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Oh goodness! Brian J. White and his sweet daughter Layla are too cute for words. The actor recently took fans behind the scenes during his photo shoot for The Dapper Dad, where he was simply the doting father.

Layla looked up to her father in one shoot, only to find Brian looking back at her. The little one gave her undivided attention to dad as Brian gently showered her with kisses.

White advised fathers-to-be to be proactive in the expectancy process during an interview with Robert “Daddy” Nickell. “Share in everything with your wife,” admonished the star. “When she gets up, try to get up. Try to at least put your feet on the ground and have a little conversation with her and let her know that she matters, that she’s important, that you care [and] that you’re going through this with her. It’ll bring you guys so much closer together.”

Layla is Brian and wife Paula Da Silva’s first child together. You can expect to see the actor and his daughter in the upcoming issue of The Dapper Dad, which will be available in Digital and Print form on Sunday, June 15, 2014.

Check out more pictures of Brian and Layla below!




Parents are suppose to teach their children the ways of life, right? Not so with Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe. The Hollywood couple recently opened up about their daughter’s illness, and how little Sophie changed their perspective on life.

“We went from being the hot Hollywood couple with a perfect-to-be baby to completely devastated, shocked,” explained Boris. The actor and his wife discovered that their oldest child, Sophie, had spina bifida shortly after she was born. “It was something we couldn’t possibly have ever anticipated. We were helpless, we were lost. It took us quite a while to find our bearings and get used to this new norm that we were facing.”

Spina bifida is a defect in which part of the spinal cord is exposed through a gap in the backbone. The condition often causes one to be paralyzed and could be the source of mental handicap.

Although Sohpie has been battling with spina bifida all of her life, the little one has never let the condition get the best of her. “Sophie was actually instrumental in teaching us,” said Nicole Ari Parker of her daughter as a newborn. “Her spirit, her attitude was always, she was this little baby who was always smiling and she looked at us like, ‘Why are you crying?’”

It is this spirit of hope that the Kodjoes operate in when parenting their daughter today. “Someone said, ‘Answer the question that’s asked,’” said Nicole of the speculation that sometimes arises due to Sophie’s inability to be independent. “Don’t worry about what’s going to happen when she’s 14. If a 5-year-old classmate comes up to you and says, ‘Mrs. Kodjoe, why are you always here?’ and I say, ‘To help Sophie go to the bathroom.’ That’s the answer to the question. And you know what happens? They all go, ‘okay.’ And I don’t have to put any more on it. So that was the beginning of my healing process was each day at a time.”

Boris and Nicole Kodjoe have two kids, Sophie and Nicolas, together.

Photo: Instagram



Michael Strahan has become one of the most successful celebrities in the industry. From his days as an NFL star to his current job as television personality on ‘Live! With Kelly and Michael,’ the athlete-turned-host has proven that life after major league football is not a downhill journey. Although he has put a lot of time and energy into his career, Michael says that his father is to thank for his success.

“My father is the most influential person in my career in [terms of] attitude,” says Strahan. “[He gave me] the understanding that nobody gives you anything in life, you have to earn it. My dad wanted to be an army officer, and to do that he needed to go to college. He had five kids and I was on the way, but he took a chance on himself. He graduated magna cum laude at 30-some years old and [became] an officer. So you can’t tell him what you ‘can’t’ do. His whole thing was, ‘I don’t want to hear about the problem, I want to see the solution.’ There’s always a solution.”

This ‘can-do’ attitude is  developing in Michael’s children, and is evident in his son, Michael, and daughter, Tanita. “With college kids, it’s usually, ‘I need this, I need that,’ but with Tanita and Michael, I’m the one who’s like, ‘Do you need anything?’ They’re the lowest-maintenance kids,” explains Strahan. “They want to make their own way, which I love.”

