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Confidence is important in show business, which is why Will Smith welcomes negative opinions about his kids. The actor tells News Com that he wants his sons and daughter to learn how to navigate around unfavorable comments.

“I want them to experience as much trauma as they can without them getting broken,” Smith says. “The world is hard so I want them to be able to hear people’s opinions and take what people say and what people think and grant people their own views without that breaking their self-confidence.”

It seems that Jaden is already doing a pretty good job. “He is so completely comfortable and confident in who he is and when I look at him, I really admire that,” Will shares. “Jaden has his own clothing line [MSFTSrep] and then he started wearing a skirt. Then I was like, ‘OK. You cannot wear a skirt.’ He said to me, ‘Dad, it’s fine. It’s going to be so hot all the kids will be wearing it.’ I said, ‘No, the kids are not going to do it because their parents will have sense enough to not let them do it.’ But he’s confident in who he is and who he wants to be.”

Will and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith have two children, Jaden and Willow, together. The actor also has an adult son named Trey.

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Blue Ivy Carter is following in her mom’s footsteps. The toddler was photographed while walking the football field at Super Bowl 50 just hours before Beyonce rocked the house during Half Time.

Bey was rehearsing her performance while Blue was taking in the scenery. The little one looked at her mom in adoration and held Bey’s hand while dad, Jay-Z, filmed the moment.

Bey 1

Thousands of fans were impressed by Beyonce’s performance at Super Bowl 50. The singer teamed up with Coldplay and Bruno Mars for an incredible showing that honored artists who came before them. Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston were two of many legends featured during this year’s show. Clips from their performances in past Super Bowls were displayed on the big screen. Beyonce and Bruno also rocked outfits and dance moves inspired by the King of Pop.

At the end of the show, Bey dropped a bombshell by announcing her ‘Formation’ world tour. So many fans took to her website to get more information that it crashed under the pressure. Tickets officially go on sale on February 16, 2016 with a few pre-sale spots available now.

Blue Ivy Carter is Beyonce and Jay-Z’s only child.



Who is the mom in this video, and how in the world did Jaden Smith buy a Tesla that isn’t even on the market yet? These questions and more are answered in this week’s version of ‘A Celebrity Baby Blog.’ Check it out!

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2016 is gearing up to be a busy year for Asia Monet Ray, who currently plays O.J. Simpson’s daughter on FX’s “The People v O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”.  In addition to juggling a burgeoning acting career, Asia is in the studio working on a new album. We recently sat down with Miss Ray to talk about everything from her career to her blended background. Check out what the 10-year-old had to say during her  interview with BCK.

Tell us about your new role in American Crime Story.
“I am so grateful to be a part of the amazing cast of American Crime Story. I play the role of Sydney Simpson, OJ ‘s daughter. Although I wasn’t born during the time of the crime in 1994, I wanted to be familiar with the role of Sydney and know the background. It’s my first role that I can actually research or google and find out who Sydney is. I play her at the age of 8. I felt that she was a sweet girl that had to be very strong to go through the most difficult time of her life.”

You are quite the athlete. How do you believe your background as a figure skater and dance professional have shaped your career?
“Yes, I come from a family of athletes and fitness gurus which I believe was instilled in me early on. I have always been involved in physical activities from ice skating to gymnastics to dance, I loved it all. I think having that background has given me the discipline and drive to be confident and it has shown me that hard work always pays off in whatever you do.”

You captivated the hearts of many when you performed in Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. Many fell in love with your ability to be confident at such a young age. Where do you get that assertiveness from? Do you miss being on Dance Moms?
“My mom has told me from day one I was definitely a strong Leo, and very competitive. I lived for the stage. I really do love the performance, the feeling, and energy I get from an audience. Right now, I’m so happy with what I’m doing and really busy that I don’t think too much about Dance Moms, I have done so much since then.”

