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Beyonce delivered an amazing performance at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, but it was Blue Ivy Carter who stole the show. The 2-year-old helped her dad present the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award to mom after Bey’s action-packed segment on Sunday. The singer was brought to tears at the sight of her daughter and husband.

We have compiled a list of  some of Blue’s most adorable moment’s at the 2014 MTV VMA’s. Check them out below!

1. The moment we saw Blue dancing in the audience. Did you see Blue dancing in the audience? We did! The little one sat in the crowd and grooved to her mother’s performance.  In case you missed it, here is a GIF to remind you of that adorable moment.


2. When Blue became part of the show. Beyonce began her performance by welcoming the crowd to her world and ended the segment by featuring footage of her daughter’s milestones on the projector. The moment was sealed with Blue’s adorableness when the little one joined her mom onstage while the song ‘Blue’ played in the background.

3. That moment when Blue appeared on stage. All eyes were on Blue when she took to the stage and showed off her Bonpoint dress and Kenneth Cole shoes. The little one was later classified as one of the best dressed children at the show, and the dress she wore immediately sold out.

4.  When Blue took to the microphone. The toddler reached for the mic and said, “Yeah mommy” when presenting the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard to her mom with the help of dad.

5. Blue was caught singing. Blue joined her mom in singing ‘Flawless’. The  little one sang in the audience while Bey performed onstage.

6. When the camera captured Blue’s beautiful fro. Auntie Solange would have been proud of her niece’s beautiful hairdo. Blue’s hair was truly a moment in itself.



Cordell Broadus gets much attention for his amazing football skills, but he doesn’t let all the hype get to him.

“It’s something I was born into,” says the star. “I didn’t ask for it. With a father like mine, I guess you should expect all eyes on me, for cameras to follow me around. I just really try to ignore it and be real, just be myself and be a team player. I just try to contribute to the team.”

Broadus is currently classified as one of the best high school football players in the nation. Although he was budding as an athlete at Diamond Bar high school in California, his talent has really progressed since relocating to Las Vegas and playing ball at Bishop Gorman high school.

“I’ve gotten used to it,” shares the high school star of his new home. “My teammates are real welcoming. It seems everyone has a great experience here. We’re just all trying to improve as individuals.”

Although he is well on his way to being a professional football player himself, Cordell cannot help but admire the NFL stars who are currently working on the field. “I really like Dez Bryant and how he catches the ball and makes plays up the field,” shares the star. “I like Randy Moss. He goes up and gets the ball. I like A.J. Green. But Dez is my favorite receiver.”

Cordell is Snoop Dogg and wife Chante Broadus’ son. The rap star and his wife have three kids in all.



Kandi Burruss is more eager than ever to have another child. The ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star tells InTouch Weekly that she and husband Todd Tucker are hoping to get pregnant in coming months.

“I want to get pregnant this year,” reveals Burruss. “Knock it out by 39! I just don’t want to keep waiting. At first, we thought it would just happen, but it hasn’t yet. So now we’re clocking days and making an effort. We really want to start a family together.”

The celebrity shared her plans to have another child with media a few weeks ago but wasn’t as adamant. Now Kandi has become specific with her aim telling InTouch,  “I always wanted to have a son!” She further explains, “We’re even open to in vitro fertilization. The cool part about that is we could guarantee a boy.”

Kandi and Todd Tucker wed on April 4, 2014. Burruss has a daughter named Riley from a previous relationship.



Ciara and baby Future are moving on, and discovering the beauty in life. The R&B singer recently sat down with Pop Sugar to talk about her life as a mother and ambitious recording artist.

“Life is totally inspiring me with my music,” said the singer of her upcoming album. Although many are in great anticipation of her forthcoming record, Ciara told media that she is trying to create more than just cool tunes. “[Music] is my vessel,” explained the star. “It really is a way of, you know, expressing yourself. For me, [it's] at the truest form. So, I’m totally inspired by the beautiful things that are happening in life right now.”

Ciara told fans a few weeks ago that she is planning to release her album when she feels it is complete. “I’m living in music right now, I’m just being free in it,” said the star. “When the music says it’s time [for the album to be released], we’re gunna go.”

Regardless of when she decides to share her newest creations with the world, one thing will be certain: Ciara’s music will be influenced by her new life as a mom. “Absolutely,” gushed the star to media. Baby Future is Ciara and ex-fiance Nayvadius Cash’s , a.k.a. Future, son.



