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An unfit parent. That’s what Tyga is calling ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna. The rapper reportedly filed legal documents to obtain primary custody of his son, King Cairo, after seeing a video of Blac Chyna twerking with good friend Amber Rose.

According to TMZ,

“Tyga thinks Blac Chyna is unfit to properly care for their child because she twerks and parties too much … seriously.

Tyga is alarmed that Blac Chyna seems more interested in hitting the clubs than parenting their 2-year-old son King Cairo, so we’ve learned he will file legal docs asking for primary custody.”

Blac Chyna and Amber Rose’s video went viral a few days ago. Many were pleased to see the celebrities having a fun, but others were a bit concerned about the behavior of the two moms. Tyga was apparently among the concerned.

King Cairo is Tyga and Blac Chyna’s only child. He celebrated his second birthday earlier this year.



Halle Berry and husband Olivier Martinez enjoyed the scenery that is Paris this holiday season, with son Maceo in tow. The happy couple were spotted while taking a morning stroll with little Maceo who was being chauffeured around by mom while sporting a navy blue jacket and baby Uggs. Halle smiled while pushing Maceo and listening to her husband who, by his hand gestures, was very involved in the conversation.

The ‘Extant’ star often gives ear to her husband, and takes many of his suggestions to heart. “I have definitely changed as a result of being married to a French husband,” said Halle during a recent interview. “French women would not put their sweats on and run out to the market. So I care more about what I wear out of the house, because if not, he calls me out on it.”

Berry also talked about her life as a celebrity mom, which is more on the simple side of things. “My daughter is less frightened to be in this world,” shared the star. “The beauty of our lifestyle is my daughter doesn’t see me as any different than anyone else. I try very hard to be like other mothers,” explained the actress.

Maceo is Halle and Olivier’s first child together. The actress also has a daughter named Nahla with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.




It will be all about bows and tiaras for Keke Wyatt as the R&B singer recently revealed that she is expecting a girl. Keke took to her Instagram page to share the good news a few days ago.

“Sooooooooo ITS A GIRL EVERYONE!!! GOD IS AMAZING,” tweeted the star. Wyatt also posted a few pictures of herself in formal wear. The singer glowed while cradling her baby bump.

Keke shared the great news of her expectancy in September. “Soooo Michael Jamar and I have #8 on the way. I’m 4months pregnant. And feeling GREAT!!! Still working and on my mommy grind…Maybe this is a girl… A lot of u guys were right. Thankx for all the congrats,” tweeted Keke after posting a picture of herself while pregnant. The singer gave fans the opportunity to guess that she was expecting before revealing her big surprise.

Wyatt wed ordained minister Michael Ford in 2010. She has two biological children, Wyatt and Kernar, and five bonus children by marriage. Check out more pictures of the expecting beauty below!



Tis the season for charity and traveling. DeMarcus Ware dresses up as Santa Claus for a few local kids, and the Obamas take their annual trip to Hawaii to celebrate the holiday. Did we mention that Phaedra Parks is planning to visit Apollo in prison with sons Ayden and Dylan in tow? It is the the season to be generous in this week’s version of ‘A Celebrity Baby Blog.’

DeMarcus Ware dresses up as Santa Claus for local kids [Sports Glory]

Phaedra Parks plans to take sons to see dad in prison for Christmas [TMZ]

The First Family touches down in Hawaii [Star Advertiser]

Pregnant Ashlee Simpson and husband Evan Ross do a bit of Christmas shopping [Babyrazzi]




Steve Harvey’s blended family is growing by leaps and bounds. The comedian recently had his wife, Marjorie, and youngest children, Wynton and Lori, on his talk show to announce the splendid news of a new baby joining the family in coming months.

Little Rose, Steve’s granddaughter, was present to help Marjorie make the big announcement of her daughter, Morgan, expecting a baby girl to arrive next year. “Rose will soon have a little playmate,” said the comedian’s wife.


Steve has called his blended family the greatest experience. “The union of our family has been the greatest thing ever to happen to me,” said the star during an interview shortly after wedding his third wife. He further explained, “Being a parent has shown me that I’m little bit softer than I thought I was. While my younger kids get away with far less than their older siblings because I’ve seen it all before, they all come talk to me because they know I won’t judge them.”

