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Press week continues for Tyrese Gibson and his daughter Shayla. The FURIOUS 7 star was recently photographed while backstage at a promotional event. Shay snuggled up close to her father as Tyrese waited patiently to be presented to fans.

The little one is currently in the process of building her father’s publishing company. “The name of my publishing company is called Gibson and Gibson Publishing, and she’s the other Gibson,” shares Tyrese. The actor tells media that many of the books will focus on bullying and other social issues. “She just really brought me up to speed on a lot of things that she feels like her friends would love to read about, so we wrote six books together and I’m getting all of the artwork done on it now.”

In addition to going into business with her father, Shayla is also exhibiting maturity at home. “[She sings and] she reads to herself every night — I don’t have to read to her anymore,” says Gibson of his daughter’s bedtime routine. “I’m just sitting there basically holding the book,” adds the actor.

Shayla is Tyrese’s only child with ex-wife Norma Mitchell. She will celebrate her eighth birthday in July.

Photo: Instagram



Namiko and Megaa Grandberry are the future! The two cousins were recently photographed while enjoying the company of each other.

“Can’t wait to see what they create,” shared singer Omarion along with a picture of his son and niece. Recording artist O’Ryan also commented on Namiko and Megaa’s bond by telling Instagram fans that the little ones are “the future.”

Megaa and Namiko often spend holidays together as their fathers rarely neglect to get together during the various seasons. In fact, it was just a few months ago that the youngsters took a candid for Christmas. Namiko held Megaa in her arms as the little one took in the festive scenery around him.

Omarion and O’Ryan are definitely aiming to instill the importance of family in their children. O’Ryan’s ultimate goal is to “teach them well and let them lead the way.”

Namiko is O’Ryan’s daughter with R&B singer Jhene Aiko. She will turn 7-years-old this year. Megaa is Omarion and girlfriend Apryl Jones’ son. He will celebrate his first birthday in August.



Nia Long is raising perfect gentleman. The actress was recently spotted while shopping at Fred Segal on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California with her oldest son, Massai.

Massai carried his mother’s bags while Nia walked beside him. Long was looking stylish in her casual wear that included a gray hat with boots.

The actress has told media that she is striving to teach her sons how to be a gentlemen. “The one thing my boys will always do is respect women,” said the star of Massai and his younger brother Kez during one interview. “At the end of the day, if I’m doing nothing to make me happy, [Massai is] not going to understand what a well-defined woman looks like, so he’s not going to find the partner that represents that.”

One thing that certainly makes Nia happy is acting, which is why she continually finds a way to balance parenthood with her career aspirations. The actress is currently slated to star in the television remake of ‘Uncle Buck.’ Many remember the hit film that made its debut in 1989. Few, however, had the opportunity to see the series that aired a few times during the early 1990s. Nia and her co-stars are seeking to change that with a hilarious show that puts a twist on the original storyline.

Long will act alongside Mike Epps and Will Packer as the strong wife who despises Buck. You can expect the pilot for ‘Uncle Buck’ to premiere in coming months. Nia Long is the proud mother of two kids.

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Rowland 1

It’s only been four months since Kelly Rowland gave birth to her son, Titan, and she looks fabulous. Many are amazed at the singer’s transformation, while others are asking, “How did she do it?”

“The 80/20 rule is all the way real,” explains Kelly. “Eighty percent of the time you eat those foods giving you nourishment, you’re eating clean, and twenty percent of the time, have guacamole, a ton of it like I do, and a margarita and maybe queso too!”

Rowland also tells A.J. Calloway of Extra that she thoroughly enjoys being a parent. “I think the best part of being a mom, actually it’s being Titan’s mom,” shares the star. “Titan is a pretty incredible kid.”

Although she loves her son, Kelly also has an incredible passion for music. “I’m focused on the studio right now,” says the recording artist.”[I’m] getting a lot of inspiration from Paris fashion as well.”

As for a Destiny’s Child reunion, “The last reunion happened the other day when we all sat down and were just talking and enjoying each other’s company. It was awesome. Not every time you see Destiny’s Child together may be in front of the camera. We still have our bond amongst each other, that’s the most beautiful gift Destiny’s Child has given me.”

Titan is Kelly and husband Tim Witherspoon’s first child. He will celebrate his first birthday later this year.



Cutie alert! Amoura Benet is one adorable little one. The youngest daughter of Eric and Manuela Benet was recently photographed while relaxing at home.

Amoura wore a cute hat along with a colorful dress that blended well with the pink futon she was sitting on. The little one was also wearing a belt that bore the number eight on it. “8 months already?? You gotta be kiddin’ me,” shared Eric along with the picture.

It was just a few weeks ago that the singer introduced his little one in a family photo that featured Amoura with all of her sisters. Amoura rested in her mother’s embrace as the other members of the family smiled for the camera. “I am a very very very rich man,” shared Eric along with the picture on Instagram.


Amoura is Eric and Manuela’s second child together. The couple also have a daughter named Lucia who celebrated her second birthday in December. India Benet is Eric’s eldest daughter from a previous relationship.



