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Actress and busy mom Katherine Heigl was photographed departing on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California with her daughters Adalaide & Nancy(not pictured) on December 17, 2014.

After spending much-needed time away from the spotlight, Heigl is back onscreen on the hit television series ‘State Of Affairs . During a recent interview with Good Housekeeping,  the  mom of two explained  that she stepped away from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in 2010 after realizing that she was missing precious moments with oldest daughter Nancy. “I would come home angry and frustrated that I’d missed everything with my kid that day.”

“I felt like my priorities were messed up. I was putting so much time and energy into just my work, but I was raised [to believe] that family comes first.”

Katherine and husband Josh Kelley have since moved to Utah, where they spend a lot of quality time with their daughters. You can catch Heigl on NBC’s ‘State Of Affair’s’every Monday  at 10/9C.




Russell Simmons  enjoyed  a day of yachting in St Barts with his family, including his ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons, on December 17, 2014.

The dad of two recently shared pictures of himself with his daughters while vacationing in St. Barts with the caption: “With my beautiful babies. Daddy’s girls. They grow so fast,” tweeted Russell along with a picture of his girls. The entrepreneur also commented on the family’s visit to St. Barts, which has become more of a Christmas tradition. “St. Barts every holiday since birth now.”

Although he and Kimora are no longer a couple, the two do an excellent job of co-parenting the kids. “We’ve always been [friends],” said Russell of his relationship with Kimora. “She’s an amazing mother and I go and meditate with them every morning and take them to school, they’re just pretty and they’re an inspiration for my life obviously and she’s made them for me.”

Russell has two kids with Kimora. The fashion mogul is expecting her first child with her husband, banker Tim Leissner.





Vanessa Williams is speaking out about the pressure that new moms face to get back into shape after giving birth. The mother of four tells the ‘Closer’ that her experience with weight loss after having kids differs from what women face today.

“When I had a child, I gave myself nine months to get back in shape because it took me nine months to gain the weight,” says Williams. “I think the pressure now is ridiculous. What’s in the magazines are all airbrushed, everyone is dieting like crazy, taking pictures and altering them.”

The star further explains, “My youngest is 14 and she’s right in the thick of image and pressure and trying to look like people that are featured in magazines and it’s unrealistic, unfair and damaging.”

So just what do Vanessa and her daughter do to stay in shape? “I try to do something everyday, whether it’s taking a class or jumping on the treadmill. Also, yoga, just trying to keep moving for sure.”

Vanessa Williams is the proud mother of three girls and one boy. Sasha, the star’s youngest child, is Vanessa’s daughter with former NBA player Rick Fox.



Congratulations to Stevie Wonder who welcomed his ninth child into the world earlier this month.

Us Weekly reports, “She’s here! Stevie Wonder has welcomed his ninth child, and second child with girlfriend Tomeeka Robyn Bracy, a baby girl named Nia.”

Stevie confirmed his and Tomeeka’s expectancy last month during an appearance on The View. “I got, how many, 22 kids,” asked Stevie in response to rumors of him and Tomeeka expecting twins. “The truth is we’re going to have a wonderful daughter, [to be] born in December, name is going to be Nia, which is ‘purpose.’” The R&B singer further discussed gossip telling media, “Rumors spread, and like I said in the song Superstition: When you believe in things you don’t understand, you suffer.”

The newest addition to the family is Stevie and Tomeeka’s second child together. Stevie has seven children from past relationships.

Photo: Pr Photos/ABC



Tyler Perry’s newest role as a father has him on pins and needles. The Selma producer tells media that he is having a difficult time getting used to parenthood due to his son’s small stature when compared with his his large hands.

“It’s hard and difficult for me because I have very big hands, so I’m not that comfortable at it yet,” says Perry. “He’s very small. I need him to get a little bit bigger, then I’ll be better.”

Tyler also explains his feelings about fatherhood thus far. “It’s been surreal, incredible, moving,” shares the star. “[I’m surprised] how much of a personality he has of his own. Just watching his facial expressions and realizing that this kid has come to me with his own life, and mine is not his and his is not mine. I’m just here to usher him.”

Tyler Perry and girlfriend Gelila Bekele welcomed their son into the world two weeks ago. He is the couple’s first child together.