Thandie Newton and her “mini me” are enjoying the California sun. The actress and her daughter were recently spotted while dining out in Los Angeles. Thandie wore light gray attire while her daughter Nico rocked a pink shirt with denim shorts.

The actress has been basking in the joys of motherhood since giving birth to her and husband Ol Parker’s third child in March. Thandie has been seen out-and-about in London with her little one since welcoming him by way of in-home birth, and has told media that parenting unleashes the strength within. “I’ve been different things in different contexts, and I didn’t really feel beautiful until I had my first child,” explained Newton. “I knew that I was considered People magazine’s Most Whatever, but all that stuff is just how we label different groups. And I’ve been very not beautiful in my life. There’s no way I was beautiful growing up.”

Thandie and Ol Parker have three kids- Nico, Jombe, and Ripley- together. Ripley is the eldest of the actress’ children.

Photo: Splash News



Does anyone remember the 2005-2006 television series called ‘Kevin Hill’ that starred Taye Diggs as a single father? Well, get ready because that series is coming to reality. Taye tells media that he is doing a reality project entitled ‘Single Urban Dads’ that will focus on single fathers who are rearing their kids in urban areas. Of course, Taye and Walker will be a part of the project as the actor and his son live in New York City.

“After I turned 40, I told myself that I was going to ‘get it,’” says Diggs of conceptualizing the project. “I’d see all these other people—seemingly less talented people—being very successful at many things, and expanding their outreach. And I’ve always wanted to do that. So producing was one of the things that I wanted to take a stab at. The reality is, though, it’s easier to get these things done. It’s not as easy to get these things on the air. I actually came up with the idea for ‘Single Urban Dads’ before I got separated.”

Taye further explains his passion for doing the project by telling Elle that few reality shows focus on the father as sole provider. “No offense to these, you know, ‘housewives,’ but it seems like they make things up for them to do,” shares the star. “Those shows are about the drama. Being a single urban dad, you don’t have to make anything up. The drama is there. The comedy is there. The heart is there. The heartbreak is there. Also, because of the differing dynamics between men and women—and I don’t mean the stereotypical, ‘Men can’t change a diaper’—men handle situations differently than women. And I think that makes for interesting TV.”

Taye and estranged wife Idina Menzel have one child together. You should be on the lookout for ‘Single Urban Dads’as it is bound to be snapped up by a network upon completion.



Laila Ali and her kids are touring Los Angeles by way of boat. The former boxing champion recently shared pictures from her day out with Curtis and Sydney in San Pedro. “Took a short cruise around the harbor,” tweeted the star.

Curtis Sr., has been out of town on business so Laila has been holding down the fort. The athlete has taken her kids on many adventures, and even brought them along for a few business meetings. In fact, Curtis went with mommy for a full day of  meetings last week. “His iPad came in handy! He did a great job and might have helped me seal some deals,” said Ali.

Although her brother appeared to be happy about having a jam-packed summer, Sydney didn’t seem as excited about the latest events.  Laila posted a photo of her daughter pouting while wearing an outfit that she chose to wear to camp a few days ago.”My daughter is 3 and likes to dress herself! It just wasn’t worth the struggle today so I let her wear this to summer camp,” tweeted the star.

Laila and husband Curtis Conway have two kids together. The former boxing champion is also stepmother to Curtis’ three children from a previous relationship.


David Otunga Jr., celebrated his birthday earlier this month with the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. All four of the mutants stopped by one of the many celebrations held in little David’s honor. Jennifer Hudson and fiance David Otunga took their son to Legoland and the Nickelodeon Suites Resort in Orlando, Florida, in addition to giving him other parties during what seemed to be a week-long celebration.

Check out everything that the celebs did for little David, and how the idea of a Ninja Turtles celebration came about, in the video here!



Riley Curry is too cool for the camera. The little one was recently photographed by mom while sporting a scarf and shoulder-strapped purse. “We wore matching jackets today,” tweeted Ayesha. The NBA wife couldn’t get over her daughter’s cuteness.

Miss Curry has a knack for being cool and adorable. It was just a few weeks ago that the little one was photographed while sitting behind mom and dad in the family car. Riley held up the peace sign while Stephen and Ayesha simply smiled.

