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Jynx and J’adore are stealing hearts online. The youngest twins of Terricka and Antonio Cromartie are simply adorable in their latest photo shoot.

One photo shows Jynx and J’adore being held by mom and dad while sleeping. Antonio and Terricka were all smiles in the photo while embracing their newborns. The twins were also photographed while sleeping in football helmets. Jynx and J’adore are so small that they comfortably fit in the protective wear.


Antonio and Terricka gushed over the arrival of their twins earlier this year. Jynx and J’adore made Antonio a dad for the eleventh and twelfth times, which caused many to focus on the number of little ones the star fathers. “My kids aren’t numbers so please stop referring to them as that,” Cromartie tweeted in May. “Thank you to everyone with your support and kind words. God Bless you all,” he added.

Terricka also commented on critics and the family’s decision to film a reality series earlier this year. “I just feel that our family dynamic is very interesting,” Mrs. Cromartie shared with inTouch Weekly. “I think we’re very misjudged from the outside looking in and I just wanted to showcase how relatable we are, how blended families do work and, you know, regardless of your circumstances, you can still be successful in your family life.”

The Cromarties shocked the masses when they announced their expectancy of Jynx and J’adore several months back. Antonio had undergone a vasectomy prior to conception, which made Terricka believe that she and her husband were having “free sex.” Still, the twins came as a pleasant surprise.

“It was an adrenaline rush — the most amazing feeling to actually bring my son into this world and to hand him over to my beautiful wife,” Antonio told media shortly after Terricka gave birth. “It was the most amazing yet rewarding gift to give birth on Mother’s Day,” Mrs. Cromartie shared. “This is a storybook fairy-tale for Antonio and I.”

Terricka and Antonio Cromartie parent six sons and six daughters together.


Photo: Us Weekly



Happy Birthday, Trinity and Dylan! The daughters of Chris Bosh celebrated their birthdays this past weekend.

“Birthday Celebration for the Princesses,” Adrienne wrote on Instagram. Dylan celebrated her third birthday while Trinity turned eight years old. Adrienne orchestrated a “Paris Barbie” themed party that had balloons, pastries and more. The centers of attraction at the sweets table were the cakes. One tiered pastry took on the form of lipstick while the other was designed like a hat box.

Adrienne Bosh has been sharing a lot of precious moments with her kids on Instagram. “As a mom I’m often the one taking photos, but rarely the one in the photos,” she shared along with one collage of her and the kids engaging in playtime. “One day your kids will want all the pictures you have of them…So be in them,” she advised. “Regardless of what your hair looks like, your make up, your body, your clothes. They won’t care about any of that, they just want to see you.”

Adrienne told media that having a big family was ideal just before giving birth to her and Chris’ twins last year. “I love having lots of children around, and a big family is wonderful for holidays and other traditions,” she said. “It’s really fun to watch them grow and become cohesive adults.”

The celebrity mom also doted on her husband. “Chris is a great father,” she shared. “He helps me dress the kids, feed them and put them to bed when he is not sword-fighting with our son!” Mrs. Bosh added, “I would not be having more kids with him if he weren’t so good!”

Chris and Adrienne Bosh have four kids together. Jackson is the couple’s oldest child while the couple’s twins, Phoenix and Lennox, are the youngest. Dylan is Adrienne and Chris Bosh’s only daughter. Trinity is Chris’ child from previous relations.


Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan at 2013 BET Awards.

Gilbert Arenas may have to forgo the luxuries of life when his $111 million NBA contract with the Washington Wizards runs dry. Such luxuries include paying for his kids’ private school tuition.

TMZ reports,

“Gilbert Arenas’ infamous $111 MILLION contract with the Washington Wizards is finally about to expire … and Gilbert says he will be so poor, he won’t be able to afford private school for his kids.”

Gilbert signed the historic multimillion-dollar contract back in 2008. Although the Wizards traded Arenas in 2010, the team honored its contract by continuing with its installments. With the final payment approaching, Gilbert tells media that his gross income will decrease by leaps and bounds.

