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At the tender age of 4-years-old, Trinity Bosh may be the deciding factor in her mom and dad’s legal dispute. The child’s mother, Allison Mathis, has allegedly filed documents with the court that request Trinity to be put on the stand during the intense custody case between her and NBA star Chris Bosh that has been developing for several months.

TheJasmineBrand.com reports exclusively,

“The NBA star’s legal battle with his 4-year-old daughter’s baby mama took a nasty turn, with the mother filing court documents stating she wants their minor child to take the stand in the court room to help her win her request for custody and support.”

Allison allegedly filed the documents a few days ago and has yet to hear of the court’s decision concerning the matter. Trinity is Allison’s only child with Chris Bosh. The Miami ‘Heat’ star has three kids in all.



The Raymond boys are “in bliss.” Tameka Raymond recently shared pictures of her sons while having fun and relaxing in Malibu.

Usher V and Naviyd appeared to be thicker than thieves as they explored the beach together. One brother couldn’t go far without his partner following close behind. The two even enjoyed the spa life together in which they wore matching robes and sat next to one another.

Tameka just wrapped up filming for the upcoming season of ‘Atlanta Exes,’ and is planning to devote more of her time to Kile’s World foundation. “My goal is to open a school in honor of my beloved son,” says the Reality TV star. Kile Glover was 11-years-old when he was involved in a boating accident that led to his death. Tameka has been working hard ever since to keep his memory alive by sharing the importance of boat safety with everyone.

You can expect to see Raymond and other celebrities in the upcoming season of ‘Atlanta Exes.’ Tameka tells media that the show promises to be interesting. “Of course, we have our normal little spats here and there. It’s just like hanging out with friends…nothing serious,” explains the star. “We have a great camaraderie now.”

Usher V and Naviyd are Tameka and ex-husband Usher Raymond’s children. The Reality star has five kids in all.



Heidi Klum is on the move. The star was recently spotted in New York City with her kids. Klum was seen holding Lou in her arms as Leni, Johan, and Henry walked beside her. The supermodel and her kids looked fabulous in summer wear that was simple and to the point.

Although many view her as the epitome of healthy, Heidi tells Extra TV that she struggles with eating right on a daily basis. “I have to constantly have a fight with myself,” explains the star. “[I say], ‘Yes I want it…No, no, no…Yes I want it…No, no, no.’ Then you just walk away from [junk food].”

Heidi satisfies her fitness goals with a little physical activity alone and lots of quality time with her kids. “I like to run. I go swimming in the pool. I mean, I have four kids so they help me a lot too with keeping my body in shape,” shares the celeb.

You can view Heidi’s new workout line with New Balance in stores and on the company’s website, which is flashy and cute. “I kind of put the sprinkles on everything to make it more fashionable [and] make it more fun,” says the star of her line.

Heidi Klum has four kids.

Photos: Fameflynet



Indiana ‘Pacers’ player Paul George is planning on being an active dad if little Olivia turns out to be his child. The NBA star has filed court documents seeking sole custody of the 2-month-old if paternity results prove that he is the father.

ESPN reports,

“According to court documents, George filed for custody because he ‘has the means and resources to be a fully involved parent and to capably care for the child’ and that the mother, Daniela Rajic, ‘is not capable of the care’ as she is ‘currently unemployed and has refused to seek or gain employment and is dependent upon others for the care of the child.’

George’s petition would also allow for limited parental time sharing for Rajic.”

As you may recall, Paul was sued by Daniela a few weeks ago after she gave birth to Olivia on May 1, 2014. At the time, Rajic was working as a stripper and charged George as being the father of her child.

Daniela’s attorney has told the courts that his client is currently out of work due to her status as a new mother. He also deemed Paul’s comments as being “grossly insulting to women.”

Paul George joined the Indiana ‘Pacers’ in 2010 after playing college football for Fresno State University for two years. He is currently viewed as one of the fastest learners in the association.



The Los Angeles ‘Sparks’ got much love from their famous West Coast fans during their game against the Chicago ‘Sky’ at Madison Square Garden this past Monday night. The WNBA teams faced off in an unforgettable competition that was a part of the All Star series. Chris Paul and Jamie Foxx were two of many celebrities who came out and supported their beloved ‘Sparks’ team.

Chris and the family held up sticks that bore the ‘Sparks’ emblem on them. The Los Angeles ‘Clippers’ player smiled and showed much interest in the game while his wife, Jada, held their daughter, Camryn Alexis, in her arms. Little Chris, the couple’s son, was also at the game and could be seen smiling while holding the ‘Sparks’ stick high.

Jamie Foxx was spotted at the game as well. He and daughter Annalise had the opportunity to have a few words with media outlets that were covering the event. Annalise took several pictures with Candace Parker and Lisa Leslie before the night ended. Leslie’s daughter even sat with Jamie and Annalise!

The Los Angeles ‘Sparks’ are set to face off against the Phoenix ‘Mercury’ on Sunday. Check out more pictures of Chris Paul and Jamie Foxx at the basketball game.

