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Phaedra Parks attended the 2016 Emerging Leaders Awards and Scholarship Gala with one of her favorite guys this past weekend. The awards ceremony was held at Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta, Georgia.

Parks and her son Ayden took adorable photos on the red carpet while showing off their best formal wear. The celebrity mom placed both hands on her son’s shoulders while striking a pose in one candid. Phaedra also took a few solo pictures.

The star mom wasn’t separated from her son too long as she took the stage to have words with her son by her side. Parks was battling with streptococcal pharyngitis throughout the event but nothing kept her from putting her best foot forward. “So excited strep throat didn’t keep me from attending the @emerging100atl #EmergingLeadersAwards and Scholarship Gala,” she told fans after the ceremony convened. “Me and my Prince were so inspired! Thank you for honoring me!”

Parks has overcome many challenges ever since her husband and children’s father, Apollo Nida, pled guilty to fraud. He began serving an eight-year sentence in 2014. Since then, Phaedra has taken on the role of mother and father.

“It is extremely hard,” Phaedra said shortly after Apollo began serving his sentence. “My heart aches for my two sons because they are the heart and soul of who I am. That’s the best thing we ever did together. We have these great kids.”

Ayden is Apollo and Phaedra’s oldest child. The former couple also has a son named Dylan will celebrate his third birthday next month.




Yesterday we reported that Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson was the father of three children. The rapper posted a picture of himself with a boy named Davian and claimed that the youngster was his son. “My life is full of surprises,” Curtis captioned underneath the picture. “This little guy is my son DAVIAN,” he added. Now we are learning that it may have all been a hoax.

According to Us Weekly,

“50 Cent claimed on Sunday, April 24, that he has a third son he didn’t know about, but his rep tells Us Weekly that the announcement is not what it appears to be … Davian is not actually the rapper’s child.”

Us Weekly implies that Jackson was an opportunist and used the photo of Davian, who resembles the rapper in appearance, to gain a spot in the news. The recording artist told fans that Davian was his son and even posted a fake letter that spoke of the youngster’s academic success all in an attempt to garner the attention of the masses.

One thing is for certain, 50 Cent is the father of an adult son named Marquise and toddler named Sire.



Laiyah is having a great time with her big brothers. The daughter of Monica and Shannon Brown was recently photographed while hanging with Romelo, Ramone and Rodney Jr.

Little Laiyah sat in the middle of her older siblings while wearing cute head gear. “When you know your brothers got you,” Monica said of the group photo. “She’s mastered the angelic look,” the singer added.

#LaiyahShannon 🌹👼🏾👼🏾🌹

A photo posted by Monica Brown (@monicabrown) on

Ramone has served as an inspiration to his brothers ever since heading off to college at Clark Atlanta University. Rodney and Romelo visited the young adult on campus this past weekend and left determined to pursue higher education. “Knowing that all things are earned is important for all children,” Monica told fans. “After visiting their big brother @a1_uno yesterday at CAU some pretty dope conversation about their goals, college aspirations and possible majors followed. Romelō said quick he’s living at home while he attends. Rocko was beyond intrigued and ready.”

Both Rodney and Romelo are certainly positioning themselves for academic greatness. The boys have been doing a stellar job in math and have the grades to show for it. Monica even posted a few photos and video recordings of the boys doing the happy dance after scoring high on their exams.

Monica has one child, Laiyah, with husband Shannon Brown. Rodney and Romelo are the singer’s kids with Rodney “Rocko” Hill Sr. Ramone is Rodney Sr.’s oldest son from a previous relationship.

See video footage of Laiyah below!



Beyonce’s visual album Lemonade, which aired this past weekend on HBO, gave fans an intimate look into the singer’s private family life. The singer’s husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy both appear in the later parts of the short film during the visual for song “All Night”.

All Night includes footage of Blue’s first birthday where we see touching moments between the toddler and Jay Z. There is also a clip that shows Blue playing football with her father and having fun during a family vacation. We even get to see Beyonce’s baby bump during a flashback pregnancy footage. See more precious moments below.





Kelly Rowland, Tamera Mowry-Housley and Donald Faison were three of many celebrity parents to attend Safe Kids Day presented by Nationwide this past weekend. The event was held at Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles, California, and presented a number of ways that parents can make the environment better for kids.