“I anticipate that the children will need to transfer to public schools in 2017 and beyond,” he shares with TMZ. Gilbert also says that his only source of income will be from investments which yield about $170,000 annually. The children’s tuition, according to Gilbert, costs just over $91,000 per year.

It will be interesting to see how Laura Govan, mother of Gilbert’s children, responds to the news of Gilbert’s cutback concerning the kids. The celebrity mom certainly has experienced her fair share of backlash from her ex-husband.

It was just last year that Arenas took to Instagram to criticize Govan for calling him a deadbeat. “I get my kids every #weds #everyotherweekend #jointcustody #nonannyAllme #cook #nomaid,” Gilbert wrote.

The retired athlete continued, “I set up their college funds..each child has over 300k towards college..also they have their own personal bank accounts, I put 10k each bday…I get 20k a month for person spending I put 2k in each account like clockwork EVERY MONTH leaving me with 12k…I also pay for their private schooling,meals,clothes,shoes..house cars..I personally cover every aspect of my kids life.” Gilbert also discussed the $20,000 that he gives his ex-wife “to buy herself clothes for #IG for u [people] to hit the like button.”

Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan parent four kids together.

Photo: Getty Images



Tia Mowry, Garcelle Beauvais and more were in attendance at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation’s (EGPAF) ‘A Time for Heroes’ event in Culver City. The charitable gathering was held at Smashbox Studios on Sunday and the stars were all smiles.

Tia and her son, Cree, struck several poses while enjoying the festivities. Cree even rocked a mask in honor of Halloween while enjoying his mom’s embrace. Tahj Mowry, Cree’s uncle, was in attendance at the charity event as well and enjoyed sweet treats with the family.

Also at the ‘A Time for Heroes’ occasion were Garcelle Beauvais and her twin sons Jaid and Jax. The celebrity mom and her boys nailed the casual look. Garcelle wore a white top with matching hat that brought a touch of sassiness to her attire. Jaid and Jax kept it simple with t-shirts and jeans.

This was the twenty-seventh year that the EGPAF held its ‘A Time for Heroes’ event. The organization carries the mission of preventing HIV infection in children and reducing the number of AIDS cases in pediatrics through research and development.

Nearly thirty years of success has led to the Elizabeth Glaser’s foundation broadening its horizon into nineteen countries worldwide. A ninety-five percent decline in the number of new Pediatric HIV and AIDS cases can serve as proof of the charity’s effectiveness. The Elizabeth Glaser’s foundation has also contributed to the seventy percent decline in new HIV cases in the pediatrics field worldwide since 2000.

According to the organization’s website, “We have the science and medicine to get that number almost to zero. EGPAF is focused on ending AIDS in children and families with a three-pronged focus on research, advocacy, and HIV service delivery in the countries with the greatest HIV burden.”

Tia commented on the drive that EGPAF has exhibited these past two decades during Sunday’s event. “I was just really touched by Elizabeth’s story and by how there are some that are born into having HIV,” the actress shared. “As an adult, we have a choice whether to have safe sex or not to do drugs, but when you’re a child and you’re born with HIV, it’s a different story.”

Learn more about the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation here. Tia Mowry has one child with husband Cory Hardrict. Garcelle Beauvais is the proud mother of three kids.



Mariah Carey and Tamar Braxton are getting ready for Halloween. The celebrity moms looked fabulous at Mariah’s holiday party this past weekend.

Carey wore a devilish costume that had sparkling horns and a pitchfork. Tamar rocked a bold outfit as well. The celebrity mom’s wig, in particular, made her costume stand out from the others.

Monroe and Moroccan, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s kids, took several pictures with mom and dad. Moroccan, who was dressed as one of the Super Mario brothers, held his mom’s pitchfork high in one photo while Monroe, who wore a costume that resembled Rapunzel’s outfit in the hit Disney film Tangled, took in her father’s embrace. Nick was more than the doting dad at Mariah’s party. The America’s Got Talent star also served as the event’s DJ.

