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Wednesday was a big day for Ludacris and other cast members of FURIOUS 7. The stars all came out for the Los Angeles premiere of the seventh installment of the action-packed film series that has captivated audiences for more than a decade. Ludacris had his wife, Eudoxiee, by his side at the premiere, which was held at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Fans and critics have been raving about the latest sequel in the FURIOUS franchise. Many are calling the film the best, and a beautiful tribute to the late Paul Walker who was with the franchise until his death in 2013.

“This was a labor love,” said co-star Vin Diesel at a California screening of the movie a few days ago. “It was, in some ways, the hardest movie I’ve ever had to do because the relationships that you see in the film are so real,” shared the celebrity. Vin went on to talk about Paul before getting choked up.

Fans can see Paul Walker in his final performance when FURIOUS 7 makes its public debut on Friday, April 3, 2015. Eudoxiee and Ludacris are expecting their first child to arrive in coming months. Ludacris is already the proud father of a daughter named Karma.

Photo: Getty Images



Get ready for more of Yandy, Mendeecees and the kids. The ‘Love and Hip Hop: New York’ stars are getting their own reality show, and we think the focus will be on family.

Yandy and Mendeecees shared news about their upcoming series during the season finale of ‘Love and Hip Hop’ last week. Mendeecees also informed social media fans who missed the finale of their spin-off. “That’s wassup!! #TheHarrisFamily #VH1 Coming Soon” shared the rapper along with a picture of him and his oldest son, Mendeecees Jr.

It was during the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ season finale that we had the opportunity to see Yandy pledge her love and devotion to Mendeecees and his son. The then-expectant mother took time away from her baby shower to tell friends that she was committed to Mendeecees to the extent of legally changing her last name to Harris. While she ensured them that her decision did not yet signify marriage, Yandy told loved ones, and the Harris men, that she wanted to be present for all of the significant moments that the family experienced.

One life-changing event for all members of the group was the birth of Yandy and Mendeecees daughter, Skylar. The little one was born a few weeks ago, and has brought an immeasurable amount of joy ever since. Skylar is truly the couple’s “baby girl.”

Yandy and Mendeecees have two children, Skylar and Omere, together. Mendeecees Jr., is Mendeecees’ son from a previous relationship.



Rev Run and wife Justine Simmons will be giving lessons to parents on how to thoroughly embarrass their kids when the season premiere of ‘Rev Run Sunday Suppers’ debuts on the Cooking Channel. The loving couple will be cooking and dancing in a manner that makes their son leave the room. “Watch and learn how to thoroughly embarrass the whole house,” jokes Rev Run on Instagram.

This season certainly promises to be hilarious, with immediate and extended family members stopping by for the Simmons’ weekly Sunday supper time. Fans will get to learn Justine’s secrets in the kitchen as well as a few recipes from Rev Run. The upcoming episodes will also focus on unity and the importance of communication.

“We are so proud of the new season of Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers on Cooking Channel,” says Rev Run and Justine of their show. “Having been in the public eye for as long as we can remember, it truly has been a privilege to show how our family has grown through the years. We cannot wait for everyone to see what we have in store for the future.”

Many remember the Simmons from their reality series ‘Run’s House,’ which garnered thousands of views and became a celebrated television show that was based on family. This new series has the same potential, with hilarious scenes and heart-felt moments.

Rev Run and Justine Simmons parent six kids together. Season two of ‘Rev Run Sunday Suppers’ premieres tonight at 8 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.



All eyes are on Major Harris. The son of T.I. and Tiny Harris was recently photographed while sitting on a stool in the middle of a populated shopping area.

Major was the cool guy who didn’t let the crowd bother him. Although a number of people were walking by at the time, the youngster remained focused on the lens for a good candid. “I think I might have me a lawyer or a doctor or something,” said Tiny of her son. She also encouraged subscribers to “Get ready! Family Hustle coming soon.”

