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Vanessa Simmons has one dream for her daughter, and that is for little Ava to be happy. The ‘Project Runway: Threads’ host recently sat down with VIBE to talk about her career in fashion, and how she isn’t going to force her daughter to be a fashionista.

“I want her to discover herself,” said Vanessa. “I’m not going to push her in any one direction. I want her to discover herself and do whatever it is that makes her happy and pursue her interests.”

Although self-discovery is important, Vanessa did admit that auntie Angela is exposing little Ava to various styles. “Every time [Angela] comes to L.A. she’s bringing [Ava] a bag of clothing from some store. She has to stop by Nordstrom.”

See what else Vanessa had to say about her daughter and new job as ‘Project Runway’ host in this week’s version of ‘A Celebrity Baby Blog.’

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Glamour rules in the Belafonte household. Melanie Brown, a.k.a. Mel B, and eldest daughter Phoenix recently attended opening night for ‘Memphis: The Musical’ in London, and they were definitely dressed to impress.

Mel wore a skin tight dress that showed off her athletic physique, while Phoenix rocked a white gown that covered her from top to bottom. Phoenix’s dress was tailor-made for her, and bore a beautiful design near the neck area that was nothing short of gorgeous. Although she enjoys wearing comfortable clothes when around family and friends, Phoenix appeared to be loving the formal attire that she was wearing at the premiere.

‘Memphis: The Musical’ tells the story of a young man’s quest to take a nightclub singer from ordinary to mainstream. His drive coupled with her passion are enough to get the two beyond the ordinary life of underground entertainment, but it will take more than a little fervor to positively impact 1950s America.

Phoenix is Melanie Brown’s child with Jimmy Gulzar. The singer has one daughter with husband Stephen Belafonte, and three kids in all.

Photos: INFphoto.com/Gettyimages






Nick and Mariah may have their differences, but they never let them get in the way of parenting their kids. Cannon recently spoke with Meredith about his strained marriage and the energy that he and Mariah put into making their kids happy.

“They love mommy, they love daddy,” said the actor. “Being the fact our situation, we have always been people who have been on the go coming and going, their life hasn’t changed one bit. We spend holidays together, we do everything that we are supposed to do together as a family.”

Cannon further addressed the negativity that he and Mariah have been subjected to since their marital problems went public. “The media, they can say whatever they want to say and obviously, because you are not giving them anything, so they kind of create all these stories and make it way worse than it actually is,” explained the star.

Nick and Mariah were married for six years before announcing their separation earlier this year. The couple have two kids together.



Hero Pullen is getting in touch with her fashion side. The little one was recently photographed while shopping in Dope clothing store in Los Angeles, and she looked adorable.

Miss Pullen sat in the store’s colorful chair while striking a pose for mom. Cree Summer couldn’t help but gush about her daughter’s whereabouts telling Instagram fans, “Hero Peregrine is @dope.”

It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by since Cree and husband Angelo Pullen welcomed their second child into the world. The couple was more than thrilled when Hero was delivered Au Natural. Cree took to her Twitter page to share the wonderful news with fans just weeks after giving birth. “Our family added a little girl on the 26th of January. Welcome home. We love you Hero Peregrine Pullen,” wrote the star. Brave, Hero’s big sister, was also happy to have another family member.

Hero will celebrate her second birthday next year. Check out more pictures of the cutie below!



Anthony Hamilton is a motivated businessman, thanks to his family. The R&B singer tells Rolling out that his wife and kids inspire him to do more with his career.

“Having family helps in that it motivates you to go to work a lot,” says the star. “Sometimes getting away from the house can be a problem, but it also allows you to understand there are things you have to take care of while away from the house. Taking care of yourself, physically and mentally; saving money and being on top of your business, financially — you can’t be in a position where you can’t do what you’re doing. You have to be business-savvy.”

The artist further shares the joys of parenting telling Rolling Out, “I like being a father and the kids being able to identify with their daddy being something. He’s not a bum. I love being able to travel the world and interact with the people that are totally different from what I am, but they still understand me.”

Anthony Hamilton has covered various genres, including gospel and rock, throughout his musical career. He parents six kids with wife Tarsha Hamilton.