Harvey also announced the engagement of twin daughter Carli during his show’s holiday segment. He is the proud father of four biological children, and three bonus kids by marriage. Steve wed Marjorie in 2007.

Photo: The Steve Harvey Show



The Currys are a cooking and rapping bunch. Ayesha recently shared footage of her and the family having a bit of fun while cooking.

Stephen and Ayesha filmed their hilarious rap video in the kitchen. The NBA wife spoon feeds her husband in the clip, and he breaks out in a dance. Ayesha soon joins Stephen, and goes so far as to put on a black beanie and spit a few rhymes about cooking in the kitchen. “What you cookin’ wit/ These is real mitts,” says Mrs. Curry while holding up a pair of oven mitts. Riley joins her parents in the video a bit later as her father carries her to the refrigerator in the middle of mom’s rap segment.


Ayesha often talks about her husband and daughter, and counts them as her greatest treasures in life. “I can’t thank the lord enough for my little family,” tweeted the star along with a picture of her smiling with her daughter and husband a few weeks ago. “I’m the happiest girl on the planet…. Thank you.”

Riley is Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s only child. The loving couple celebrated their third wedding anniversary this past summer.



It’s the most wonderful time of year with Chris, Adrienne and the kids taking holiday pictures. The Boshes shared a few of their shots with Instagram fans earlier this week. Adrienne posted one picture of her and the family in snow tweeting, “Who says you can’t bring snow to Miami?” along with it.

Although Jackson and Trinity were simply adorable in the photos, little Dylan stole much of the spotlight during this year’s Christmas shoot. The little one looked cute as ever in her gray dress, and was sure to give lively expressions to the camera. One photo was particularly adorable as Dylan was captured while sitting next to the family dog. The winter princess, as her mom calls her, held out her hand while the dog sat behind her on the sleigh.

While others are focused on buying the best gifts this season, the Boshes are aiming to give invaluable treasures to family and friends. As Mrs. Bosh writes, “When u choose Joy you feel Good, and when you feel Good you do Good, and when you do Good it reminds others what Joy feels like and it just might inspire others to do the same.”

Adrienne and Chris Bosh have two kids, Jackson and Dylan, together. Trinity is Chris’ daughter from a previous relationship. Check out more pictures of the joyous family below!

Photo: April Belle Photos



With hacking and cyber bullying running rampant on the Web, Angelina Jolie is not taking any chances. The actress tells PEOPLE that she and husband Brad Pitt have hired a professional who monitors their children’s activity on the Internet.

“We have someone who monitors that,” says Jolie. “It’s so beyond what we understand. We wouldn’t even know what to look for,” explains the actress who describes her and Brad’s knowledge of technology as being a bit outdated.

This year marks a record year for hacking as several large corporations have been violated by online pirates these past twelve months. Sony Pictures was the latest business to fall prey to cyber criminals earlier this month, as thousands of employee social security numbers and emails were hacked and shared with the world. Yahoo! and Target have also been the victims of keyloggers, and have taken extra precautionary measures to protect the identity of its customers.

All of the illegal activity taking place online is why Angelina tells PEOPLE that she is happy to have grown up in a time where technology was not so advanced. “I got in enough trouble,” says the star. “It just would have been very documented.”

Brad and Angelina are the proud parents of six kids. Find out what else the celeb mom had to say about her family in the most recent issue of PEOPLE magazine on newsstands now.



Congratulations to Ashlee Simpson and husband Evan Ross, who are expecting their first child together. The couple confirmed the news exclusively with E! News earlier this week.

Evan and Ashlee wed on August 31, 2014. Diana Ross, mother of Evan, hosted the ceremony at her home, and rendered a musical selection for the happy couple. Jessica Simpson, sister of Ashlee Simpson, was also present to participate in the ceremony and wish the newlyweds well.

Mister Ross has expressed much excitement about his marriage to Ashlee as he recently told media, “I got married, I have new music and I’m part of Hunger Games. It’s been a great year.” The star also expressed his desire to expand the family to E!. “I would like [to have kids],” said Evan. “As many as possible!”

Evan and Ashlee’s bundle of joy will join Simpson’s 6-year-old son, Bronx, at home. The couple are expecting their little one to arrive next year.