Are you working on any new music? When can we expect your next album to come out?
“Yes, yes, yes!!! I am so excited to be back in the studio with my team again, we are creating and writing new music. I will also release some cover songs soon in between. I’m still growing and maturing as an artist and I have to remind myself to be patient because I’m only 10 tears old, but I think people will enjoy what I’ve been working on. So stay tuned!”

Tell us more about your family and it’s blended culture
“Well, my dad is African American and my mom is a mix of Filipino and Mexican. Of course my sister and I have the best of both sides… Lol I love being mixed, I feel it’s special and I appreciate both cultures. Blended cultures bring out the beauty in our world.”

What do you like to do with your free time?
“I love to draw, read, get together with family and friends, and take my puppy Mochi out to play. I also love to go to concerts, broadway shows and of course shop.”

What advice can you give other young stars who are trying to follow in your footsteps?
“My advice is simple, stay strong and follow your dreams. You must really love what you do and stay true to yourself. Remember hard work will never fail you!!! Enjoy your own personal journey and be happy.”

Catch Asia Monet on American Crime Story every week on FX. Follow the young star on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Check out her website as well!

Photographer: Birdie Thompson
Hair/Makeup: Nichole Ray



Rachel Roy and her daughters, Tallulah and Ava, enjoyed vacation in the Tropics last year and the experience was better than Disneyland.

“In Bermuda, my daughters and I could go on a lovely walking tour to learn the history of the island,” Rachel says. “At the Grotto Bay Beach Resort you walk into a cave, and there are these floating beds on top of water that you lie on to get a massage. My daughters literally asked if we were at Disneyland.”

The Grotto Bay provides the ultimate experience to its guests. Golf, water sports and diving are three of many activities that residents can enjoy and the location’s spa offers more than ten massage options that last anywhere from 30 to 80 minutes. The resort caters to newlyweds with its Honeymoon and weddings packages, and it is also a great spot for families.


In addition to residing at the Grotto Bay, Rachel and the kids also spent time at Frankfort Villa in Jamaica. Much like the Grotto, Frankfort gives guests a myriad of activities to enjoy while vacationing. Private tennis lessons coupled with activities created just for kids make the hotel a go-to spot for families.

“Along the property, I got to see a mahogany tree Winston Churchill planted, and there’s a black-and-white picture of him when he first planted the tree,” says Roy. “When I planted my own nugget of a tree it was a reminder that time is constantly moving, and we can choose to be happy or we can choose to be stressed. I think happiness is something you can work to achieve.”


The stylist goes on to talk about the serenity that vacationing brings. “I’ve always believed that your own life is your responsibility, and you can’t wait for something or someone to make you happy,” she says. “The idea of escaping to an island is really just waiting for something to take you out of the reality of life. Instead, I try to create a sense of balance every day, even if I’m not traveling.”

Ava and Tallulah are Rachel Roy’s daughters with ex-husband Damon Dash.


Photos: NY Post



Apryl Jones is planning to go au natural again! The celebrity mom told social media fans that she plans to give birth to her and Omarion’s baby girl in the same manner that she birthed their son, Megaa.

“For those of you asking me how I plan to birth….I plan to do it the same exact way! Natural!!! No meds,” Apryl tweeted on Monday. The celebrity mom also shared pictures from her baby shower, which was star studded and beautiful. Soulja Boy was one of several big names to attend the bash and wish Apryl and Omarion well in their family expansion. “Congrats to bro @1omarion and sis @aprylsjones Blessings.”

Jones 1

Apryl was sure to thank everyone for coming to her and Omarion’s baby shower. She gave a special shout out to Khadijah McCray and Malika for organizing the party. “Thank you to these two beautiful ladies in my life @forevermalika @foreverkhadijah for throwing my baby shower! It was the best day ever! I’ll cherish this day for the rest of my life!!! Love you guys!”

Apryl and Omarion are expecting their daughter to arrive in coming months. She will be their second child together. The couple’s son, Megaa, will celebrate his second birthday in August.