In addition to using his father’s wisdom to progress career-wise, Michael also puts his dad’s golden nuggets about hard work and perseverance into action when rearing his kids. “My dad was always about when you’re going to do something, not if. I believe in my kids 100 percent. When you have confidence in them, they have confidence in themselves.”

Michael Strahan has four kids -Tanita, Michael, Sophia, and Isabella- in all.

Photo: Parade



Did you know that Master P was due in court for a child custody hearing earlier this week? Neither did the Hip Hop mogul. The rapper revealed that he was not aware that a court date had been set for a judge to determine if he would retain full custody of his minor children.

“At the time of the court hearing that I was not aware of, I was actually at my daughter, Italy’s school speaking with her principal,” said the artist in a statement. “My daughter is failing in all of her courses and has 21 unexcused absences during this school year.”

Master P further explained, “Italy is the only child living with her mother and is not getting the proper guidance nor direction as to making wise choices. Her mother allowed her to go to Disneyland on a school day during finals week. Half of the time her mother doesn’t even know where she is or who she’s with. This is disappointing and embarrassing to me. I just got back into town from holding basketball camps in Kentucky, helping at-risk youth and have to come back home to deal with negativity in my own family. How can a judge grant custody to an unfit mother whose only motive for gaining custody is to get more money? Sonya’s only concern is herself, partying and hanging out with her friends.”

Regardless of Sonya’s inability to properly rear her children,  it appears that she may be the leading authority when it comes to the kids, since Master P’s absence in court caused the judge to grant his estranged wife full custody of them.

Master P and Sonya Miller have seven children together.



Walker’s smile can light up any room and warm the hearts of many. The little one is certainly spreading happiness and joy to his father, Taye Diggs, who recently told media that Walker’s expression after having a hard day at school is priceless.

“The best is seeing the expression on his face when I pick him up from school,” said Diggs. “The way he says ‘Daddy’ is unrivaled by anything.”

With so much love and affection coming from his little guy, Taye admitted that it’s difficult to leave Walker and go to work. “The toughest… well, lately, it’s leaving for work when I know I have to be away from him for more than a few days. And just the vulnerability,” explained the star. “It’s weird: You can do whatever with your own life, but when it comes to someone else’s, who is your blood, it’s a level of vulnerability that I wasn’t—that I’m still not—prepared for.”

That vulnerability is why he and estranged wife Idina Menzel are trying to work on their relationship. “Right now, we’re still trying to figure out a lot of stuff because we’re on different coasts and our son is getting older,” shared the actor.

Taye and Idina wed in 2003 after meeting one another on the set of Rent. Walker is the couple’s only child.



Faith Evans had a birthday blast with family and friends by her side. The singer rang in her 41st birthday on Tuesday, June 10, 2014, with a whole lot of loved ones near to help her celebrate.

Evans’ kids joined her for a birthday dinner at Philippe Chow in Beverly Hills. Ryder,7, Joshua,16, and Christopher Jr., surrounded Faith, while Chyna stood by her mother’s side. The youngest of the pact, Ryder, closed his eyes and made a funny face during photo sessions. Kids do the darndest things!

June 10, 2014, was also Joshua’s birthday. Faith posted a picture of her and the teen together, while telling Instagram fans that they had “mother-son love.”

Faith is currently one of the proudest moms in the music industry, as her eldest son graduated from high school a few weeks ago. Christopher Wallace Jr., walked the stage with his diploma in hand as mom gave cheers from the audience last month. The singer couldn’t help but share her excitement with social media fans tweeting, “Proud mom. Happy son,” along with a few pictures from the ceremony.

Christopher Wallace Jr., is the son of the late Biggie Smalls. The famed rapper was murdered on March 9, 1997, in Los Angeles, California. Faith Evans has four kids in all.

Photos: DutchLabUsa.Net/Twitter



Who can resist the charm and absolute cuteness of Sebastian Taylor Thomaz? The little one was recently featured on mom Amber Rose’s Instagram page, and he was simply adorable.

