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Snoop Dogg’s son isn’t the only high school all star. Evander Hollyfield’s kid is also making strides in football, and becoming one of the more sought-after players.

Elijah Holyfield was recently offered an athletic scholarship from the University of Oregon. The teen shared his excitement about the invitation to attend the Pac-12 school a few days ago by writing, “Oregon just offered #GoDucks!” on Twitter.

Holyfield also spoke with media about his college options, and how his father’s stardom has helped him get ahead. “[My dad] was saying how different it was for me and him,” said the football sensation. “He was picking up, as far as people knowing him, at a later age. At a younger age, he didn’t have a lot of money and was a small kid and wasn’t that popular. He was saying how different it is for [me], because I’m so young and all the people on me, talking to me all the time – because of him, because of me playing football. He just said to keep a cool head and just remember the main focus.”

Elijah has received offers from several colleges that want him to use his talent on the field for them. Michigan State, and Ole Miss are two of numerous schools that have presented tempting scholarship offers in hopes of the high school Junior deciding to play ball for them in 2016. The teen is one of eleven kids that five-time heavyweight champion of the world Evander Holyfield fathers.



Her parents may be stars, but Blue Ivy Carter only sees Beyonce and Jay-Z as mom and dad. The little one was recently photographed while swinging with mom and riding around with dad.

The tot wore a pretty dress that was perfect for the sunny weather she was enjoying. Beyonce gently guided her daughter along as Blue rolled back and forth on the swing. The little one later took on the ATV with dad by her side.

Bey and Jay may be permanently relocating to Los Angeles in coming months. The superstars are allegedly in the process of buying an $85 million estate in Beverly Hills. The eight bedroom home sits on a cliff and has a candy bar that would be perfect for little Blue.

Although they are reportedly in the running for the home, it has not been confirmed if Bey and Jay will actually relocate to Los Angeles. Check out more pictures of Blue with her parents below!

Photo: Beyonce.com



Zoe Saldana lit up the red carpet this past Wednesday at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Hollywood Costume Opening Party. The actress wore a beautiful pink gown and had a glow that only a woman who is thrilled about her pregnancy could exhibit.

Zoe is now alleged to be expecting two little ones with her husband, Marc Perego. According to Mark Malkin of E! Online

“[Zoe] confirmed earlier tonight (Wednesday) that she’s having twins. …When I asked if she’d be dressing up for Halloween this year, Saldana looked down, rubbed her belly a little bit and said, ‘I might. I might need three costumes. I might have to make some adjustments, but it would be nice.’”

Whether or not Saldana was referring to herself having twins or if she was making reference to her protruding stomach that has grown substantially since confirming her pregnancy is unclear. The actress and her husband are expecting their bundle, or bundles, of joy to arrive in coming weeks.

Photos: Getty Images


Jaden Smith proves that music is more about expression than organization. The teen recently released his single ‘Blue Ocean’ on his sister’s SoundCloud profile, and it is certainly getting mixed reviews.

While some appreciate the edginess that the song brings, many complain that the single has little, if any, structure. Critics claim that Jaden goes from one idea to the next without connecting the dots. In addition, the song is seven minutes long, which is too long for any artist to ramble along.

While it may not be favored as a hit among the masses, Jaden’s song certainly gets his point across. The artist does a bit of talking and then shouts his ideas out during the song.  He also does a bit of rapping about a girl that he is fond of but can’t be with because she is already in a relationship. Jaden later sings about the blue ocean and how it washes over everything.

Take a listen to the audio and tell us what you think!



Terri Vaughn and husband Karon Riley are coming into the final stretch of their expectancy, where they are creating the perfect atmosphere for little Lola Irene to come home to. The actress recently designed her daughter’s nursery with the help of interior designer Denise Gordon.

“I definitely don’t want frilly. I love pink. I love pale,” said Terri before going to Home Depot with her personal designer. Denise was the mastermind behind Terri’s special party in which she told family and friends that she was expecting her third child. “I would like to mix maybe lavender and pink with natural colors,” shared the star of her vision for the nursery. “My style is antique, rustic looking, but modern and clean.”

Although she is excited to be pregnant with a baby girl, Terri had to admit that mothering a daughter will be a different experience for her. “This is a boy household,” explained the star. “Boy energy through and through. So it’s going to be very exciting to bring this girl into our home, into the midst where I have been the queen of the castle.”