Photo: Dapper Dad Magazine



Wiz Khalifa and Sebastian are never going to let go of one another. The rapper and his son were recently photographed while sharing a precious moment.

Little Sebastian was holding Wiz’s hand while looking up at him. “Never letting go,” tweeted Khalifa along with the photo. “My son and I,” wrote the star next to another cute pic.

The ‘Black And Yellow’ rapper has apparently been working hard to rectify the differences between himself and Sebastian’s mother, Amber Rose. Wiz tweeted a sweet message on the model’s birthday that simply read, “Happy birthday Amb.” Rose replied by writing, “Thank u Sweetheart #StillLoveYouNoMatterWhat.”

Amber filed for divorce after just over a year of marriage to Wiz on the grounds of infidelity. Although some speculated that Rose was the unfaithful party, the model told Twitter fans that it was her husband who struggled to remain loyal.

Despite their current differences, Amber and Wiz are working together for the sake of their son. Sebastian is the couple’s only child together.


Two is a charm for Halle Berry who recently told media that she is not looking forward to having more kids. The actress sat down for a candid talk with USA Today, where she revealed that Nahla and Maceo have more than enough energy to keep her hands full.

“The fact that I had this last one was a miracle. I’m closer to 50 than 40, so I highly doubt it,” said the star of the possibility of having more kids. Berry also discussed her children telling media, “My baby is only 1 and what I do know is that he gravitates towards cars and trucks. My daughter never once looked at a car. They come out different. My daughter will give him one of her dolls and he crashes it into the ground. You give her a car and she’s not interested.”

Halle and husband Olivier Martinez welcomed their son, Maceo, into the world on October 5, 2014. Nahla is Berry’s daughter from a previous relationship.



Kelly Rowland is all smiles as she approaches her due date. The heavily pregnant singer was recently spotted while out and about with good friend Ciara. The artists dined at Cecconi’s in Los Angeles on Wednesday, and Kelly couldn’t help but smile as she placed a protective hand on her bump. The singer wore a beautiful top that only enhanced her glow that has been showing for several months.

Rowland has been on cloud nine since learning of her expectancy. “I can’t wait until he gets here,” said the star during a recent interview with Elle. “I believe I spoke it into existence during a conversation with my friend, and I feel like I became pregnant overnight!”

The singer further explained that her expectancy period has been more than amazing. “I took a birthing class and I was amazed by all the things this woman was saying to me about birthing and what the body does naturally. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate that? The body should be celebrated.”

Kelly and husband Tim Witherspoon are expecting their little one to arrive in coming weeks. The couple is preparing for a boy.

Photos: Splashnews



Alicia Keys dashed out of LAX with her son, Egypt, in tow this past Wednesday. The singer was spotted by paparazzi and fans as she was boarding a flight that left Los Angeles.

Egypt smiled from ear to ear as his mom guided him to their flight. Alicia had a glow of her own as she rocked a silver evening gown with tennis shoes and hooded jacket.

The singer and her husband, Swizz Beatz, are expecting their second child, and they are beyond thrilled. “It’s so beautiful, so exciting. A miracle,” said Keys during a recent interview. “It’s my second time but it still feels like wonderment, like, whoa, how does this happen? Of course my son asked me that question the other day, which I was not quite ready for— ‘Mommy, how did the baby get inside of your belly?’”

The fourth member of the family is expected to arrive in December.

Photos: AKM-GSI



Evelyn Lozada has got her favorite guys on her mind. The reality star recently shared a picture of fiance Carl Crawford Sr. with baby Carl Leo that was simply adorable.

Little Carl sat on the patio chair with dad as big Carl relaxed by the family pool. “My boys,” tweeted Evelyn. Little Carl was definitely alert as he looked directly into the camera’s lens.

Evelyn cannot get over her son’s growth. The reality star recently shared a picture of little Carl showing off his first two teeth. “My love has two teeth coming in at once,” tweeted Lozada. “Where is the time going?”

