Poppington art gallery at the company’s website.



Sebastian Thomaz is a cutie with his “sweet lips” and lively personality. The little one was recently photographed by mom, Amber Rose, who couldn’t help but show excitement over her son’s adorableness.

Amber captioned Bash’s name underneath one of the pics as she surrounded the letters with hearts. The youngster was caught posing and smiling wide while standing next to the family sofa in the photo.

Little Bash is a regular instacutie on BCK and there’s no wonder why! Just look at that precious smile and those round cheeks! Even his mom calls him “the coolest” in reference to his fly looks and incredible character.

Bash is no couch potato either. During his spare time, he does everything from swimming in the family pool to hanging with dad in the studio.

Sebastian is Amber and husband Wiz Khalifa’s first child together. Check out more photos of the cutie below!



Gospel recording artis Yolanda Adams recently shared that  God and her daughter are her two greatest inspirations.

“Success to me is being able to build a business empire and brand on my terms. I am self-employed and travel often,” says the star who has a thriving career that spans more than two decades.

“The most important message is for my daughter to know that she is loved,” explains Adams. “I make all the important events for her – honor society induction, PTA meetings and so forth. I love being a mom and cherish my daughter. Success is also having a happy daughter from the inside and out.”

In having a happy family, Yolanda tells media that she cannot live without “God and my daughter.”

The singer’s teen daughter, Taylor, has been exploring the arts onstage and is already showing musical ability. Although Adams would love to see her child follow in her footsteps, she refuses to  forcing Taylor to do anything. “As a parent, I want to do her like my parents did me, not threaten her to just do music. I want her to be happy,” explains the singer.

Taylor is Yolanda Adams’ daughter with ex-husband Tim Crawford.

Photos: Phoebe Rourke-Ghabriel



Kalenna is having a Christmas baby! The reality star recently shared the splendid news of her expectancy with VH1 fans on last night’s episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop.’

“I’ll be five months in, maybe a week and a half. I’m due on December 25th! I have a Christmas baby,” said the star in an interview after the show’s airing.

Although she wouldn’t mind giving birth to a girl, Kalenna told media that she doesn’t have a real preference in terms of the baby’s sex. “Of course, I want a little girl and that would definitely make my life totally complete but I’m definitely not pressed for anything but a healthy baby at this point,” explained the star. “You know there were complications in the beginning and it was just like, we hope everything’s okay with the baby. The doctor was pretty concerned. Everything turned out to be cool but once that happened I just didn’t want to mess with the serendipity of it all. 10 fingers, 10 toes and no health issues and I’m straight.”

Regardless of whether the little one is a boy or girl, Kalenna will be prepared with a name. “If it’s a girl I want to name her Savannah Elise and if it’s a boy I want to name him Noah,” said the star. “Savannah has always been a beautiful place to visit with so much history there. It reminds me of a princess name. And of course Noah, we all know the story of Noah. He was just a G.”

You can follow Kalenna and Tony on their expectancy journey every week when ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ airs on VH1.

Photo: VH1



Melanie Brown, a.k.a. Mel B, and Phoenix are fit and fabulous. The mother and daughter were recently spotted while en route to a Soul Cycle class in New York. Mel and Phoenix appeared to be ready to sweat as they rocked gym leggings with bright fitness shirts. Phoenix wore a light jacket over her shirt while her mom rocked a pink tank top that showed off her toned arms.

Anyone who has seen Mel B up-close or from afar knows that works hard to stay healthy. The ‘X Factor’ judge not only works out often but she also makes its a practice to be nutritionally savvy. “I travel around a lot, but I try to stay consistent with my eating healthy,” says the star. “On weekends, I just think it should be a free for all. You should eat whatever you crave whether it be a pizza or burger or whatever you want. Then during the week I try and keep it more healthy.”

Although Phoenix has reached the age of dating, Mel B is not presently looking to give her daughter a lot of pointers in terms of what to look for and avoid in a mate. “Luckily, she’s a bit of a tomboy,” explains the star. “I’m like, ‘Good. Stay a tomboy for as long as possible!’ But she knows what’s up. She’s a very well traveled, well educated 15 year old, and she has seen a lot in life, so hopefully she’ll stay very focused and stay a good kid.”

Phoenix is Melanie Brown’s daughter with ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar. The singer has three kids in all, including a daughter named Madison with husband Stephen Belafonte.

See pictures of Mel and all of her daughters below!

Photos: Splashnews/Instagram



You thought being a basketball wife was all about the glitz and glamour? Well, think again. Adrienne Bosh tells the true story of a basketball wife, and being glamorous isn’t at the top of her list of “To-Do” things.

“The life of a basketball wife is much like the life of many other women out there,” says the star. “Yes, my husband plays basketball, but I have the same moments of being a mom and being a wife and being a woman that you have. I have the moments where I want to break down. I have the moments where I’m complete happy and feel like a million bucks because I just got a new blow dryer and I’m completely happy with myself that day. And I have the moments where I’m just…it’s everything.”

Adrienne further explains, “We’re trying to juggle it all. We’re trying to make a difference. The women that I’ve encountered being in this situation have been amazing and I’ve had some amazing experiences with them. So, everyone I’ve come in contact with, they’re beautiful mothers and wives and entrepreneurs.”

Adrienne and husband Chris Bosh have two kids, Jackson and Dylan, together. You can catch the basketball wife cheering on her husband and the Miami ‘Heat’ from the sidelines during basketball season, and serving as motivational speaker when games are not scheduled.

Photo: AprilBellePhotos



The Cromarties pause for a candid. Antonio, Terricka and the kids recently shared a picture of themselves while sitting on the football field. The family was focused and cheerful as they made funny faces and smiled for the camera. Well, Terricka and the girls smiled while the men of the family gave stinky faces. “I love these guys so much,” tweeted Terricka.

The NFL wife has been spending a lot of solo time with the kids as Antonio prepares for a dynamic football season. Terricka shared one photo of her little ones taking over the bed. “They get over when Daddy is not home… I’m glad his feet don’t stink yet,” wrote the star. Her son’s feet were right in her face in the pic. Hilarious!

Terricka and Antonio have a son and daughter together. The Arizona ‘Cardinals’ player has ten kids in all. Check out more pics of the Cromarties below!



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