Yandy Smith and Lil Mendeecees are in full celebration mode after a recent episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ featured Mendeecees’ release from prison. Many viewers were brought to tears as they watched Yandy surprise Mendeecees’ first-born son with the good news of his father’s return home.

Little Mendeecees was completely shocked to see his father after several months of separation, and couldn’t conceal his excitement over being re-united. Yandy later shared a video of herself dancing with  the little one. “Lil Mendeecees and I turning up for press week,” tweeted the reality star.


Smith recently discussed her life as a celebrity, and the critics who tend to nitpick and draw conclusions about her life without having full knowledge of who she is as an individual. “People often assume because they see you on a TV show, or they might see you post a few pictures, that they know your whole entire life,” said Yandy. “They don’t know what your story is, they don’t know what happens in your life, and they just assume that they know everything.”

The star further explained, “If I have a post that I put up that has 300 and 50 comments on it, you best believe there’s going to be five talking about my weight, my hair, my dad, my mom, you know, who’s this, what’s that — it’s just expected. It’s a shame, it’s sad that we are subjected to it, but I guess that’s just what comes along with the game.”

Yandy is expecting her and Mendeecees’ second child to arrive in coming months.Their first child together, Omere, was born in the summer of 2012. You can catch the reality star and her family weekly on VH1′s ‘Love & Hip Hop.’



Photos: VH1



Pilar Sanders must serve a week in the Collin county jail, after refusing to return her children to ex-husband Deion Sanders.

CBS News reports,

“A judge found her in contempt for failing to return their children as required by a custody agreement. The judge originally ordered her jailed for 30-days but suspended and probated the sentence, but as part of probation she must serve a week in the Collin county jail.”

Pilar recorded herself interacting with two officers from Collin county a few weeks ago. The former NFL wife was sure to tell the officers that they had no legal right or authority to take custody of her children and return them to Deion because they were a part of a “corporation,” and not a government entity.


Pilar and Deion have been involved in a nasty custody battle since moving for divorce a few years back. The former NFL wife originally lost full physical custody of her sons and retained guardianship of her daughter. Pilar later lost custody of Sheloni after failing to show the courts financial stability to take care of her daughter.

Deion and Pilar have three kids together. Deion Sanders has five children in all.



After much training, and a bit of singing, Cree Hardrict is now going where other toddlers go when they need to rid themselves of pressure: the restroom. The little one’s mom, Tia Mowry-Hardrict, recently told PEOPLE that she potty trained her son with the help of Frozen. 

“I know this is crazy, but I’m a mom,” said the star during a red carpet interview at Rihanna’s First Annual Diamond Ball last Thursday. “When [my son] does the number two, we sing ‘Let it Go.’” Tia added, “He sings it and that is what really, really helped.”

The proud mom gave further insight into her son’s obsession with the movie that has captivated the hearts of many youngsters. “Usually Frozen is a girl movie, but I was like, ‘Okay, fine. I’ll sit down and watch it,’” shared Mowry-Hardrict. “He loved it from the beginning. He picks up music very quickly and just the chorus … that’s what we do.”

Cree is Tia and husband Cory Hardrict’s first child together. The tot celebrated his third birthday in June.



Photobombed by Blue! Beyonce’s daughter recently stole the spotlight from her during a bit of photography on a family outing.

Bey was just about ready for her close-up when Blue dashed through the scene. The toddler was sure to run in front of her mom for the added effect of photobombing.

It has been nearly three years since Beyonce gave birth to Blue, and the R&B singer still expresses excitement when talking about parenthood. “Motherhood has changed everything,” said Bey in one interview. “You see things a bit differently after you give birth and my biggest job now is to protect my child.”

The singer has certainly protected her daughter and given her the finer things in life. Blue is one of few toddlers to have a passport that is used to tour the world throughout the year. The toddler is also among the elite to be featured on two hit singles.

Blue Ivy Carter is Beyonce and husband Jay-Z’s first child together. The little one will celebrate her third birthday on January 7, 2015.



It seems that Cordell Broadus, son of famed rapper Snoop Dogg, is becoming a leader of the sport that he loves to play. The high school senior was selected to play in the Under Armour All-America Game, and continues to set the tone during local games at Bishop Gorman.