It was just a few months ago that Evelyn was gushing about her son’s birth. “I’m so in love with baby Leo,” said the star at the time. “I feel extremely blessed right now and so happy. Carl wakes up every two hours to eat. He sleeps about 6 hours. I have a bassinet for him, but he sleeps in my bed. I’m supposed to sleep while he’s asleep, but instead I stare at the funny faces he makes while he’s sleeping! He smiles a lot during sleep time.”

Carl Leo is Evelyn and Carl Crawford Sr.’s first child together. Lozada also has a daughter named Shaniece.



North West may have a rapper and Reality TV star for parents but she will by no means be exempt from creating her own path through hard work and dedication. Kim Kardashian tells ES magazine that her daughter will have to work and earn her own money in coming years.

“I was saying that earlier to my friends, ‘I wonder what [North’s] first job is gonna be’. And they were like, ‘What? She’s gonna have a job?’ and I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? Of course she is.’ She will have to work for what she wants,” explains the star.

Kim also reflects on her years as a working teen who saved for designer wear that her parents would not buy for her. “I saved up for this Dolce & Gabbana dress I really wanted, or like in high school these Prada shoes that my parents wouldn’t buy me,” says the star. “I remember they were $400, and I had to save for the entire year to get them … We didn’t get anything [from her parents], we had to get a job if we wanted it. So I was working in a clothing store and I would save and save.”

North West is Kim ad husband Kanye West’s first child together.

Photos: Fameflynet



There were sprinkles everywhere at Harper Tillman’s birthday party. The little one celebrated her fifth birthday in New York City last Friday, and had family along with a whole lot of friends to help her commemorate.

The highlight of the party was when attendees were given the opportunity to decorate their own cupcakes catered by Sprinkles bakery. The kids ate their sweet delights after letting their creativity flow during the designing segment. Although she was the girl of the hour, Harper was modest in her celebration by decorating a cupcake alongside her friends instead of having a tiered cake like most celeb kids enjoy. Miss Tillman did, however, wear a beautiful outfit that was specially designed by Alexandria Olivia.

Chance Combs, Diddy’s daughter, as well as many other local notables, stopped by Harper’s party, and walked away with gifts from Girls and Dolls, Ruum Kids Wear and more! Harper is Kiki and Travares Tillman’s daughter. Her birthday was October 9, 2014.

Photos: Creative Soul Photography



Congratulations to Terri Vaughn and husband Karon Riley on the arrival of their daughter. Lola Riley was born a healthy weight and height on October 9, 2014, to a mom and dad who were more than happy to lay eyes on her for the first time.

“On Oct 9th our family was made complete with the arrival of LOLA,” tweeted Terri along with a collage of the little one at the hospital with mom, dad, and big brothers. “LadyLibras in the house now,” added the star in reference to her birthday, which is also in October.

Lola comes just in time to enjoy the nursery that Terri and Karon designed for her. The actress placed special emphasis on the room as she went with the interior designer to ensure that the paint colors were in sync with the furniture chosen. “I definitely don’t want frilly. I love pink. I love pale,” said Terri of her vision for Lola’s room. “I would like to mix maybe lavender and pink with natural colors…My style is antique, rustic looking, but modern and clean.”

Little Lola is Terri and Karon’s first daughter. The couple also have a son named Kal’El together. Vaughn has three kids in all.

Photos: Instagram

McclainThe McClain sisters can add another thing to their resumes: modeling. China, Lauryn, and Sierra walked the runway at the Adolfo Sanchez fashion show at Mondrian in West Hollywood on Monday.

The event was part of Los Angeles Fashion Week that is set to come to a close in three days. Lauryn, Sierra, and China showcased the latest styles that Adolfo offered in partnership with CREATIV PR, which featured a number of other designers who also took full advantage of opening night. Monday began with stars on the red carpet, and offered attendees cocktails to enjoy while viewing the latest styles.

In addition to the McClain sisters, other young celebrities took advantage of opening night by putting their talents on display. In particular, 16-year-old DJ Young Slade, Lil John’s son, further progressed his musical career by serving as disco jockey for the week’s first night.

The McClain sisters took several pictures on the red carpet and in between runway walks. Check out a few of them below!

Photos: Getty Images

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