Anyone who caught the most recent episode of ‘Shark Tank’ knows that Mikaila Ulmer stole the spotlight with her incredible presentation of BeeSweet Lemonade. The 10-year-old, along with her father, told the investors all about the amount of sales she received right before asking for $60,000 to expand her company. As if Mikaila’s presentation wasn’t enough, the tween actually received an offer from Daymond John who told the youngster that he would finance her if his partners on the East Coast could sell the product in their stores. So who is this 10-year-old with an incredibly sweet deal?

About Mikaila

Miss Ulmer is an ordinary 10-year-old who founded her company five years ago, after being stung by a bee. “I got stung by a bee. Twice,” says the up-and-coming entrepreneur on her company’s website. “Then my Great Granny Helen, who lives in Cameron, South Carolina, sent my family a 1940’s cookbook, which included her special recipe for Flaxseed Lemonade.”

Although she didn’t enjoy the pain that accompanied the bee sting, Mikaila found herself fascinated with the insects shortly after being attacked. “I learned all about what they do for me and our ecosystem. So then I thought, what if I make something that helps honeybees and uses my Great Granny Helen’s recipe?” Enter BeeSweet Lemonade.

Ulmer 2

Miss Ulmer’s Company

BeeSweet Lemonade is not your average drink. As Mikaila explains, “It comes from my Great Granny Helen’s flaxseed recipe and my new love for bees. So that’s why we sweeten it with local honey.”

The business has certainly grown since its debut five years ago. BeeSweet Lemonade is currently one of the premier drinks at Whole Foods stores across the nation. In fact, you may have seen the delight sitting next to other popular healthy drinks during your last visit to the grocery store.

Mikaila is certainly on her way to a lifetime filled with success, and she has her grandma and the bees to thank.



Amber Rose recently took to social media to defend her good friend, Blac Chyna, after several fans criticized the entrepreneur for enjoying a night out at the club. Many detractors viewed Blac Chyna’s attire as inappropriate because she is the mother of a 2-year-old son named King. Amber Rose, however, saw nothing wrong with Blac Chyna’s actions and even applauded the celebrity’s boldness to be sensual.

“Chyna, a mom, can wear whatever the f*** she wants,” shared Rose in response to one critic. “We are moms 24/7/365 even if we’re at the club having a good time or when we wanna dress sexy.”

Amber further explained, “We are still moms for the rest of our lives, and we love our children more than anything in this world, but moms are also sexual beings too. Duh! How do you think you got here?”

While some regarded Amber’s response as a typical rant, others considered her point to be quite valid. After all, it was just over a year ago that Beyonce discussed the idea of mothers being alluring.

“You can have your child and still have fun and still be sexy and still have dreams and still have yourself,” said the star. “I don’t at all have any shame in being sexual and I’m not embarrassed about it … I don’t feel like I have to protect that side of me because I do believe that sexuality is a power that we all have.”

While no one is trying to suppress women’s power, the question of doing too much does arise. Is it okay for mothers of small children to be overtly sensual? Is there an unspoken rule in society that requires mothers to “cover up”? If so, can this rule be viewed as a double standard since few men are asked to put on a shirt while at the beach with their kids? Share your thoughts below!



The best news of the week comes from Devon Still who told fans that his daughter’s cancer is officially in remission on Wednesday. The NFL star shared his excitement and plans to celebrate with Instagram subscribers.

“June 2, 2014 and March 25, 2015 are days I will remember for the rest of my life,” shared Devon along with a picture of Leah giving the camera a fist bump. “As everyone probably knows, June 2nd was the day doctors walked into the waiting room to tell me my daughter had cancer. It was the most devastating day of my life. March 25th , however, is feeling like the best day of my life. Today we received news from Leah’s oncologist that her cancer, stage four neuroblastoma, is officially in REMISSION!”

Still went on to tell fans that his happiness was indescribable. “When I look at my daughter all I can do is smile and hug her. It was not easy but every day, and every treatment Leah fought like hell and kicked cancers butt! I’m so proud and blessed to call her my daughter. She has made an impact on me and on the world, at the age of four, that I can only wish to make in a lifetime.”

The Cincinnati ‘Bengals’ player thanked everyone who posted loving messages online and said “a prayer that helped God hear our cries for healing” during Leah’s fight. Devon also thanked Leah’s doctors for “putting together the best plan of action.”

Leah is Devon Still’s only child. She will celebrate her fifth birthday next month.



Pooch Hall and his family are finding every way to give back to the community. The actor and his crew will present the second annual Special Needs Family Prom. The event will be held in North Hollywood, and have a ‘Wizard of Oz’ theme.

Attendees will know that they are entering a magical place before walking into the Le Foyer Ballroom on Laurel Canyon. Djanai’s Angels, the foundation hosting the event, plans to have yellow brick road carpet for guests to take pictures on, as well as games centered around characters in the classical story. Attendees are destined to enjoy Munchkin Land while pinning the heart on the Tin Man.

A number of local children battling with cerebral palsy have also been invited to attend the mystical evening. “We are super excited about this year’s Special Needs Family Prom,” says Djanai’s Angels Founder Linda Hall. “My 17-year-old daughter, Djanai, who lives with cerebral palsy has picked out her dress and dancing shoes and is ready to stroll on down the yellow brick road.”