It’s obvious that Bash loves Batman as he was photographed while wearing the superhero’s shirt. The little one proudly displayed the Dark Knight’s emblem while sporting beige khakis that matched the logo.

Sebastian has been doing big things lately. Not only did he celebrate his first birthday earlier this year, but Mr. Thomaz has also learned how to swing from the rings in gymnastics class on his own. “Remember that video I posted of Bash’s teacher holding him up while he swung from the rings? We’ll now he can do it all by himself,” wrote Amber Rose. The proud mom even shared the video of her son swinging with fans.


Little Bash is Amber and husband Wiz Khalifa’s first child together. He was born on February 21, 2013, just days after Amber walked the red carpet while pregnant at the GRAMMY Awards.

Photos: Instagram



Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have released their wedding album, and North West is letting her cuteness shine through in all of the photos she’s featured in. The little one is the center of attraction in the above photo, despite the fact that her mom is wearing a wedding dress with veil.

North’s adorableness overtakes the atmosphere as she looks into the camera’s lens. She is clearly the apple of her father’s eye, as Kanye looks lovingly upon her while the photo is being taken. North is also at the center of her mom’s focus as Kim captioned, “My everything” underneath the pic on Instagram.

Kim and Kanye wed at Florence’s 16th-century Forte di Belved on May 24, 2014. The couple decided to share photos from their special day earlier this week. One photo featured the Kardashian family listening to Kanye speak. “We were all discussing how calm and dream-like the wedding was,” said Khloe to E! News. “The peace in Kim and Kanye was undeniable. We all felt as if they had been married in another lifetime. I have always believed these two are soul mates.” North was also in the photo, and sat on her aunt’s lap while listening to her father speak.

Kanye and Kim will celebrate their daughter’s first birthday on Sunday, June 15, 2014. Sunday is also Father’s Day.

Photos: Instagram



Some believe that glitz and glamor run Hollywood, but Djimon Hounsou will tell you differently. The How To Train Your Dragon 2 actor recently told Blackcelebkids.com and other media that his son, Kenzo, was the driving force who inspired him to take part in a children’s film.

“Having a son, you want to keep your legacy going, and to be a part of [an] animated feature is quite important,” said the star during a recent press conference. Djimon added, “The first [How To Train Your Dragon movie that] I saw, I saw with my son. I never dreamed about there being a second one.”

Hounsou is the central antagonist in the second installment of the How To Train Your Dragon trilogy. The actor goes by the name of Drago Bludvist in the film, and seeks to destroy everyone who refuses to partner with him in his quest to control the dragons. Many were surprised at Drago’s scary voice since the film is intended for children under the age of 13-years-old. “With a name like Drago Bludvist…You certainly cannot limit yourself as far as how much you get into it with a character like that [just] because you’re dealing with kids,” explained the star. “You have to stay with that. You can’t polish and tone down just because you’re doing a film with kids.”

Djimon certainly did not polish or tone down in terms of being the evil villain, as his character is one of the most vile characters a children’s film has seen in a while. Not since Scar in Disney’s The Lion King has the Big screen seen such heartlessness in animation.

Drago can be viewed as the outcast in How To Train Your Dragon 2. He comes to warn Stoick the Vast and other Vikings that dragons need tight restraints, but everyone laughs at him. Upon telling the group of rulers to fend for themselves, Drago releases several vicious dragons on the meeting and everyone except Stoick is killed.

Decades later, Hiccup, Stoick’s son, decides to go on an adventure outside of Berk with his girlfriend Astrid. The two inquisitive youth come upon a few dragon catchers who accuse Hiccup and Astrid of destroying their boat and stealing the few dragons they managed to capture for Drago. Unaware of who Drago is, Hiccup returns to his native land and informs his father of the conversation he had with the catcher. Fully knowledgeable of what the outcast is capable of doing, Stoick orders the entire village of Berk to be locked down until further notice. The chief of the land tells his son to obey orders, but Hiccup believes that he can reason with Drago.