Nevertheless, Terri and Karon are excited to be preparing for a baby Lola whom they expect to arrive in coming weeks. The Riley’s currently have a son named Kal’El together. Vaughn also has a son named Daylen from a previous relationship.



What better time to experience Disneyland than during Harvest? Alfonso Ribeiro and wife Angela recently took their 11-month-old son to Disneyland for the first time, and the little one enjoyed many of the sights.

Little Alfonso spent time with Minnie and took a picture in front of the big pumpkin. “Nothing beats taking your child to Disneyland for the 1st time,” tweeted Angela along with a picture of her and the family.

Mrs. Ribeiro and little Alfonso joined hundreds in the audience during big Alfonso’s performance on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ Angela sat in awe of her husband’s skills as he and dancing partner Witney Carson performed to ‘Hey Goldmember’ by Beyonce on Monday night. “Such a memorable night,” tweeted Angela. “So proud of my hubby @alfonso_ribeiro who did an amazing job tonight on #DWTS! #proudwife.”

Alfonso and Angela welcomed their son into the world on October 27, 2013. He is the couple’s first child together. Alfonso Ribeiro Sr. also has a daughter named Sienna from a previous relationship.




Michael Strahan has at least two reasons to stay healthy: Isabella and Sophia. The star recently did a commercial for Meta in promotion of its new product, MetaBiotic.

Strahan’s twin daughters were onset to help him convey the importance of the supplement. The girls were engaged in a staring contest with dad that rendered them the victors at the beginning of the commercial. Isabella and Sophia were later featured while playing a game with Michael.


MetaBiotic is a probiotic supplement that specifically helps maintain digestive balance while promoting an overall healthy immune system. Strahan decided to partner with the Meta brand after finding that keeping fit off the field is a challege. “Staying healthy after stepping off the football field was harder than I thought,” says the star. “My schedule became busier than ever. Now I look for small, healthy things I can do every day and that includes using Meta products. I am a believer in the brand, which is why I am excited to partner with them and help other people realize maintaining their health doesn’t have to be so hard.”

The Meta brand is also responsible for creating Metamucil, which has helped millions live healthier lives since its inception eighty years ago. Michael Strahan has four kids in all.



The Smiths are coming to television. Kenny, Gwendolyn and the kids recently scored the green light from TBS for their reality show, ‘The Smiths.’ The network has already ordered six episodes of the series and plans to feature it in spring 2015.

Although Kenny is a legendary basketball player and his wife a success of her own, the star athlete still has a problem with convincing his kids that he’s a cool dad. While little Malloy and London don’t need much persuasion to believe that dad is fly, the older kids need more than a little twist of the arm to have confidence in their father’s swagger. You see, Kayla, Monique, and KJ are already building their careers as entertainers and athletes and have come to believe that Kenny, although legendary, is a bit out of touch.

It will take all six episodes for the star to prove that he understands the ways of society while trying to balance a work schedule that is simply hectic.  Gwendolyn, the family matriarch who isn’t as out-of-touch by the kids’ standards, will be by Kenny’s side and managing a challenging career of her own. This will be the Smiths’ first experience with Reality TV.



In a few years, Harper Tillman will be a household name. The little one was recently photographed for Little One magazine, where she scored a feature spot on the cover.

The youngster will have two of her pictures heading off the Autumn edition of the magazine. One photo will feature Harper while swinging in a blue Velveteen dress, and the other will show her in a beautiful satin pink dress by Alivia Simone. Several pictures of Harper in different outfits will also be on display throughout the magazine.

This is Harper’s first time at the forefront of an editorial. She has done several other photo shoots for various children’s brands. RUUM American Kid’s Wear, in particular, has used Miss Tillman as their model on several occasions. The brand has photographed the her in much of its casual wear.

Harper is Kiki and husband Travares Tillman’s daughter. Check out more pictures of the little beauty below!



While her brothers were enjoying a day at the zoo, Laiyah Brown was making new friends. The little one recently had a play date with Dylan Bosh that Monica Brown and gushed over.