It was just a few months ago that Major was featured on the cover of N’Visioned magazine. The little one sat back and relaxed as photographers took good pictures of him dressed in semi-formal wear. Although he has been characterized as the shy one by mom, timidity had no place during Major’s editorial. In actuality, it appears that the youngster is coming out of his shell by taking pictures that showcase him as a leader.

T.I. and Tiny Harris parent six kids together. You can see all of the children when the upcoming season of ‘T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle’ airs on VH1 later this year.


Harper Tillman and Sophia Pippen are working together to spread the word about fashion in sports. The girls, whose fathers are retired star athletes, recently teamed up for an editorial in Moda Bambini magazine. Both Harper and Sophia looked fabulous as they put the stylish side of tennis on display.

“When Kiki approached me about having our girls shoot a cover story together, I was thrilled,” said Larsa Pippen. The basketball wife met Kiki Tillman and her daughter during the 2014 PARADE fashion show in New York City. “I was surprised to learn how supportive and professional the children’s modeling and children’s industry is,” shared Larsa. She also told her blog readers that Sophia enjoyed the experience so much that she wanted to walk the runway again.

Perhaps Sophia will take on the catwalk with Harper by her side next time, since the two collaborated so well in their latest editorial. Both of the girls had their game faces on and presented readers with beautiful shots to view. Sophia was even captured while holding the racquet above her head. How cute is that?

Scottie and Larsa Pippen parent four kids together. Sophia is the couple’s only daughter. Harper is also the only daughter of Kiki and Travares Tillman. The couple have three kids in all. Kiki(@stillsize2) was responsible for styling her daughter and Sophia for the Moda Bambini magazine shoot.

Photos: Moda Bambini Magazine



Salli Richardson-Whitfield was one of several honorees at Saturday’s ‘Night of 100 Stars’ gala in Chicago, Illinois. The event was held at the South Shore Cultural Center, and showcased Salli as one of its elite guests.

The actress’ children and mother were also in attendance at the event. All members of the family dressed in formal wear and smiled as photographers took pictures. “Out with my kids I’m Chicago at the #DuSable #nightof100stars,” captioned Whitfield underneath one of the photos. The candid featured the star actress holding her son and daughter’s hands while on the red carpet. Parker wore a pretty dress while Dre was dressed in a black suit with bow-tie.

This year’s gala marks two decades of DuSable Museum hosting its ‘Night of 100 Stars’ charity event. The museum has honored numerous celebrities who have positively contributed to society in the past, and this year was no different. Michael Jordan, Reverend Jesse Jackson, and Mavis Staples are three of many notables who have received awards at the prestigious event. This year, in addition to Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Dr. Ian Smith was recognized as a good social influence.

Salli and husband Dondre Whitfield have two kids together. Proceeds from this year’s ‘Night of 100 Stars’ benefited DuSable Museum’s exhibitions and educational programs.



The Big Easy made room for the Fosters earlier this week as the celebrity family visited the city in support of Jordan. Chanita, her husband and the rest of the kids came out in full force to motivate Jordan and her cheerleading squad to do their best at a national competition. Although the girls danced with all of their might, they did not take home the first place trophy.

“Today was a ROUGH Day,” shared Chanita along with a picture of herself and Jordan looking disappointed. “Losing is a part of life,” wrote the star. “I’m glad she knows win or lose I’m right there! I hurt when she hurts. My baby thinks she is 1st place in everything. … She gets it honest from her Mama!”

Although Jordan did not dominate the competition, she did receive a plaque for placing third. “I always post the 1st Place pictures so I’m posting this 3rd place,” captioned Chanita underneath a picture of her and Jordan smiling. The young athlete was holding a medal while Chanita was showing off the plaque that read, “Bronze Champions.”

Chanita and husband George Foster parent six kids together. See more pictures from the family’s New Orleans trip below!



Sundy Carter and her 7-year-old daughter, Kennedy, did a wonderful job of hosting their first annual Easter Egg Bonanza in Encino, California, on Saturday.