It has been more than a year since Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have gone their separate ways but the two remain good friends and excellent parents. “I think we’re all just learning as we go,” Mariah said during one interview. “We’re doing the best we can, and it’s all about the kids. That’s it!”

Nick also commented on his role as a father. “Kids kind of bring that vibrant side [out] of me so whenever I can be a part of that process I’m with it,” he recently said in response to a question of him having more kids in the future. “We’re here to be fruitful and multiply,” Cannon added. “That’s what our beings are made for, so we can raise our offspring up so they can have offspring, and [have] generations after generations.”

Monroe and Moroccan celebrated their fifth birthdays in April. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were married for five years before separating in 2014. The former couple is still allegedly married as several media sources report Mariah’s refusal to sign dissolution papers. Mariah is presently in a relationship with billionaire James Packard.



Happy Birthday Zhuri! Savannah and LeBron James’ daughter celebrated her second birthday this past weekend. The celebrity parents took to Instagram to wish their little one well on her special day.

“Happy 2nd Birthday Sweetface,” Savannah exclaimed. “You are the smartest, sweetest, funniest, most dramatic little girl I know and I couldn’t be more proud to have been chosen to be your Mama.”

LeBron also doted on his daughter. “Happy 2nd perfect beautiful birthday Princess Z,” he shared on Instagram. “You’re amazing in every aspect of life and I’m happy to be your Dada. Love you through my existence and beyond! #DaddysGirl.”

The James welcomed their daughter on October 22, 2014. Zhuri was born in Ohio just weeks after her father gifted mom with a trip to Greece. “Mykonos Greece is spectacular! Push gift to my wife @mrs_savannahrj,” LeBron captioned underneath a picture of him and Savannah taking in the country’s scenery.

Zhuri joined big brothers Bryce and LeBron Jr. at home shortly after her birth. LeBron recently told media that fatherhood causes him to reflect on his younger years. “My favorite thing about being a father is just seeing my kids grow and do some of the same things that I did when I was a kid, man,” he told ESPN. “As a father, you sometimes get mad and then you think about it. You’re like ‘Wow, I used to do those same things so how can I get that mad?'”

Savannah and LeBron James are the proud parents of three children. Bryce celebrated his ninth birthday in June while little LeBron rang in his twelfth birthday on October 6, 2016.

LeBron James was surrounded by family members and friends during his team’s celebration parade for their success during the NBA Championships earlier this year. Check out a flashback from the parade below that includes Savannah’s stellar rearing practices in the spotlight.



Lady Gaga writes a song in memory of Trayvon Martin, celebrity mom Candace Parker dedicates WNBA win to the late Pat Summitt, and the Pippens are headed for divorce court after nearly two decades of marriage. Get the latest news in this week’s version of ‘A Celebrity Baby Blog.’

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Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker accused of stifling employees [BET]

Alicia Keys says motherhood has increased her passion for finding a cure for AIDS [PEOPLE]



He hasn’t even celebrated his first birthday yet he’s already got his own product line. Ace Tucker, son of Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker, recently participated in a photo shoot that centered around his new brand, “Raising Ace.”

Video footage shows Ace chewing on a teething necklace that is bound to be one of his many popular products. “He loves it,” Kandi says in the clip. “Any baby that’s teething, you need one. Moms, you gotta wear it.”

Kandi and Todd also gave fans something to look forward to with her welcome message on the brand’s website. “We’re so excited to bring you ‘Raising Ace’ – our line of super cute products for kids,” the couple exclaimed. “Our website and products are both on their way, so stay tuned.”

Baby Ace is well on his way to becoming an entrepreneur like mom and dad. Kandi Burruss shared her heart with us last year about the idea of kids launching brands. “Don’t think that you have to wait until you graduate from school to start pursuing your goals in life,” the celebrity mom advised. “If you’ve been talking about something for years now and you don’t even know how much it costs to produce it, you have a problem.”