Photos: Twitter/Instagram


Beyonce and Jay-Z are on the run with Blue. The Carters were recently spotted at the Ralph Lauren store in East Hampton. Jay-Z carried Blue while Beyonce lead the way in the parking lot of the shopping plaza. The husband and wife have been performing together on their ‘On the Run’ tour, which kicked off last Wednesday (June 25).

Bey and Jay let their creativity shine through on opening night by showing footage of family and current events. The superstars showed mugshots of celebs arrested, and featured their daughter in the most adorable way on the big screen. For the first time ever, fans had the opportunity to see Beyonce just before and immediately after giving birth to Blue. A photo of the pregnant star was shown right before a picture of her with Blue popped up. Jay-Z was also featured while holding his daughter during the slide show.

The Carters are planning to take their ‘On the Run’ tour to Toronto, Los Angeles, and Seattle before bringing it to a close in Paris on September 13, 2014. Blue is the couple’s first child together.

Photos: Matt Agudo/INFphoto.com



Where were Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez on Father’s Day? Why, at Disneyland, of course. The actress and her husband were spotted at the Happiest Place on Earth on June 15, 2014, with Nahla and Maceo in tow.

The family of four stopped by Splash Mountain and the Matterhorn before leaving the theme park. Halle and Olivier also took their kids to California Adventure, which is right next door to Disneyland, where they explored Lugi’s Flying Tires and Radiator Springs. The family also enjoyed Tor Story’s Midway Mania.

This was the first time that Halle and Olivier took their son, Maceo, on a major outing. The infant seemed to enjoy the sights as he played with mom and dad while at the parks. Olivier, the doting dad, was sure to toss his son in the air, which caused Maceo to release an adorable smile.

Life for Halle as a mother of two children is great. The star recently gushed over the fact that she was able to give birth to a son several years after welcoming her daughter into the world. “I never thought that at my stage in life another baby — and a baby boy — was coming to me, so yeah, I’m blessed,” says the star.

Berry also told media that Nahla is adapting well to big sisterhood. “It’s like one of her doll babies came alive. She gets to take care of him, feed him, change his diapers, play with him, dress him up in different clothes like five times a day because she can, so she loves it.”

Nahla is Halle Berry and ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry’s daughter. Baby Maceo is the actress’ first child with husband Olivier Martinez.




Photos: AKM-GSI



Reggie Bush and fiance Lilit Avagyan were recently spotted out-and-about in Los Angeles with their daughter Briseis. The women of the family stole the spotlight from Reggie, as Lilit looked fabulous and Briseis was simply adorable.

The little one favors her mother with stunning features that are bold and beautiful. Briseis is certainly the apple of her father’s eye, as Reggie often shares pictures of himself with his daughter.

In addition to being a incredible father, Bush is also a pretty good coach. The NFL star oversees more than 200 kids who want to learn the basics of football at his camp in La Mesa. Many of the children want to pursue careers as professional athletes, while others want to get acquainted with the hard work and dedication it takes to become great.

“Some of the girls work harder than some of the boys, so it’s really good to have them out here,” says Bush of his camp that invites both girls and boys to play the game. “It just makes it so much better. They shouldn’t be limited to what sport they play.”

Briseis is Reggie and Lilit’s first child together. She celebrated her first birthday a few weeks ago.

Photos: AKM-GSI


Knowles 1

Geronimo! Solange Knowles and son Julez Smith are enjoying Summer vacation in New Orleans. The R&B singer recently shared a picture of her and her son poolside, and they certainly made a splash. Solange threw her hands up and screamed while Julez twisted his body and jumped into the bed of water. “Happy Monday,” tweeted the star next to a photo of her son playing with a friend.

Solange is working hard to set a good example for Julez. The singer recently told media that she now considers her son before acting obscene in public. “When you make mistakes and act a fool in life, you are now thinking: ‘I have a child I should be setting an example for,’” said Knowles. “That kind of growth and responsibility makes you a better you!”

Julez is Solange’s only child with ex-husband Daniel Smith Jr. He will celebrate his tenth birthday on October 18, 2014.



Tallulah Dash is a beaut. The little one was recently photographed while enjoying a beach day with mom. Tallulah struck a pose in one photo that was good enough to be featured in any magazine spread. “Mini Goddess,” tweeted mom Rache Roy. “It’s within us all.”

Miss Dash matched her mom’s attire while at the beach by wearing a bathing suit with wrap. The fashionista-in-the-making walked hand-in-hand with her famous mom who is already making waves in the industry.

Tallulah could very well be the world’s next great model as she is exposed to the latest trends everyday. Rachel Roy, who is a stylist to some of Hollywood’s most elite stars, ensures that both of her daughters, Ava and Tallulah, are fashion savvy and charitable. Rachel is an advocate for the underprivileged, and teaches her kids to speak out on social issues as well.