Monroe and Moroccan are more than enough for Mariah Carey who tells ET Online that she’s not planning on having any more kids.

“Those are my two babies,” she says of the kids. “I think they would be so jealous because they get upset when I pet the dog.”

Although she enjoys motherhood, Carey admits that there are a number of challenges associated with parenting. “It’s hard,” she shares. “It only gets harder, but you know what? We make it work and we do our best.” She goes on to tell ET that she wants Monroe and Moroccan to be “safe and protected and around good people” in addition to being happy kids.

It’s been nearly two years since Mariah Carey separated from the children’s father, Nick Cannon. The singing sensation was married to the actor for five years before moving for divorce, and still work together to co-parent the kids. “I think we’re all just learning as we go,” Mariah said of working with her estranged husband during an interview in December. “We’re doing the best we can, and it’s all about the kids. That’s it!”

Monroe and Moroccan will celebrate their fifth birthdays in April.



Zendaya is a superstar who loves to give back. The young star talks about her passion for education, instilled in her by her parents, and speaks on the importance of fighting against bullying in her latest interview with New You. Check out what Miss Coleman had to say below!

The importance of being kind
“It is very important because I have a lot of young people on Instagram and Twitter who are looking to me for guidance and inspiration. I feel responsible to be real with them, honest with them, and inspire and help them in any way that I can while still learning and figuring out who I am.”

Lessons learned from bullies
“I was made fun of but it didn’t bother me very much because I was very comfortable in who I was. I was taught as a young child by my parents and family to love myself. And it’s the same today—there are certain things that don’t bother me. I just focus on being a good person. I was always very aware of the world and I was never sheltered from the negative things that were out there. I feel that if you shelter your kids from everything, one day they are going to be out in the world on their own and they are going to have to figure it out. You can’t give them a test if you never taught them anything that’s on the test. They’re going to fail. You have to prepare people and sometimes that’s just being honest with them and letting them know things sooner.”

On education
“Education is something that we often take for granted because we have it at our disposal, but there are people—women, children, men—in the world who don’t have access to education, and it’s powerful. If you talk about slavery, the whole point of being able to control people’s minds, to not allow them to succeed, was because they were denied education. I am very lucky to have parents who pushed me to learn and broaden my horizons. I’m lucky to have parents who are teachers.”

Zendaya brings the whole package
“I want to promote to young people that it’s okay to be a good citizen. It’s okay to learn. It’s cool to be knowledgeable, to know what’s going on in your country and your world. To form opinions and to talk about it, have discussions and be respectful. I’m trying to make that the new cool.”

Read Miss Coleman’s full interview here.

Photo: New You



Great news! Willow Smith has signed with United Talent Agency (UTA). The teen put finishing touches on the partnership a few days ago by agreeing to a contract that will propel her career forward.

Willow has already experienced her fair share of success in the entertainment sphere through her music. The young star has told media that “caring less what everybody else thinks” and removing her own logic has helped in the creative process. “What your own mind thinks, sometimes, is the thing that makes you sad,” she explained.

The teen has also commented on her interest in fashion saying, “I like to go to places with my high-fashion things where there are a lot of cameras. So I can just go there and be like, ‘Yep, yep, I’m looking so sick.’ But in my regular life, I put on clothes that I can climb trees in.”

There’s no telling what paths Willow will take now that she is signed to an agency such as UTA. The teen is Jada and Will Smith’s youngest child.



Herein is the portrait of a happy baby. Coco Austin shared several cute photos of her daughter, Chanel Nicole, earlier this week and the little one was the epitome of cute.

Chanel gave the camera an adorable pose even after enduring the pain of piercing. “Guess who got their ears pierced today,” Coco captioned under the photo. Chanel sat upright and let off a slight smile as the picture was taken.

Austin 1

Coco uploaded another candid of her daughter while wearing a crown that bore the word, “Love” at its center. “Love is love,” Austin wrote.