Photo: Getty Images



Actress and busy mom Katherine Heigl was photographed departing on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California with her daughters Adalaide & Nancy(not pictured) on December 17, 2014.

After spending much-needed time away from the spotlight, Heigl is back onscreen on the hit television series ‘State Of Affairs . During a recent interview with Good Housekeeping,  the  mom of two explained  that she stepped away from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in 2010 after realizing that she was missing precious moments with oldest daughter Nancy. “I would come home angry and frustrated that I’d missed everything with my kid that day.”

“I felt like my priorities were messed up. I was putting so much time and energy into just my work, but I was raised [to believe] that family comes first.”

Katherine and husband Josh Kelley have since moved to Utah, where they spend a lot of quality time with their daughters. You can catch Heigl on NBC’s ‘State Of Affair’s’every Monday  at 10/9C.




Russell Simmons  enjoyed  a day of yachting in St Barts with his family, including his ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons, on December 17, 2014.

The dad of two recently shared pictures of himself with his daughters while vacationing in St. Barts with the caption: “With my beautiful babies. Daddy’s girls. They grow so fast,” tweeted Russell along with a picture of his girls. The entrepreneur also commented on the family’s visit to St. Barts, which has become more of a Christmas tradition. “St. Barts every holiday since birth now.”

Although he and Kimora are no longer a couple, the two do an excellent job of co-parenting the kids. “We’ve always been [friends],” said Russell of his relationship with Kimora. “She’s an amazing mother and I go and meditate with them every morning and take them to school, they’re just pretty and they’re an inspiration for my life obviously and she’s made them for me.”

Russell has two kids with Kimora. The fashion mogul is expecting her first child with her husband, banker Tim Leissner.





Vanessa Williams is speaking out about the pressure that new moms face to get back into shape after giving birth. The mother of four tells the ‘Closer’ that her experience with weight loss after having kids differs from what women face today.

“When I had a child, I gave myself nine months to get back in shape because it took me nine months to gain the weight,” says Williams. “I think the pressure now is ridiculous. What’s in the magazines are all airbrushed, everyone is dieting like crazy, taking pictures and altering them.”

The star further explains, “My youngest is 14 and she’s right in the thick of image and pressure and trying to look like people that are featured in magazines and it’s unrealistic, unfair and damaging.”

So just what do Vanessa and her daughter do to stay in shape? “I try to do something everyday, whether it’s taking a class or jumping on the treadmill. Also, yoga, just trying to keep moving for sure.”

Vanessa Williams is the proud mother of three girls and one boy. Sasha, the star’s youngest child, is Vanessa’s daughter with former NBA player Rick Fox.



Congratulations to Stevie Wonder who welcomed his ninth child into the world earlier this month.

Us Weekly reports, “She’s here! Stevie Wonder has welcomed his ninth child, and second child with girlfriend Tomeeka Robyn Bracy, a baby girl named Nia.”

Stevie confirmed his and Tomeeka’s expectancy last month during an appearance on The View. “I got, how many, 22 kids,” asked Stevie in response to rumors of him and Tomeeka expecting twins. “The truth is we’re going to have a wonderful daughter, [to be] born in December, name is going to be Nia, which is ‘purpose.'” The R&B singer further discussed gossip telling media, “Rumors spread, and like I said in the song Superstition: When you believe in things you don’t understand, you suffer.”

The newest addition to the family is Stevie and Tomeeka’s second child together. Stevie has seven children from past relationships.

Photo: Pr Photos/ABC



Tyler Perry’s newest role as a father has him on pins and needles. The Selma producer tells media that he is having a difficult time getting used to parenthood due to his son’s small stature when compared with his his large hands.

“It’s hard and difficult for me because I have very big hands, so I’m not that comfortable at it yet,” says Perry. “He’s very small. I need him to get a little bit bigger, then I’ll be better.”

Tyler also explains his feelings about fatherhood thus far. “It’s been surreal, incredible, moving,” shares the star. “[I’m surprised] how much of a personality he has of his own. Just watching his facial expressions and realizing that this kid has come to me with his own life, and mine is not his and his is not mine. I’m just here to usher him.”

Tyler Perry and girlfriend Gelila Bekele welcomed their son into the world two weeks ago. He is the couple’s first child together.


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