For a number of years the Djanai’s Angels foundation has sought ways to improve the lives of those battling with cerebral palsy through fun activities. More than 8,000 babies and infants in the United States are diagnosed with the disease every year, and several hundred children and adults show signs of the condition. Not only does Djanai’s Angels seek to spread awareness about cerebral palsy to the general public but it also aims to encourage those living with the disease to enjoy life.

Octavious Johnson and Kerris Dorsey will host this year’s Special Needs Family Prom. Proceeds from the event will benefit inClusion Clubhouse. Djanai is one of three kids that Pooch and wife Linda Hall parent.



Unconditional love is the glue that holds it all together between Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. The actor tells PEOPLE that growing up in a single-parent home has influenced the way that he parents alongside his estranged wife.

“Unconditional love,” says Cannon. “I was a product of that unorthodox family situation myself, I mean being raised by my grandmother … my mother and my father and kind of moved all over the country growing up.” Nick adds, “One thing I would never change is my upbringing because it was all rooted in unconditional love.”

The star also tells PEOPLE that being an actor affords him the opportunity to spend more time with his kids. “The cool thing about being an entertainer [is that] your job is pretty much 24/7, and you can take your family with you wherever you want to go.”

Even though he and the twins travel a lot, Nick has ensured that Monroe and Moroccan have a comfortable place to call home. In fact, it was just a few weeks ago that the star showed Instagram fans pictures of his little ones’ separate rooms. Cannon later told Extra, “I got a cool situation where [at] my house, they have their own rooms, they’re picking out their stuff … they have all this individuality and they have their own space.”

Monroe and Moroccan will celebrate their fourth birthdays next month. The twins were born on April 30, 2011.



Naya Rivera is beginning to exhibit the pregnancy glow. The actress was recently spotted while walking through LAX airport in Los Angeles, and she was radiant as ever.

Rivera wore a black dress that hugged her curves. The celebrity’s baby bump was evident as she prepared to depart from Los Angeles. Naya also wore black suede boots, and carried a medium-sized handbag at the airport.

The ‘Glee’ star announced her expectancy a few weeks ago with a cute illustration on her website. “Surprise! We’re having a baby,” captioned Naya underneath a photo of a bun in the oven. She further wrote, “Ryan and I feel so blessed and can’t wait to welcome the newest member of our family.”

Since then, Rivera has devoted many of her blog posts to expectancy. In fact, it was just a few days ago that the star shared photos of women on Pinterest who made great wardrobe decisions while pregnant. “Taking notes on these chic maternity looks,” wrote Naya. “Pregnancy and motherhood is a beautiful thing, so I’m really excited about all the things.”

Naya and husband Ryan Dorsey are expecting their first child to arrive in coming months.

spl982816_006naya2 spl982816_006naya3

Photo: Splash News



Christina Milian is working hard to be a good parent. The entertainer tells Latina that she puts a lot of effort into making the time that she spends with Violet special.

“I’m doing everything in my power to be a great mother,” says the star. “I wish I could be with her throughout the day, because I’m always working, but I make sure that whether it’s the morning or nighttime, I make it extra special.”

Milian is also focused on instilling the concept of healthy body image in her daughter. “I want Violet to be proud of every little thing that is her—her hair, her body,” shares the celebrity. “We’re all different and from early on I’ve always said she has a very confident personality and I want her to maintain that. I don’t want her to be stuck thinking about the scale or thinking, ‘I gotta have straight hair’ and all of this.”

Violet is Christina Milian’s only child with ex-husband Terius Nash, a.k.a. The-Dream. The little one celebrated her fifth birthday earlier this year.

Photos: Usweekly



It was a trip back in time to the 1990s as Zonnique Pullins celebrated her nineteenth birthday earlier this week. The teen had a fabulous FreakNiq 96 party that was hosted by her mom, Tameka “Tiny” Harris.


Several celebrities came out to enjoy the festivities alongside Zonnique. Reginae Carter along with her mom, Toya Wright, attended the party. Even Keyshia Cole stopped by the event to give her love and support to Zonnique. Mykko Montana, Lucci and Gemini Twins were three of many performers to give a live concert during the festivities, which was the highlight of the evening.



Can Chris Brown get a little credit for making strides to be a good father? The R&B singer has allegedly asked the mother of his child, Nia Guzman, to move from Texas to California with their daughter, Royalty.

TMZ reports,

“Sources connected with Chris tell us … he’s asked Nia to move to L.A. with their daughter and he’ll foot the bill for housing. He’s not romantically involved with Nia, but we’re told he genuinely wants a meaningful relationship with Royalty. He’s saying he’d like to see her every day.”

It was just a few weeks ago that media got wind of Chris fathering a child. Although the singer himself neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, his then-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, fueled the hearsay by announcing her and Chris’ breakup on Twitter shortly after the news was shared. “Listen. One can only take so much. The best of luck to Chris and his family. No baby drama for me,” tweeted the model.

Chris has yet to confirm or deny his fathering a child. Royalty would be his only child, if the rumors are true. See the little one enjoying her father’s new music video here.


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