During his efforts to find the true villain, Hiccup runs into who he thinks is an enemy. The young adult and his dragon, Toothless, approach with caution and soon learn that the scary person wearing the mask is actually Hiccup’s long lost mom, Valka. All the residents of Berk assumed that she was killed by a dragon decades ago but, as it turns out, she has been training the creatures in a secret hideaway. Hiccup explains to his mom that everything has changed in Berk since he convinced his father that dragons can be tamed (as demonstrated in How To Train Your Dragon), and Valka asks her son for another chance at being the parent she never had the chance to be.

Concerned that his son may be in terrible danger, Stoick searches high and low for Hiccup before finding him with his mom. It seems as though the Chief and his family will be one again, and then Drago comes to wage war. The villain brings the biggest dragon called “The Alpha” to fight against “The Alpha” that Valka has been rearing, and the battle is on.

Drago’s “Alpha” beats out Valka’s dragon, and then takes command of all of the dragons, including Toothless. At the command of Drago and the new “Alpha” in charge, Toothless turns on Hiccup and draws near to kill him. Just when the once friendly beast gets ready to hurl a ball of fire at his master, Stoick jumps in between and is fatally wounded.

Infuriated with his dragon, Hiccup tells Toothless to “get out of here” and the beast goes with Drago and the “Alpha.” Hiccup’s only hope of regaining control of the dragons lies in the baby species who cannot be controlled by the “Alpha.” The now-Chief of Berk, following his father’s death, saddles up on a baby dragon and takes command. He eventually woos his dragon back with tender loving care, and then Toothless  challenges the “Alpha” in an effort to protect his master. Such act causes the other dragons to come out of their daze and fight back. After being overpowered and outnumbered by the masses, the “Alpha” returns to the sea from whence he came.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 premieres on June 13, 2014. Djimon Hounsou has one child, Kenzo, with Kimora Lee Simmons. The actor will be featured as a killing machine in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film.



Cai Dukes is camera-ready with mom Shanola Hampton by her side. The little one was recently featured in a picture that showed her and mom taking care of business at Jayneoni’s Hollywood Baby Breakfast Club.

Cai was the epitome of adorable in the photos, as she stared square into the camera’s lens while mom sat next to her with a big smile on her face. Little Miss Dukes was certainly dressed to impress with a romper by Made2Matche and head wear that made her the center of attraction.

Shanola has been sharing the joys of motherhood since giving birth to her daughter earlier this year. “I thought I knew love before, but now I know love on a completely different level! Can’t believe my baby is here,” tweeted the star shortly after giving birth.

The actress shared her thrill about becoming a mother during her and husband Daren Dukes’ official announcement of expectancy. “We are beyond excited to expand our family and begin this new chapter. Words can’t describe the joy our hearts feel,” said Shanola.

Cai is the Dukes’ first child together. You can catch Shanola on the latest episodes of Showtime’s ‘Shameless.’


Scott 1

Like any other mother-to-be surrounded by ecstatic people, Jill Scott was persuaded to believe that motherhood is one of the most beautiful things on this side of heaven. The R&B singer was informed about the joys of breastfeeding and told that her little one would cling to her with all tenderness. It wasn’t until Jett was born that Scott realized how misinformed she was.

“I imagined nursing my baby while wind chimes clinked outside. I would glow and feel beautiful. My mother would help me. My grandmother would school me, friends would be on deck to support me and my child’s father/my husband would bring me tea and love us both,” said Jill of the perception she had before becoming a mother during an exclusive interview with Madame Noire.

The star went on to explain that her reality was quite different from her fantasy. “In actuality, my mother was across the country caring for my sweet grandma Blue,” shared the star. “My friends were busy with full, demanding lives and my son’s father, well… we could hardly bare breathing in the same room. After 36 hours of labor and a vaginal birth, I was sore, exhausted, hormonally unbalanced, emotionally taxed and deeply afraid to be alone. I never felt more alone in my life.”