Austin 3

Coco and husband Ice T welcomed their daughter a few months ago. The celebrity mom told E! News readers that she was thrilled to have a daughter just weeks before giving birth. “I’ve been underneath the roof of a male dominated house forever,” she explained. “I was like, God give me a girl so I can liven things up with some cute fashion. I can have a personal doll. So God answered my prayer and I got a little girl.”

Chanel is Coco and Ice T’s first child together. Ice T has three kids in all.



Melanie Fiona is getting ready for labor and delivery. The R&B singer recently shared a lullaby dedicated to her unborn son with social media fans.

“Back with a quick cover to sing our little one to sleep,” Fiona captioned under the video. The singer also shared a picture of herself while in meditation with Instagram fans. “35 weeks and feeling good,” Melanie wrote. “#PrenatalYoga has been my fitness savior throughout my #pregnancy. Building a strong mind and body has been my greatest aid in prepping for childbirth. Some days my body doesn’t want to do anything… Exhaustion and fatigue are such a challenge in these final weeks… But no matter how tired I am, I am committed to my yoga practice. I encourage you to always make time to be good to yourself… Mind, Body, and Spirit.”

Melanie announced her expectancy last November. “The greatest power a person possesses is the power to choose. The only thing greater is being chosen.Thank you for choosing us,” the singer said to her and boyfriend Jared Cotter’s unborn child. She shared the splendid news of her little one being a boy during her lullaby selection. Check it out below!



Studies show that girls who spend quality time with their fathers develop incredible confidence that is taken into adulthood. Such is the reason why Pantene has partnered with a number of NFL athletes who double as dads to prove that quality time equals strength. Take a look at what the toughest football stars do to build relationship with their daughters.

Benjamin Watson tackles the pigtails

“If you’re a father and only have so many hours in the day, maybe doing their hair is one of the things you can do to connect with them and build that relationship.”

DeAngelo Williams gets the “juices” working for a twisted pigtail creation

“Nothing like a comb to get these hairdo juices working.”

DeAngelo Williams Take Two: The “Princess Puff”

“I call this dad-do the ‘DeAngelo Williams Princess Samurai.’ I got to make sure it’s sharp.”



Laughter is the secret to successful parenting according to Tia Mowry-Hardrict. The actress tells Babble that she makes it a priority to include humor in her day.

“I have fun,” she says. “Everything that I do, whether it’s making my freaking bed, I’ll throw on some music and I’m dancing. Same thing with cooking, I’ll have a glass of wine while I’m cooking and throw on some Beyoncé or something. It’s all about having fun to help me get through my day.”

In addition to sharing a few laughs, Tia takes time to be mindful of what her son, Cree, eats. “We all know kids, they love their fun foods. But I think as a mom it’s my job to make sure that my kid stays healthy and I’m watching what goes into his mouth,” she explains.

Although Mrs. Hardrict is not in support of her son getting into show business just yet, she does acknowledge that Cree has a way with the camera. “He’s full of personality, he’s funny as hell, he steals every scene on Tia Mowry at Home, he is so comfortable. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s something that he wants to do,” she says.

Cree is Tia and husband Cory Hardrict’s only child. He will turn five years old in June.



Who’s canceling Black History Month? Certainly not these kids! A group of witty children got together to send actress Stacey Dash a message after she suggested the month be done away with.

“If we don’t want segregation, then we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards, and the [NAACP] Image Awards, where you’re only awarded if you’re black,” she said during a recent interview. “It’s a double standard,” Dash added. “Just like there shouldn’t be a Black History Month. We’re American, that’s it.”

Several celebrities addressed Dash’s comments and a number of fans labeled the star as ignorant. These kids also responded to the celebrity’s suggestion in a cute video message. “Is that even legal,” one child asked. Others explained, “Black History Month is our time… to acknowledge our strength, our accomplishments and our contributions and our beauty!” Everyone agreed that cancellation isn’t happening anytime soon. “So you’ll have to rock with us for 29 days.”

Watch the cute video below!