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With a new product out and a celebrated YouTube channel, it’s no wonder why Ayesha Curry was selected as one of Diablo magazine’s ‘Women to Watch’ in 2015. The magazine deemed her as such earlier this month.

“It’s very organic, and that’s how I wanted it to be,” says Ayesha of her YouTube cooking channel that has captured the attention of thousands. “I haven’t had Stephen push it, and I’m not forcing it,” adds the star. “The people that are subscribing like what I’m doing, and that’s more rewarding.”

Mrs. Curry’s fan base loves to see her cooking in the kitchen, and thoroughly enjoys her organic tips for maintaining a healthy home. “Motherhood made me picky,” shares the star with Diablo. “Just before Riley was born, I became a crazy person. I threw a bunch of stuff out and made my own cleaning products. There was barely any food in the fridge. Everybody was annoyed with me.”

Although she has learned to compromise when it comes to home care since then, Ayesha remains unmovable in her faith. “Faith is everything for us, really,” explains the YouTube sensation. “It’s what our relationship and our entire family are founded on. “Especially in Stephen’s profession,” adds Mrs. Curry. “It’s easy to be pulled away from that, so we hold each other accountable and make sure we communicate and pray with each other.”

Ayesha and Stephen Curry are the proud parents of one child. They are expecting their second little one to arrive in July.



Tamera Mowry-Housley is using every opportunity given to her to remain active. The ‘Real’ co-host recently partnered with T.J. Maxx to encourage moms to maintain healthy lifestyles.

The merchant shared a picture of Tamera using her son Aden’s toy to get in a good workout. “Busy mom @tameramowrytwo takes advantage of her son’s toys when she can’t make it to the gym,” captioned T.J. Maxx underneath the picture on Instagram.

Mrs. Housley recently had a candid conversation with Access Hollywood about her decision to tell fans that she was pregnant with her and Adam’s second child at the beginning of this year. “The traditional way is to not tell people you’re pregnant until you’re twelve weeks,” said the star. “Well, I looked like I was six months already, and everyone was like, ‘Are you pregnant? Are you pregnant?'”

The star further discussed her pregnancy journey the second time around by telling Access Hollywood co-hosts, “Being pregnant and having a toddler is a whole other story. You’re a little bit more exhausted.”Check out the full interview here.

Tamera and husband Adam Housley are expecting their daughter to arrive this summer.


While many condemned the actions of Baltimore youth who took to the streets in anger earlier this week, Amandla Stenberg stood in agreement with the civil unrest of residents.

“My prayers go out to all my brothers and sisters in Baltimore,” tweeted the young star on Monday. “This battle is hard but crucial. The revolutionary youth will change the world.” Amandla also addressed critics who characterized protesters as outlaws. “Don’t condemn our anger,” wrote the star. “Don’t denounce our pain as savage. What’s savage is the cruel inhumanity and brutality of the police. Condemn that.”

It was just a few weeks ago the Stenberg discussed institutionalized racism with social media fans. The actress praised those who used technology to oppose the recent onslaught of police brutality that has greatly impacted the African American community, and posed a very serious question to others: “What if America Loved Black People as Much as Black Culture?” Many commended Amandla for sharing the video, and thousands stood in agreement with the young star.

Freddie Gray is the most recent case of publicized police brutality. The Baltimore resident died while in the custody of law enforcement officers last week. Family members of the 25-year-old, along with concerned citizens, are still waiting for answers as to what led up to Freddie’s untimely death.



Kandi Burruss and Riley were two of many to attend the advanced screening of Pitch Perfect 2 earlier this week. The mother and daughter posed and smiled on the red carpet as photographers took pictures. Kandi and Riley had more of the appeal of two sisters as Riley was just as tall as mom. Todd Tucker, Kandi’s husband, was also at the screening.

Pitch Perfect 2 is a musical comedy directed by Elizabeth Banks. The film’s focus is on a singing group known as the Barden Bellas who experience great humiliation after a poor performance at Lincoln Center. In order to regain the respect of their fans, and silence the critics, the girls enter an international talent contest that no American artist has ever won. Although the movie has comedic moments, the film has the powerful underlying message conquering one’s fears.

Riley is Kandi Burruss’ only child with ex-boyfriend Russell “Block” Spencer. The ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star celebrated her one year wedding anniversary to Todd Tucker a few weeks ago. Watch the trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 below!

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Monroe and Moroccan are kids on the go, thanks to their famous mom and dad. Mariah Carey tells E! Online that her little ones are always surrounded by loved ones.

“They’re with me or they’re with their father,” says the singer who is currently performing in Las Vegas. “They’re the most important thing to me,” she adds. “Their family is going to be here. They’re going to be great. They do their own thing.”

Although Mariah and estranged husband Nick Cannon are no longer a couple, the two still have an incredible amount of love for one another that helps them work together as parents. “Unconditional love,” said Nick during one interview where he was asked to describe the driving force behind his and Mariah’s relationship as co-parents. “One thing I would never change is my upbringing because it was all rooted in unconditional love.”