Several celebrities came out to support Sundy and Kennedy’s vision of giving back to the community this past weekend. Children’s author Tiffney Cambridge was in attendance with her kids, and showed the mother-daughter duo nothing but love. Cali took several pictures with Kennedy throughout the entire day. Sundy’s daughter wore a beautiful dress that featured lively colors and designs. In fact, Kennedy’s outfit was one of the highlights of the day as it served as a representation of spring.

As a philanthropist, it is Sundy’s desire to give back to the community by providing fun activities that children, along with their parents, can enjoy. The celebrity and her daughter did not let the day end without giving two families living in a nearby women’s shelter gift cards to shop at Nordstroms. Floyd Mayweather was one of several stars to sponsor the event.

Sundy Carter is the proud mother of three children. Check out more pictures from her and Kennedy’s Easter Extravaganza below!

Photos: Blackcelebkids.com



The magical world of Oz came to Le Foyer Ballroom in North Hollywood on Saturday night. Pooch and Linda Hall threw a magnificent prom for their daughter and other children living with disabilities.

The celebrity couple gave attendees the full experience of Oz, with a beautiful basket to represent the good times that Dorothy had, and green lighting to symbolize the dangerous moments that she experienced while in the fantasy land. There was certainly no peril at Saturday’s event as Pooch and Linda ensured that all attendees were in a safe place where they had liberality to be themselves and embrace one another’s differences.

Several celebrities gave their support to the prom in word and deed. Alimi Ballard, Paula Jai Parker and Nadine Ellis were three of many to attend and praise the Halls for giving children with special needs an alternative to the traditional prom night.

For nearly ten years the Halls’ organization, Djanai’s Angels, has found ways to support children with disabilities. From hosting events tailor-made for families to giving financial contributions to organizations that have the same goal of helping children with disabilities, Djanai’s Angels has positively impacted society.

One central reason why the Halls have worked so hard to enrich the lives of kids living with special needs is because of their own daughter’s battle with cerebral palsy. Djanai has lived with the disease for a number of years but still manages to overcome various obstacles and have fun. In fact, the 17-year-old was one of the teens who enjoyed a night in Oz on Saturday.  Linda told media that her daughter “has picked out her dress and dancing shoes and is ready to stroll on down the yellow brick road” just days before the event convened.

Pooch and Linda Hall have three kids together. Djanai is the couple’s oldest child. Proceeds from this year’s Special Needs Prom benefitted inClusion Club House, which seeks to be a safe haven for children living with disabilities. See more pictures from the event below!

Photos” Blackcelebkids.com



Tiffney Cambridge and the kids joined Sundy Carter and her daughter, Kennedy, in celebrating the season this past weekend. The children’s author, along with her son and daughter, stopped by the Easter Extravaganza held at Balboa Park in Encino, California, on Saturday.

Cali Dream searched for eggs alongside Kennedy, and took a number of pictures with her good friend. Kennedy wore a beautiful outfit fit for a princess, while Cali rocked casual wear that included a headband that matched her blue and white shorts. King was also at the Extravaganza, and enjoyed the many activities offered.

Both of the Taylor kids have been in the spotlight since their mom’s book, The Little Girl Who Lost Her Smile, made its debut. The story, which centers around Cali’s experience after her parents separated, has touched thousands of children’s lives and continues to inspire adults.

“A lot of us go through situations where we’re sad, even as adults,” said Tiffney of during her book signing earlier this month. “The fact that [Treasure in the story] was able to go through that challenge and get her smile back, it’s just really encouraging,” shared the star.

Tiffney Cambridge has two kids, Cali and King, with ex-fiancé Jayceon Taylor, a.k.a. The Game. See more pictures of the kids below!

Photos Blackcelebkids.com



Logan Herbert is loads of cuteness. Tamar Braxton shared a picture of her son yesterday in honor of “Man Crush Monday.”

Little Logan was looking fresh as ever in a white vest and plaid shirt. The youngster even had a hat to accessorize his outfit. Although remnants of Tamar could be seen in her son’s features, Logan was definitely his father’s child in the candid.