Being a part of a popular reality series has definitely helped Burruss move forward with her life’s ambitions as she told BCK, “By me being on the show, I’ve never wanted to be someone who just be talking about something and then you don’t ever see it come together. A lot of people on Reality TV do that.”

We will certainly see Ace’s first brand come together when “Raising Ace” makes it debut in coming weeks. Kandi Burruss is the proud mother of two kids. She also has a bonus child named Kaela who is Todd’s daughter from previous relations.

Get updates on “Raising Ace” here!



Ludacris has the power to control Tamika Fuller’s social media accounts when it comes to their daughter, Cai. An Atlanta judge sided with the rapper on Wednesday by granting Luda the right to demand Tamika remove photos of their daughter that he finds offensive.

TMZ reports,

“In docs filed Wednesday in the rapper’s child custody case with Tamika Fuller … the judge said Luda can force Fuller to remove any pics of their daughter she might post, if he doesn’t approve. The judge also ruled neither parent can use the kid in interviews, articles or for GoFundMe pages.

Luda’s also the official decision maker now when it comes to his daughter’s school, doctor and religious upbringing.”

It has been more than a year since Tamika Fuller lost custody of her daughter to Ludacris. The celebrity father was able to prove that he had better means of providing for Cai than Tamika and was, hence, awarded sole custody of the little one.

#wcw Mommy's Valentine 😍

A photo posted by Tamika Fuller (@tam911tam) on

“I believe the deciding factor was money: Ludacris has it; Tamika does not,” said Fuller’s lawyer, Lisa West, after her client’s request for a new trial was denied. “The judge gave absolutely no reason for denying our motion for a new trial,” West added.

Tamika also commented on the denied request. “Every day that passes when I don’t have my daughter feels like eternity,” she shared exclusively with Madame Noire. “I’m back to working full time, but even that isn’t enough to cover the many expenses that come with this fight.”

This type of love💞 #myprincess #shelovestosingtome #ilovetolisten

A video posted by Tamika Fuller (@tam911tam) on

Tamika set up a GoFundMe account after receiving “overwhelmingly supportive feedback from women and mothers across the country.” She has used all funds to establish her non-profit organization called “No Mother Left Behind.” Fuller’s motivation is the court system that has disappointed her time and again when it comes to Cai. “I plan to use donation money to start setting up my non-profit ‘No Mother Left Behind’ with a mission to educate, enrich, enlighten and empower low-income mothers and also to help bring my own daughter back.”

Cai is Tamika Fuller and Ludacris’ only child together. The rapper also has a teenaged daughter named Karma from a previous relationship. Ludacris’ infant daughter, Cadence, with wife Eudoxie is the youngest member of the Bridges family.



Blac Chyna was one of several stars to support Amber Rose at her Flirt Cosmetics event on Thursday. The expectant star wore an outfit that matched her glow.

Chyna was all smiles while hanging out on the red carpet with Amber Rose. The reality star rocked a pink satin tracksuit with high heels that showed off her burgeoning bump. Amber touched her good friend’s stomach while taking a few pictures with Blac Chyna in the spotlight.


Rose’s Flirt Flashes applicator has been deemed as a brilliant invention by many who want to employ their fake lashes quickly. The applicator takes on the form of a White-Out tape dispenser with 44 strips of lashes serving as its substance. Touching and adjusting are a thing of the past with this applicator that gives you better control during the administration process.

Both Amber Rose and Blac Chyna have been quite busy this year. In fact, Chyna has found enough success to gift herself with a Rolls Royce. The expectant star shared a photo of her new ride with Instagram fans on Thursday. “A little gift to myself for working this hard all year,” Chyna captioned underneath a picture of her posing next to the $400,000 vehicle. “Can’t wait to bring my baby girl home,” she exclaimed.

It was just a few weeks ago that Blac Chyna shared her excitement about expectancy on Amber Rose’s podcast. “Just recently I found out some new cool stuff about not cutting the cord.”