It wasn’t until she realized that her depression was causing her to fail Jett as a mother that Jill decided to make a change. “I had to choose my child,” the singer revealed. “While my baby slept, I cried one more ‘good’ cry. I felt better. I needed rest. I asked friends who loved us to come anytime they could, for an hour, so I could sleep. They did. I felt better. I hired a loving, mature, woman with three adult children, a southern background and the skin the color of rich fertile soil to be OUR nanny. She gave me breaks and a chance to heal. The crying nights became easier. My patience blossomed…We felt better.”

So what is Jill’s advice to new moms, five years after giving birth to her son?

“Motherhood is the most demanding job created.

Motherhood is not a dream or a fable etched in the mind.

Nothing is simple when you love someone this much. Nothing is neat when you’re this needed

Life doesn’t stop because you’ve given birth.

A new life begins and you own it and make it yours.”

Jett is Jill Scott and ex-boyfriend Lil’ John Roberts’ only child together.



Kerry Washington is a firm believer that her personal life should be separate from what she presents on television. This is why the star hardly ever discusses her family and friends with media. Although she’s still a firm believer of separation of home and work, Kerry did share how she felt about motherhood with Los Angeles Times subscribers earlier this week. The actress told fans that she is blessed to be a mother, and happy that her career is going places.

“I feel really, really blessed,” said Kerry. “I just feel really blessed that I’m kind of living extraordinary dreams come true in my work life and in my personal life.”

Washington gave birth to her and husband Nnamdi Asomugha’s first child on April 21, 2014. Isabella Amarachi was born a healthy weight and height at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

The television star is cautious about what she shares with media after experiencing public humiliation in her early years as an actress. Washington was, however, a bit more open about her personal life during expectancy telling media, “Everything’s so extraordinary. I have loved every moment of this and I’m just really blessed, honestly…Life is such a wonderful adventure right now.”

You can catch Kerry Washington in the form of ‘Olivia Pope’ on ABC’s hit series ‘Scandal.’



Adrienne Bosh is teaching the girls of the family the way of pampering. The basketball wife recently took several candids with Dylan and Trinity while relaxing in Miami. “Girls just wanna have fun,” wrote Mrs. Bosh next to a photo of Dylan wearing pink head gear that perfectly matched her outfit.

Adrienne has been sharing words of wisdom on her website and on Instagram. The sports wife posted a quote that moved many fans to give love freely a few days ago. “‘Nothing feels better than when you love someone with your whole heart and soul and they love you back even more,’” read the quote. “Give Love Freely never expecting or demanding anything in return and watch how the love in your world is multiplied back to you,” added Mrs. Bosh.

The Boshes often let their love for one another show when out around town, and don’t hesitate to share videos of precious moments with fans.


Adrienne and Chris Bosh have two kids, Dylan and Jackson, together. Trinity is Chris’ child from a previous relationship.



Andrea Kelly has much love for her kids. The reality star recently took a picture with her and ex-husband R. Kelly’s youngest daughter, Jaya, tweeting, “Me and my LOVE THANG #2″ along with the pic.

Jaya recently identified herself as being transgendered. The teen told social media fans that her mother was completely supportive of her decision to transform into a boy. “[My mom] was like, ‘Baby, you know I love you if you were bi, gay, [lesbian], you name it and I would still love you so much,’” Jaya wrote on her Ask.fm page. “She was very proud of me, I was like, ‘Thank you mum for accepting the fact that I’m a transgender.”

The teen’s older sister, Joann also accepted Jaya’s decision. “She told me that she was proud of me, and respects me by calling me handsome and calling me her little brother now, and I love her for that, so you know it was great for me.”

Andrea and R. Kelly parent three kids together. The two divorced in 2009.


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