Nick and Mariah have two kids together. Monroe and Moroccan were born on April 30, 2011.


toyagrahambaltimore mom

Toya Graham is the mom who took action when she saw her son among the hostile during the Baltimore riots earlier this week. The single mother of six grabbed her teen out of the crowd and gave him a bit of tough love in front of cameras. Although she is being hailed a hero by many, Toya tells media that she doesn’t believe that she did anything noteworthy.

“My intention was just to get my son, and have him be safe,” says the concerned mother. “That whole scene was not safe,” she adds. Toya further explains that her son shared his plans to accompany his friends in protest of Freddie Gray’s death the night before Monday’s outbreak. “I said to him, ‘Michael, go to school. Don’t go to Mondawmin [Mall].'” With such direct instructions, you can only imagine how infuriated Toya became when she saw her son among the crowd of protesters with a rock in his hand.

“To see my son come across the street with a rock in his hand, I think at that point, I just lost it.” Toya grabbed her son and hit him a few times while ushering him away from the chaos. Although some are calling her actions commendable, Graham says that her focus was on her child. “You never want to see your child out there doing that,” says Toya. “It was just unacceptable.”

Several hundred Baltimore youth raided the streets after the funeral of Freddie Gray, who died while in police custody last week. Freddie was 25-years-old at the time of his death.


Cousins Destiny Jones and Yara Shahidi recently did a photo shoot for Destiny’s cosmetic line, Lipmatic.

“New #Lipmatic colors coming soon,” shared the cosmetic brand on Instagram along with a picture of Destiny and Yara posing while wearing the lip gloss. Yara went for a more subtle color while Destiny wore bold red. The girls’ lip gloss matched their attire perfectly as Yara’s outfit was more on the pastel side of colors, and Destiny’s outer wear was the complete opposite of passive.

Although Destiny is happy to do photo shoots with Yara, she admitted to Instagram fans that her cousins growth is a bit startling. “Baby cousin please STOP growing up so fast,” shared the Jones along with a picture of Yara having gloss applied to her lips. “I’m starting to feel old,” joked the young star.

Jones 4

Destiny is Nas’ daughter. Yara’s mother is first cousin to the rapper. Shahidi recently talked about her relationship with Nas during an interview on Fuse’s White Guy Talk Show.  “I think what was always weird to me is realizing that he was famous,” said Yara. “I didn’t know that a lot of people listen to him. I thought that he just knew a ton of people.”

See more pictures Yara and Destiny in their Lipmatic shoot below!


Curry 3

Making lemonade and introducing a new product is all in a day’s work for Ayesha and Riley Curry. The mother and her daughter recently shared a video of themselves making lemonade while wearing the ‘Little Lights’ apron.

“I am so excited to share this gorgeous apron with you all,” captioned Ayesha underneath the footage. “I couldn’t think of a better way to show it off than to make some simple lemonade with my daughter Riley and the itty bitty baby in my belly!”

News of the ‘Little Lights’ aprons’ arrival was also shared with Instagram fans. “The time has come! LITTLELIGHTS|LUNDYWAY aprons are here,” shared Ayesha’s distributor, Lundy Way. The basketball mom also encouraged fans to order the cooking accessory by telling them that the product is stain resistant and “perfect for the tackling your culinary adventures without worrying about the mess!”

Ayesha and husband Stephen Curry have one child. The couple’s second little one is expected to arrive this summer. Check out Ayesha and Riley’s promotional video below!



There is always time for family in Deelishis’ book. The model, real name Chandra Davis, recently took time out of her busy schedule to do a photo shoot with her youngest daughter Lexington.

Deelishis was wearing a form-fitting yellow dress during the shoot. Her daughter wore a pretty blue dress that bore the word, “Love” on it. Lexington’s outfit was especially cute because it had what appeared to be orange lacing at the bottom that made it unique. “Family,” hashtagged Deelishis.

It was just a few weeks ago that Lexington celebrated her fifth birthday. “Today is so special because just five years ago I was blessed with a new little heartbeat that mirrored mine. Had me as emotional as ever, all feverish and crying,” shared Deelishis with Instagram fans on her little one’s special day. She went on to tell Lexington, “There’s never a dull moment when you are around, ’cause you’re the princess ruling the castle. The little diva running the town! You could care less about the world or their opinions of me because everyday you constantly say, ‘Mom, you’re the best mommy!'”

Deelishis has two kids in all. The model’s oldest daughter, Jazmine, recently celebrated her sixteenth birthday. See more picture’s from Lexington’s photo shoot below!

Photos: UpdatedCeo


Congratulations to Zendaya Coleman who was recently named Paper magazine’s ‘Beautiful People of 2015.’ The editorial announced the young star as one of its elites earlier this week.

“I wanted to be a singer, I wanted to be a dancer, I wanted to do all of that,” says Zendaya of her career beginnings. “It’s not promised,” adds the young star. “Fortunately enough for me, I think because I was really strong in what I wanted and I went out there to just get it, I got my first big job: Shake it Up.” Coleman goes on to share that it took her six months to score her first gig.