Chyna also learned a thing or two about the placenta. “You can get these pills to take after [giving birth] to, you know, make you and the baby healthy,” she shared. While some may be grossed out by the idea of a woman consuming her ovary wall, Chyna assured listeners that such activity was natural. “Notice dogs and cats, when they have their babies, they eat the placenta. You’re like, ‘No! Don’t do that.’ But they do, and it’s a healthy thing.”

Blac Chyna is expecting her and fiance Rob Kardashian’s first child to arrive next month. The little one will join Blac Chyna’s son, King, from a previous relationship at home. Learn more about Amber Rose’s Flirt Flashes applicator here.

Photo: Getty Images



Wesley Jonathan is showing off his beautiful family. The actor was recently photographed while enjoying life as a dad and the moments captured were beyond precious.

Tamara Mitchell, Wesley’s wife, shared pictures from the family’s photo shoot with Instagram fans earlier this week. All of the snapshots appeared to focus on the Jonathan’s daughter, Faye, whose cuteness exuded off the photos and into the hearts of Instagram followers. “She’s an angel,” one fan wrote. “Sugar Bear growing up,” another commented.

It has been more than a year since Faye, affectionately called Sugar Bear by mom and dad, made her social media debut. The then-8-month-old was all smiles in a photo that featured her wearing a pink outfit with matching hat. “I have been eagerly awaiting until the time was right for @wesleyjonathan and I to share our beautiful widdle girl Faye (A-K-A Sugar Bear) @FayeWes81014 to the world via social net,” Tamara told fans. “Now that time has come.”

my fav ❤️ #familyphotoshoot @fayewes81014 always says 1-2-3 "again" twice weee, then "no more" lol

A photo posted by Tamara Mitchell (@hazeleyze16) on

The celebrity mom has a great family dynamic that she and her husband are not looking to expand anytime soon. “@wesleyjonathan is such a great father to his only child [insert first and last] I can hear him say,” Tamara said earlier this week. The celebrity mom further doted on her husband by telling social media fans, “Suga Bear loves her daddy with very good reason. He goes above and beyond to show his love to her. I’m sure when she’s older she will look back in appreciation because I appreciate u now.”

❤️❤️❤️ @fayewes81014 @wesleyjonathan #Family #Love #Blessed #FamilyFun #Park #familyphotoshoot

A photo posted by Tamara Mitchell (@hazeleyze16) on

Wesley, who spent many of his adult years making amends with his father, recently advised dads to be proactive in their children’s lives “We don’t know how much longer we have on this Earth, so there’s no need for anyone to hold a grudge,” Jonathan said. “Whatever reasons that are hindering you from being with your children, take responsibility for your actions. Mend relationships the best way that you can. The clock is ticking. We’re all not getting any younger.”

Jonathan and Tamara Wesley celebrated their daughter’s second birthday this past summer. See video footage of Faye taking a ride on the slide below!

#slidingintosundaylike Good morning lol. #sunday #slide #kid #toddler #fun #daddysgirl #laugh Edited & Music by @hazeleyze16

A video posted by Wesley Jonathan (@wesleyjonathan) on



Congratulations to Audra McDonald and Will Swenson who welcomed a daughter on Wednesday. The celebrity couple took to Twitter to share the joyous occasion with fans.

“[Will] and I are overjoyed to welcome Sally James McDonald-Swenson, born last night at 11:16pm,” Audra tweeted early Thursday morning. “Our hearts are bursting.”

McDonald announced her expectancy in May. The Broadway star was in the middle of production for the hit play Shuffle Along when she tweeted, “Who knew that tap dancing during perimenopause could lead to pregnancy? Will and I are completely surprised — and elated — to be expecting a new addition to our family.”

Although “surprised,” The Swensons were certainly not unprepared for their family’s expansion. Audra told media that she rearranged her schedule to accommodate pregnancy and the impending birth of her daughter. “I am so very grateful to everyone in New York and London for allowing me to rearrange my schedule to accommodate this little miracle,” McDonald shared in a press statement.

Audura further explained, “While I’m disappointed I have to postpone my West End debut in Lady Day, I’m glad I’ll be able to spend a little more time in Shuffle Along this summer and will look forward to setting up a 1920s-themed nursery in my dressing room when I return to the show.”