Kelly and her son Titan had a hands-on learning experience at the event. The mother and son were photographed while playing with what appeared to be green Play-Doh. Tamera and her son Aden were captured watching a penguin interact with one of the event’s workers and Donald Faison showed his son, Rocco, the essentials of the fire truck.

safe 2

Safe Kids Day is a fun-filled family event that raises awareness and funds to support the non-profit organization Safe Kids Worldwide. Preventable injuries are the leading cause of death to children in the United States and the event was one of many was that the organization helps parents on. Find out how to make your home safer for your kids at Safekids.org.

See more pictures from this weekend’s celebration on the next page!


isaiah thomas sons

Move over Riley! Two more NBA kids are taking on post-game press conferences like superstars. Isaiah Thomas shared the spotlight with his kids, James and Jaden, on Sunday night after the Boston Celtics beat the Atlanta Hawks in an overtime win.

The boys were two of the most well-behaved kids during the press conference as they sat and watched their father answer questions posed by the media. Isaiah waited until the end of the meeting to introduce his kids to the press and that’s where things got cute.

James, the oldest, took the microphone and said, “Hi everybody.” The 5-year-old bragged on his father by telling media, “[My daddy’s] the greatest basketball player.” Little Jaden closed out the segment by saying, “Thank you.”

Although Isaiah had a stellar performance during Sunday night’s game, the Celtics player remained modest during the press conference. “Don’t give me no credit for that,” Thomas told media when one reporter attempted to shed light on his guarding efforts that caused the Celtics to breakthrough and eventually win the game. Hawks player Jeff Teague held the ball so long at one point trying to avoid Isaiah’s imminent block that the buzzer sounded without him even attempting a shot.

“I think they were trying to isolate me,” Thomas said of the failed play. “I felt like he took a little bit too long, and I kind of knew what he was going to do once the clock hit three or four seconds. Most guards do a hesitation pull-up. He tried it, and he lost the ball.”

See Jaden and James’ adorable meeting with the press below!



Beyonce’s world premiere of her visual album Lemonade made its debut on HBO this past Saturday, and the superstar made sure to highlight the next generation of great singers and actresses in the mini musical film.

Zendaya and Hunger Games star Amandla Stenberg were just two of many young stars to be featured the hour-long  premiere that unveiled 12 new songs from Beyonce.


Sisters and singers Chloe and Halle Bailey, who are presently signed to Bey’s label, also made cameos.




Surprise! Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has a third child. The rapper met his son, Davian, for this first time a few days ago.

“My life is full of surprises,” Fiddy captioned underneath a picture of him and Davian meeting one another. “This little guy is my son DAVIAN. He started crying,” the rapper went on. “I was thinking why you crying? I gotta pay for this s***.”

Davian is the spitting image of his father as all of his facial features resemble that of Fiddy’s. The youngster even carries a bit of his father’s swagger. “This is Davian doing his, I’m cooler then my dad look,” Curtis shared along with a picture of his son looking dapper. “Talking about meet me at Red Stix.”

This is Davian doing his, I'm cooler then my dad look. ???? Talking about meet me at Red Stix. LMAO

A photo posted by 50 Cent (@50cent) on

Fifty Cent also posted a note from Davian’s teacher that revealed the the young man’s intelligence. “Davian is one of our, if not our, top student for the entire fifth grade. He excels academically and performs well above what is expected for his grade level,” the note read. “I NEVER DID This good,” Curtis told fans. Now how’s that for a proud dad?

Davian is Fiddy’s middle child. The rapper also has an adult son named Marquise and toddler named Sire.



It seems like just yesterday that Reginae Carter was planning her Sweet 16 birthday party, and now she is preparing to close out her senior year in high school. The daughter of Toya Wright and Lil Wayne attended prom last night, and she and her date were looking dapper as ever.

“Gotta be life,” Reginae captioned underneath one photo. The picture featured her and her partner for the evening preparing to head off to a night of fun. Toya couldn’t hold back the tears as she watched her little girl get into the BMW i8. “My babies off to prom,” the celebrity mom wrote.

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Let the tradition continue. Zion Babbs modeled for Lennon and Wolfe’s Fall 2016 Collection a few weeks ago. The little one proved to be a pro as he posed and made eye contact at the most opportune moments.

One shot features Zion holding out his hand. The youngster is wearing a green hat and white shirt from the Lennon and Wolfe collection that perfectly matches the setting. “See ya work week… Hello, weekend,” the photo’s caption read.

Babbs 1

Lennon and Wolfe was created to give kids a sense of identity. As the brand’s creators explain, “Kids are people too. Their style, and comfort matters.” The innovators continue, “The depth of the brand is as strong as it is simple. Muted colors in a post-apocalyptic dream make for a casual grunge couture to relax, party and play in.”