It wouldn’t surprise us if Tallulah became a supermodel in coming years. She certainly has the makings of the world’s next great fashion star within.



Although he usually portrays the dramatic character onscreen, Idris Elba has a funny side that his daughter often sees. The actor was recently seen showing off his humorous side at the England screening of Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone. Isan was amused by her father’s jokes and seemed to favor Idris’ portrayal of Harry riding on his famous broom.

Elba will star as the villain in the upcoming thriller, No Good Deed. The actor will portray Colin, an escaped convict who charms his way into the home of Terri (Taraji P. Henson) by telling her that he has experienced car trouble and needs help. Although Terri’s deed is good, it soon turns sour when Colin holds her and her family hostage in their own home.

Idris Elba has two kids, Isan and Winston. No Good Deed hits theaters on September 12, 2014.

Photos: Eamonn M. McCormack/


Taye Diggs

While Taye Diggs is adjusting to dating after more than a decade of marriage, Idina Menzel isn’t so thrilled to be in the game again.

“It all sucks,” said the star during an interview on Valentine in the Morning. “I don’t want to keep introducing [Walker] to people and having him form bonds and then take them away, you know? It’s bad enough his mom and dad are getting divorced.”

Although the reality of divorce is life-changing, Idina did express a bit of satisfaction in her and Taye deciding to part ways while Walker is young. “I keep telling myself, because I feel so badly for him, it’s better that he’s four-and-a half than when he’s 15.” explained the star. “He has two parents that love him very much, and we want to be great moms and dads.”

Walker is Idina and estranged husband Taye Diggs’ only child together. The couple moved for divorce a few months ago after marrying in 2003.



Summer is fun with team Pippen. The family of four has spent a few of their vacation days in the United Kingdom, and gave back to the community while there. Scottie, Larsa, and the kids had fun in London and Monte Carlo before returning to the States. “Enjoyed Europe! Time to get back to the states,” tweeted Larsa on Monday.

The basketball wife is a big supporter of non-profit organizations and loves to see her kids lend a helping hand to those in need. “The kids actively promote raising awareness for social matters including school bullying, healthy eating, and active lifestyles,” writes Larsa on her blog. “By partnering up with kids their age, they’re able to promote the message of ‘giving back in anyway you can.’”

Mrs. Pippen and her family are looking forward to concluding their Summer of fun and charity in Haiti. “Come August, #teampippen will be given the opportunity to lend their time and efforts in support of the victims from the tragic hurricane which occurred late 2013.”

Scottie and Larsa Pippen have three kids -Scotty, Sophia, and Justin- together. Check out more pictures of the Pippens below!



Brian "Astro" Bradley

Earth to Echo hasn’t even made its public debut yet, and it’s already receiving a lot of buzz in Hollywood. The movie has received the seal of approval from the Parents Television Council and the Truly Moving award from Heartland Film.

Anyone who catches a glimpse of the film will be able to attest to the touching story line. Three friends- Munch, Tuck, and Alex- are forced to pack up their belongings and bid farewell to one another after a so-called construction company decides to build a freeway in the middle of their neighborhood. The friends believe that all hope is lost until they begin to receive unusual signals on their smartphones that prompt them to go out into the desert to find a solution to their technological problems. What they discover is an alien who teaches them the true meaning of friendship and solves the mystery of the “construction” company who turns out to be the federal government. Apparently the feds are searching for Echo and will stop at nothing to see to it that the tiny creature never returns to his home on another planet. Echo does, however, make it home with the help of his friends who do everything within their power to nurse him back to health so he can again fly his spaceship.

Although his character, Tuck, is the leader of the pact who records everything, Astro says he doesn’t consider himself to be the star of the film. “To me Munch was the star,” says the actor. “He was like the funniest kid…He gets all the laughs.”

Indeed there is a reason why Munch, whose real name is Reese Hartwig, gets all of the laughs. He is the one character who is most afraid and often shows it. Munch attempts to bring logic into the situation after agreeing to ride his bicycle out into the desert with his friends. Prior to agreeing, he presents himself as a flight risk when Alex and Tuck decide to seek out the unknown. Munch also collects things, which make him even funnier.

Many of us laugh at Munch’s type but few of us admit that we probably wouldn’t be so brave as to ride our bikes into the middle of nowhere at night. “I don’t think I’d go follow no alien on no map to the desert late at night. It’s not my style. I’m not that brave,” says Astro of the concept. Even producer Andrew Panay admits that he’d probably have second thoughts. “I’d probably chicken out,” shares the Hollywood executive. “I think I would be Munch.”

Regardless of whether or not our bravery extends to seeking out an alien, we can all stand to learn a lesson or two from this film. “You can do anything,” says Panay. “You can do anything that you want if you set your mind to it.” The producer further shares his vision for the film: “My real goal is to say, ‘If you stick together, you can really win big.’”

Earth to Echo makes its public debut on Wednesday, July 2, 2014. This is the second acting gig for Astro who made his debut in show business on the ‘X Factor’ over two years ago.

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