Although her career as a Broadway star is commendable, Audra has not always been able to live out her dreams. The celebrity recently told media that her training in classical music nearly hindered other aspirations. “I was not allowed to sing Broadway,” McDonald shared. “I just really hit bottom. [I] just decided, ‘Maybe I just don’t need to be here anymore.’ It was a place of real pain.”

The good news is that Audra was able to push past the pain to create a respectable career from which thousands glean. The celebrity mom’s newest family addition joins Audra’s daughter, Zoe, at home.

Photo: Getty Images



Alicia Keys is a mom and artist who is approaching enlightenment. The singer shared her experience with meditation and how it is helping her become a better artist and mom during the Together conference in Brooklyn, New York.

“I needed to clear the negative space, the negative people in my space,” she said. “My purpose is so much bigger, it’s so much bigger than me.”

Alicia’s kids, Egypt and Genesis, are at the forefront of her pursuit of mental health. “It definitely has given me a whole new perspective,” she said of motherhood. “I’m overly accommodating, like sickeningly so. I’m becoming better at that,” Keys added.

The ‘We Are Here’ singer admitted that meditation was a challenge when she started out. “I started time and time [again], tried it, fell asleep,” she revealed. Now, it seems that Keys cannot live without the practice.

“Some days I have 15 minutes, some days I have 40 minutes, some days I have five minutes where I have to take that time, because if I don’t I literally feel off,” the celebrity mom shared with Together attendees. “And I can tell the difference in the choices that I’m making… my center is off. I feel shaken a bit more, but when I do it I feel sturdy.”

Feeling “sturdy” is essential when you have a blended family. It was just a few weeks ago that Alicia Keys honored Mashonda Tifrere in her latest single, Blended Family (What You Do For Love). “The understanding, compassion and support we’ve found is a powerful testament to the healing that comes when we choose love,” Alicia told fans on the eve of her song’s release. “Especially for the kids,” she added, “the most important part of our lives. Celebrating Mashonda for our commitment to each other with support and true growth.”

Alicia Keys has two kids with husband Swizz Beatz. The singer has three bonus children, including Mashonda and Swizz’s son, from previous relations. Check out Blended Family (What You Do For Love) below and catch Alicia Keys’ latest album,Here, in stores on November 4, 2016.



Ciara is sharing precious moments with her son. The ‘I Bet’ singer recently uploaded a picture of her and little Future hanging out at home that captured the hearts of many.

“Priceless Moments,” Ciara shared along with the candid. The celebrity mom was in complete sync with her son in the picture as she caressed his head. Little Future also shed love on his mom, which made Ciara smile from ear to ear. “He [is] so handsome,” one fan wrote. “Enjoy your blessing,” another advised. “It goes fast!”

I love singing this song with him:) So Clean Clean 🔈☺️🔈❤️

A video posted by Ciara (@ciara) on

Ciara stopped by her hometown of Atlanta on Wednesday to participate in the Together tour. The event is a motivational series that seeks to empower women. “I think there is nothing better than women coming together to share our journeys and inspire each other and lift each other up,” Ciara shared with media. “It’s very powerful.”

Motherhood has been even more moving for the star who gave birth to her son in 2014. “I can honestly say that once I had my child, that was game changing for my life as a woman,” she explained. “It brought the fire out of me because now I realize that I’m not only responsible for myself, but I am responsible for another human being. It’s important to me that my child grows up in the most opportune environment possible.”

Ciara wed Seattle Seahawks player Russell Wilson earlier this year. The NFL star took to Instagram to pen a sweet message to his family prior to their summer wedding. “You both bring me pure joy,” Russell said on little Future’s birthday. “I can’t wait to see him grow more and more into the loving, caring, kind-hearted man he will be.”

Little Future celebrated his second birthday in May. He is Ciara’s only son with ex-boyfriend Nayvadius Cash. Ciara and Russell Wilson tied the matrimonial knot this past June.