The Currys’ daughter brings so much joy to their lives, which is why they couldn’t hold back their excitement on her birthday a few weeks back. “Our sweet baby girl is 2 today,” wrote Ayesha next to a series of pictures of little Riley on the tot’s birthday. “She is vibrant, sassy and full of life. She can count to 15, knows her ABC’s and has a passion for all things outdoors.”

Riley celebrated her second birthday on July 19, 2014. She is Stephen and Ayesha’s first child together.



“Wut chu say bout my Momma? Uh?” That’s the caption that Amber Rose wrote alongside a picture of her son giving the camera a mean face. The saying couldn’t be more relevant these days with critics slamming Amber Rose at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Amber wore a dress made of chains that was extremely revealing, and had some media outlets accusing her of taking pictures on the red carpet half naked. One Twitter fan wrote,”Amber rose is beautiful she really doesn’t have to dress in just chains.” Another commented, “Yes amber rose is absolutely stunning but she’s a mother and that chandelier I mean dress was trash..I’m sorry.”

Trash? Isn’t this the same woman who has been hailed for putting her family before career success? It was just a few weeks ago that fans praised Amber for holding off on her dreams of being a recording artist to spend time with her son.

“I’m not comfortable with anyone else raising my son besides me or my husband,” said the star. “So I feel like if I was to really take the music thing seriously, I would be gone a lot, and my husband’s gone a lot, and the fact that Sebastian’s still very little, he shouldn’t be out traveling. He should be home. He should be comfortable and he should be home.”

Many gave Amber high honors for her decision back then. It now seems as if these same people are condemning her look and questioning her mothering skills. Is that fair? You tell us.



Mariah Carey dines out with “dem babies” in New York City. The singer looks fabulous in colorful attire, and Monroe and Moroccan are definitely dressed to impress.

Carey and estranged husband Nick Cannon have been on positive terms since separating a few months ago. TMZ reports, “The couple is trying hard to make the divorce as easy as possible on the kids. But let’s just say one side tells us they will NEVER get back together.”

Nick confirmed separation from his wife a few weeks ago during a conversation with Yahoo!. “There is trouble in paradise,” said the star. “We have been living in separate houses for a few months. Nick added, “My main focus is my kids.”

Nick and Mariah wed in 2008. They have two kids together.

Photos: AKM-GSI



Bryan Williams Jr., is “young an gettin’ it.” Rapper Birdman’s son recently participated in a photo shoot that featured him holding a baseball bat across his shoulders and wearing a t-shirt that read, “Young.” The teen also wore other clothing by YMCMB while posing for the cameras.

Bryan certainly is young and is definitely getting ahead in life. The teen already has his cap and gown that he will wear when he graduates from high school next year. Williams posted a picture of himself while wearing the special attire with a caption that read, “Class Of 15 is finally here. Ready for this school year to start.”

While the teen has not completely discussed his career plans after school ends with media, he certainly has an array of options to choose from. Modeling, for instance, could be a great job for Bryan since he already has experience in the field. The teen has participated in several photo shoots for the YMCMB clothing line, which has earned Birdman over $10 million in revenue to date. Bryan can also enter the music industry and be a star like his father, or go into publishing like his sister.

Regardless of what he chooses, the world will be completely open to Bryan when he graduates in 2015. Check out more pictures of the teen below!

Photos: Bryan Soderlind



Little Daniel Gibson is “driving with mommy.” The toddler was recently photographed while spending time with his mom, Keyshia Cole.

Little Daniel took to driving on a toy truck with his mom in tow at what could have the park. He later joined her at work where he wore headphones that drowned out Cole’s rehearsal segment. “When mommy does her rehearsal I put my headphones on so that the music isn’t too loud. Don’t want to hurt my baby ears,” read the caption underneath a picture of Daniel wearing the headphones.

Although they are currently separated, Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson Sr., still remain cordial when it comes to parenting their son. The NBA star wrote a beautiful tribute to his estranged wife on Mother’s Day that complimented her for being a mom who sacrifices much for her family. “Nobody knows the sacrifices you made in your career to make sure he was raised right & cared for, or The time you put Into your family & How great of a mother you truly are,” wrote Daniel.

Keyshia responded to Gibson’s sweet message with a heartfelt, “Thank U.” The singer further wrote, “No matter what we go thru, the love for munch will last forever in both of our hearts!”

Check out more pictures of Daniel Jr., and Keyshia below!


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