Learn more about Lennon and Wolfe at the company’s website. Zion is Zena Foster and singer Tank’s son.

Babbs 2



Freddie and Teddie are making strides in the industry. The 7-year-old twins were recently featured on NBC’s ‘Little Big Shots’ where they tapped their way into the spotlight.

Steve Harvey, the show’s host, gave the young men encouraging gestures as he watched from the sidelines. The highlight of Freddie and Teddie’s performance was when the two made their way down the staircase onstage. Instead of walking down the stairs like other performers, the twins jumped over one another while descending the steps. Talk about amazing!

Freddie and Teddie’s mom discovered their talent for tap when the kids were 4-years-old. She signed the youngsters up for their first dance class and noticed their skill was more advanced than the other kids in class. The instructor took note as well and helped the boys further perfect their craft. Freddie and Teddie began training in classical ballet, hip hop, jazz and technique their second year of dance class.

The 7-year-old twins have since progressed to performing onstage in front of thousands of adoring fans. Freddie and Teddie received a standing ovation at the 2015 Spring Dance recital at their school. The boys cleverly recreated the Nicholas Brothers’ from Stormy Weather (1943). Last year brought additional success as Freddie and Teddie were the opening act for the All Star Tap Concert at the LA Tap Festival in August.

See the boys’ performance on ‘Little Big Shots’ below!



Last night’s episode of ‘Mary Mary’ was definitely sentimental as it shed light on Warryn Campbell’s 40th birthday. The music producer had his wife and kids beside him as he celebrated a milestone in his life’s story.

Instead of being the guest of honor at the celebration, Warryn honored family members and friends who have impacted his life over the years. Tyrese Gibson and Shanice Wilson were two of many attendees at the celebration. Tyrese commented on Warryn’s decision to give, instead of receive, on his special day.


“The reason I love this so much is because normally when you hear great things being said about people that we love, it’s normally at a funeral,” he said. “It’s just beautiful and selfless of Warryn to say, ‘On my fortieth I want to honor everybody else instead of people honoring me.'”


It was just the episode prior to this week’s showing that revealed Warryn’s health struggles that resulted in him being rushed to emergency. Erica walked into the house and found her husband sitting on the kitchen floor in pain. Apparently the pressure to produce another Mary Mary album, coupled with poor dieting, was overwhelming. All in all, Warryn was able to recover after surgery and enjoyed a marvelous celebration for his fortieth birthday. The celebrity dad even shed a tear when his wife and oldest daughter, Krista, performed an original song.


See more highlights from the party below!

Photo: A Turner Archives



Eric Benet brought two of his daughters onstage at the 24th Annual City of Lights Jazz & R&B Festival 2016. The event was held at Clark County Government Center in Las Vegas on Saturday (April 16) and Sunday (April 17).

Benet brought his younger daughters, Amoura and Lucia, to the spotlight during his segment. The girls sang along with dad as fans listened intently. Lucia even appeared to reach for the microphone at one point. Amoura simply basked in her father’s embrace.

Eric has wrapped up his eighth studio album called Sunshine and is in the process of promoting its release scheduled for fall. “‘Sunshine’ is a reflective memory about a relationship that has lost its spark, with a longing for how love-filled and joyous their lives used to be in the past,” Benet recently said of his album’s lead single. “The song will hopefully inspire people to actively create and savor the joy and ‘sunshine’ in every one of their relationships.”

‘Sunshine’ will be available for download on Friday, May 13, 2016. Eric Benet is the proud father of three daughters.

Photo: Narrio Wright



Looking fresh! Ace Wells Tucker traveled the town with mom Kandi Burruss last weekend and the two were looking stylish as ever.

Ace first accompanied Kandi to church. He wore a cute sweater that matched his striped pants and white shirt. Kandi was also the fashionable one who wore a blue outfit. The two were definitely camera ready as Burruss showed off her son while the picture was taken.

The mother and son later stopped by a local restaurant to dine and mingle with family members. A number of pictures were taken during the gathering that featured Kandi smiling while Ace simply stared at photographers.

Ace rarely grins in pictures, which has some fans wondering if he ever smiles. The youngster does, however, put on a happy face and there is a candid to prove it. Ace was recently photographed by mom in the morning. While some children would have been grumpy, little Tucker was exuberant. He wore the biggest smile and even leaned back in excitement. “Good morning,” Kandi captioned.

Good morning! ♠️♠️♠️

A photo posted by Kandi Burruss (@kandiburruss) on

Little Ace is Kandi and husband Todd Tucker’s first child together. He was born on January 6, 2016. Turn the page to see more pictures of the youngster!