Tamar recently shared her heart about bullying on The Real. “I was just asking my husband the other day. A particular person started saying I look like a muppet. People say it so much that sometimes, I start to believe it. And so, I even asked Vince, ‘Do I look like a muppet?’ and he said ‘Absolutely not.'”

Braxton went on to talk about the bad memories that being called a “muppet” bring to mind. “This person has the whole world calling me that and it’s just so devastating because it takes me back to high school and there’s nothing I can do about it.” Tamar also told fans that she couldn’t give her son any advice about bullying.

Logan is Tamar and Vincent Herbert’s only child together. He will celebrate his second birthday in June.



It was a day of fun in the sun for Chris, Adrienne and the kids this past Sunday. The Boshes enjoyed good food and one another at an informal barbeque at home.

“Today was a good day,” shared Chris along with a picture of his family. All members of the Bosh clan were enjoying what could have been sweet tea when the photo was taken. Everyone except Dylan was sitting in a chair. The youngest member of the family had the distinct privilege of enjoying her tea while sitting on the table. Adrienne was definitely the proud mom in the photo as her smile was bright like her yellow sweater.

Mrs. Bosh has been the doting mom on Instagram these past few days. The celebrity recently shared her excitement about parenthood with fans. “Out of the many hats I wear as a woman I think being a Mommy is definitely one of my Fave’s! Nothing like seeing your babies smile,” shared Adrienne along with a picture of herself with Dylan. The little one was riding her scooter while mom was guiding her along.

Adrienne and Chris Bosh have two kids, Dylan and Jackson, together. Chris also has a daughter named Trinity from a previous relationship.



How is life for Paula Patton as a star actress and mom? Quite busy.  The celebrity recently sat down with Meredith Vieira to talk about parenthood and the challenges that she has faced these past few months.

“It’s been a long year, and a lot of challenges, but I’ve grown quite a bit and [I’m] just getting use to change,” said the star. It has been just over a year since Paula moved to divorce her husband, Robin Thicke. Although a court granted her petition earlier this month, Paula and Robin’s marriage dissolution will not be official until April 14, 2015.

Even with the pain of separation being her reality, Patton told Meredith that she was thankful. “I live in a place of gratitude and growing up,” explained the star. “I went from my parents’ house to moving in with Robin. And now I’m like becoming an adult at this old age. I’m really like a real woman now.”

In being an adult, Paula has been forced to make difficult decisions as a single mother. “I took a lot of time off to be with him,” the celebrity shared of her son, Julian, who is at the age of questioning. “I had to pack for a trip because I had to go to work and he said, ‘Mommy I don’t want you to go to work,'” said Paula of her son’s reaction when he found out that she had to leave him at home to earn a living.

The actress added,”It’s the challenge of being a working mother and it’s the first time he ever said that to me because I did work when he was a baby but now he is more aware of everything, so what are you going to do? It’s sort of the trials and tribulations of being a woman.”

Julian is Paula Patton and Robin Thicke’s only child together. He will celebrate his fifth birthday on April 6, 2015.



North West is ready for Easter. The little one was recently photographed while hunting for eggs at Underwood Farms in Los Angeles. North had a bit of help in her search from one of her good friends who was also in hot pursuit of treasure. “Fun day at the farm,” shared Kim Kardashian-West along with a picture of the girls sitting in a red wagon.

The ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star uploaded numerous photos of her daughter enjoying her day at the farm on Instagram. One candid shows North walking through tall grass while holding her basket. The little one is so busy searching for eggs that she doesn’t turn around to smile for the camera. Kim later told fans that her daughter “was so proud of all of the eggs she found! She wouldn’t stop talking about it all night!”

The reality star has shared the changes brought about by parenthood with media on several occasions. “I speak my mind a little bit more,” Kim said during one interview. “I don’t know if it’s a combination of being married to someone that’s super honest and open and says whatever he wants whenever he wants to or just not having time really for anything else but the truth and just being real.”

North West is Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West’s only child. She will celebrate her second birthday in June.

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