Although the young adult has since developed into quite the Hollywood notable, Coleman maintains the simple life. “In the entertainment world, I think there’re definitely careers I look up to,” says the celebrity. “But as far as role models – role models for me are like my big sister. She’s always there for me. She somehow balances having a family, going to work, all this craziness, and still has time to make sure her little sister is OK and hang out with me.”

Zendaya was among nine other musicians who were also deemed as unique and beautiful people by Paper. Soulful singer Shamir Bailey and R&B singer Keela were also on the list. You can catch all of the ‘Beautiful People of 2015′ in this month’s issue of the magazine.


Baltimore 1

Baltimore was the epitome of chaos on Monday as thousands of protesters took to the streets to raise their voices over the untimely death of 25-year-old resident Freddie Gray. What began as a peaceful movement turned ugly when demonstrators allegedly collided with a number of violent critics. The rest, sadly, is history.

While many are picking up the pieces from yesterday’s looting, a number of celebrities have shared their heart about the events. Tyrese Gibson tweeted a call for peace telling fans, “These images are breaking my heart.”

Russell Simmons also commented on the rioting that plagued the city by asking Baltimore police to “show constraint + be peaceful.” In addition, the Hip Hop mogul told fans that everyone must work together to find a common ground. “As a society, we must take care of our young ppl, even during moments of anger. Let us embrace them with love during this very painful time.”

Perhaps the celebrity who said it best during the chaos was Baltimore native Jada Pinkett-Smith. “I know we are angry, I know we want to be heard,” said the star. “We want answers, we want justice but most of all we want the corrupt systems of authority in our neighborhoods that continually steal the lives of people of color and the underprivileged to be revealed and rectified. But we must do our part. Today, I see that violence begets violence making it difficult to differentiate the victims from the perpetrators.” Jada went on to encourage residents of her hometown to seek out non-violent tactics saying, “Don’t give the very system that has been using violence to terrorize and exterminate us any justification to use that very violence upon us to keep us in order.”

Freddie Gray died last week while in police custody, after being arrested for evading officers. Law enforcement officials have since admitted that mistakes were made during his arrest, one being that officers failed to get medical aid to the 25-year-old in a timely manner.

What do you think about the Baltimore riots? Share your thoughts below.



Custody woes have reached a new high for Darius McCrary who plans to battle it out in court for full physical custody of his son. The actor moved to open a case with the Michigan court system after Zechariah became hysterical at the idea of returning home to his mother.

TMZ reports,

“Everything unraveled last week at LAX, when he was putting his 7-year-old boy on a Michigan-bound plane to return to his mom. The boy had a tantrum and cops were called.

According to the police report, McCrary told officers the boy was terrified to return home because his stepfather had physically abused him back in January. Cops then spoke with to the boy and got the same story.

Cops got the message and allowed Darius to leave the airport with his son. The Dept. of Children and Family Services was notified, and that triggered a court battle.”

Darius initially refused to return Zechariah to his mother and presented his case before a Los Angeles judge. The judge, however, informed the actor that he must go through the Michigan court system for custody since that is where Zechariah resides with his mom.

No comment from Zechariah’s mother has been released.



Kim Kardashian-West is trying to have a child without a surrogate. The reality star tells Matt Lauer of TODAY that she and husband Kanye West are currently not taking the doctor’s recommendations as they pertain to family expansion.

“They say if you’ve been trying [to have a baby] for a year, then you usually need a little bit of help,” says Kim. “I had a tough delivery, so I understand what my challenges are. I mean, I’m seeing the best doctors and I’m trying to do everything I can to make that happen.”

Kim further explains, “They have recommended to me to get a surrogate, and I would like to hold out a little bit longer, and still try. I still have hope, so I’m just going to keep on trying. Never say never. I mean, we haven’t talked about adopting.”

It was just a few months ago that Kim told media that she and Kanye were making every effort to have another child. “We’ve really been trying for another kid,” said the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. “More kids can’t come soon enough!”

Kim and Kanye West have one child, North, together. She will celebrate her second birthday in June.



Faye Wesley Jonathan, a.k.a. Sugar Bear, is a happy baby. The 8-month-old made her debut on Instagram a few days ago.

“I have been eagerly awaiting until the time was right for @wesleyjonathan and I to share our beautiful widdle girl Faye (A-K-A Sugar Bear) @FayeWes81014 to the world via social net,” shared Tamara Mitchell along with a picture of her precious little one. “Now that time has come,” exclaimed the proud mom.

Tamara went on to express her love for little Faye by telling fans, “We look forward to a life full of memories, laughter, love, tears and encounters only Jehovah can foretell. He has purposed and destined things to come in the future that to us are intangible but we have faith that Jehovah will continue to lead and guide us while shaping and molding us into the parents we need to be to train this remarkable young baby into the phenomenal God fearing woman she was born to be. She never ceases to amaze us [from] day to day.”

Wesley also commented on his daughter’s growth and shared pictures of his little one on his Instagram page. “Hard to believe I helped create this beautiful lil person,” wrote the star. “It has been a crazy roller coaster ride 8 months in. And I know it’s only just begun.”

Faye was born on August 10, 2014. She is Wesley and and Tamara’s only child together.

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