Laiyah and Dylan were dressed to impress with Miss Brown wearing pink with blue, and Dylan sporting a white top and red pants. The little ones took several pictures in which they were the lively two. In one pic, Dylan appeared to be looking at someone or something as Laiyah kept her head to the sky.

Monica couldn’t get over the girls and the fact that April Belle was on-hand to take incredible pictures. “These two had the cutest play date ever today and what a blessing that @aprilbellephotos happened to be there to capture it… #AllGirlParty,” tweeted the singer.

Laiyah is Monica and husband Shannon Brown’s daughter. Dylan is Adrienne and husband Chris Bosh’s little one. Check out more pictures of the girls below!

Photo: April Belle Photography



Tyler Perry has gone from saying a little to talking too much. The entertainment mogul recently let it slip that he and girlfriend Gelila Bekele are expecting a boy.

Perry was having a conversation with Jerry Penacoli of Extra TV  when he accidentally revealed the baby’s sex. The star avoided the blunt question posed by Jerry concerning whether the baby would be a boy or girl by saying, “We’re having a baby.” Tyler then went on to talk about his mission as a father, and that’s when all secrets were revealed.

“The greatest gift I’m being given right now is the opportunity to give the little boy in me everything I never had, so that’s what I’m excited about,” explained the star. “This beautiful human being that God has allowed to come into my life for me to get to know, because they come with their own personalities, who they are, to shepherd and usher him…”

Tyler realized his mistake and said, “I said ‘him.’” Knowing full well that it was too late to take back his revelation, Perry simply finished his thoughts about being a father who guides his child into his destiny and smiled. This will be Tyler and Gelila’s first child together.



Did you enjoy ‘The View ‘ on Monday? If you did, then you probably got to see Alicia Keys light up the stage with her new single. The artist performed ‘We Are Here’ for audience members in the studio and millions of other onlookers at home while sporting her baby bump.

Of course, the artist didn’t just sing and leave. Keys sat down with the ladies of ‘The View,’ and talked about her journey with motherhood and impending delivery. “It’s looking like December. They tell me December 31st. I think that’s kind of cute,” said the singer of the expected arrival of her little one. Alicia also discussed motherhood and how it has made her more aggressive. “Being a mother has definitely given me more of a fierceness and understanding of what I believe in,” explained the singer.

Keys launched the ‘We Are Here’ movement shortly after releasing her single, which was inspired by a friend and motherhood. The singer and her husband, Swizz Beatz, are already the proud parents of one child.



Pooch Hall and the family were one of several celebrities to attend the screening of Disney XD’s ‘Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion’ at AMC Century City theater this past weekend. The actor along with his wife and kids showed much support for the latest installment in the ‘Star Wars’ trilogy. Djani, Djaeda, and Djordan really showed their appreciation for the film by dressing up like their favorite characters.

Joley Fisher and her kids were also in attendance at the screening, though the youngsters didn’t dress in their best ‘Star Wars’ attire. They did, however, stand by mom and smile for the cameras while in the spotlight.



‘Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion’ is the first collaboration of Lucasfilm and Disney. The entertainment companies partnered to create a series that introduces a group of rebels who set out to prevent the Galactic Empire from having complete control. Echos of the beloved ‘Episode IV’ can be seen in this latest series since it takes place just before all of the action in the fourth installment.

‘Spark of Rebellion’ is set to premiere on the Disney Channel on October 3, 2014. The Halls and Fishers will certainly be watching.


Photos: Frederick Brown




Christina Milian is taking the whole month to celebrate. The singer recently had a lunch date and dinner party in honor of her birthday.

Christina and her daughter, Violet, dined out for lunch, and later met up with family and a few close friends for dinner. The singer and her daughter looked fabulous in casual wear. Violet took full advantage of her time in the spotlight by waving to paparazzi while walking with mom.

The youngster is the always on her mother’s mind as Christina tells media, “I’m just thinking about her all the time. I’m thinking about her even though I have to work all the time.… And I’m very fortunate that I work in an industry where family is more accepted now and I have a family that supports me. Sometimes I need her. When I’m tired and I see her, then I’m awake again. And I act like a kid with her.”

Milian celebrated her thirty third birthday on September 26, 2014. The singer has one child with ex-husband Terius Nash, a.k.a. The-Dream.

Check out more pictures of Christina and the family below!


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