“I might just be a celebrity’s son, but in reality I’m really out here grinding it and trying to make a name for myself on the field,” said Cordell during a recent interview.

Snoop Dogg also recognized his son’s success by telling media, “He’s doing things that I could’ve never done at his age. He’s doing way better than me.”

Cordell has received several scholarship offers from prestigious universities since rising to prominence as a football sensation over a year ago. The teen, who is also an excellent student, will graduate from high school next year.

Check out more photos of Cordell and family during the NIAA Nevada State High School Division I Championship game at Damonte Ranch High School on Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014 in Reno, Nev. Bishop Gorman won the championship 70-28.
Photos: Instagram



Rick Fox and daughter Sasha were two of many stars to attend the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2014 in New York City this past weekend. Fox and his daughter lit up the red carpet with their exuberance, and exhibited much father-daughter love while in the spotlight.

The former NBA star was sure to thank everyone who made the ball a success after the event concluded. “‘We know we aren’t the only ones’ but Thank you iHeart Jingle Ball and Sam Smith for creating holiday memories. Happy Holidays,” wrote the star.

This year’s Jungle Ball was certainly memorable, with some of the greatest talent delivering smash hit performances. Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift were two of many artists to take the stage by storm. Thousands cheered as their favorite singers poured out their hearts and souls onstage.

Although all artists were spectacular, Ariana Grande seemed to steal the spotlight with her incredible vocals and special dedication to her brother Frankie. “She really killed it,” said Frankie of his superstar sister after the show. “She looked gorgeous, she sounded amazing. I wasn’t prepared for her to sing four songs—I had no idea what was actually going to happen, and it was a rainbow runway, and it was a lot for me to process. It was amazing.”

This year’s Jingle Ball took place at Madison Square Garden, and was hosted by Z100 New York. Rick Fox is the proud father of two kids.

Photos: Getty Images



“Can I live?” That is what Kim Kardashian-West is asking after receiving much backlash for posting a picture of herself and daughter North West, with Nori cropped out of the pic.

The ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star shared several candids of her and her daughter at Disney’s ‘Let’s Celebrate’ ice show in Los Angeles on Monday, but the above photo of Kim posing with North, who is cut out of the picture in the post, received the most attention. Many fans criticized Kim for cropping her child out of the candid, and wondered why the Reality TV star would commit such act.

Kim’s response? “Wait is this really news that I posted a selfie & cropped my daughter out? LOL. Her eyes were closed and I was feeling my look! Can I live?!?!”

North West is Kim ad husband Kanye West’s first child. The little one was born on June 15, 2013.



J.R. Smith and his daughter, Demi, served as wonderful hosts of a special screening of Night At the Museum: Secret of the Tomb in New York City this past Monday. The New York ‘Knicks’ player held the screening in honor of his foundation, J.R. Smith Youth Foundation, that helps thousands of underprivileged youth every year.

Smith’s charity has the motto of “Opening doors for tomorrow’s youth,” and it is currently making a resounding impact on kids and teens in New Jersey. The organization provides support to youth wanting to pursue careers in sports, and provides scholarships to those who have a desire to further their education by attending college.

The J.R. Smith Youth Foundation held its eighth annual golf outing earlier this year, and has numerous plans for next year that will support underprivileged children. J.R. Smith is the proud father of two daughters.

Learn more about the NBA star’s foundation here.

Photo: GettyImages



Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and his co-star were two of many celebrities to attend the first day of the 11th Dubai International Film Festival last week.

It was just a few years ago that Adewale asked to be written off the hit series ‘Lost.’ At the time, the actor wanted to return to London to focus on career possibilities as a director.

Apparently those possibilities have rendered positive results as the star had a hand in creating an animated film that made its debut at this year’s Dubai festival. “It’s a traditional Arabic folklore legend that has been forgotten but is being brought to a modern audience in a new and exciting way,” said Adewale of the motion picture. “What you will see next year [when the film makes its public debut] is an animation that is really and truly pushing the bar on many levels. It’s almost as real as it can get without being real.”

Adewale’s film will focus on an ancient slave who lived a challenging life in the Middle East as a descendant of Africa. The little boy pictured will be playing a younger version of Akinnuoye in the animation. See more pictures of the Akinnuoye-Agbaje and his young co-star at the 11th Dubai International Film Festival below!

Photos: Getty Images


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