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Kim Kardasian has reached the point in motherhood where balancing between a thriving career and spending time with her child is becoming difficult. The Reality star recently told media that she struggles to go to work at times because she just wants to stay home and get to know North a little more.

“It could get tough after you have a baby,” shared Kim of her balancing family and career life. “There [have been] so many times when I just didn’t want to get up and work on something. I just wanted to be home with my baby, but for me, I think I can speak for my sisters, it makes us feel good when we are out working.”

Kardashian also talked about the family’s reality show, which is milder than most shows in its genre. “I think when you do have a reality show, people assume that it’s just a ton of bar fights and it has this negative connotation,” said Kim of the stereotypes that she and her ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ show often receive. “We definitely do fight and we’re really honest and open with our family life. We pride ourselves in doing that, but I think you can be both… There are so many grounds that we want to cross. People think that you can’t really be both at the same time, but we do our best to kind of break that.”

You can catch North West along with her mom and dad on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ every week on E!. North is Kim and husband Kanye West’s first child together.


Teddy(center) with daughters Nia(L), Deja(2nd to right), and Bobbie(rightmost) and granddaughter Kamryn

Singer and music producer Teddy Riley put on a spectacular performance with his fiancée and children by his side at the Hot 92.3 concert that was held at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles this past weekend. The musician rocked the house alongside Jagged Edge and K-Ci, who also performed at the event.

The concert was a throwback of some sort as the majority of the acts were popular acts from the 90′s. Blackstreet was one of the groups onstage  that many remembered well. The group recorded the hit single ‘No Diggity’ that reached the number one spot on the Billboard 100 in 1996, and is still popular among many today. Teddy, along with other members of Blackstreet, happily took Saturday’s concert attendees down memory lane as they rocked the house with a few of their famous songs.

Riley was surrounded by loved ones as he performed with the group that he founded in 1991.  Daughters Nia, Deja, and Bobbie were all present to support their father. Missing was Taj, who recently had a  dispute with her dad.  Teddy recognized his daughter’s absence and expressed his desire to see her.  He wrote on Instagram,  “This is monumental being with my daughters less babygirl who I miss dearly,” wrote Teddy. “Next time you will see us all together. God willing!!! I miss y’all so much!”

You may remember that the singer  also had a brief falling out with his daughters in 2009, but he has since reconciled and moved forward in his relationship with his children.

Teddy’s newest son My’kkal along with his granddaughter Kamryn (daughter of Nia) were also in attendance at this weekend’s concert. Teddy and fiancée Mandela are planning to wed in coming months. Riley has seven kids in all.


Here’s Dylan! The youngest child of Adrienne and Chris Bosh is letting her style shine through in her most recent photos shot by April Belle. In the above picture, the little one smiles while wearing a pair of over-sized sunglasses that more than likely belong to mom. Dylan holds one hand up while the other one rests at her side. The diva-in-the-making is sporting a pair of diamond earrings that are simply gorgeous.

Dylan is growing accustomed to the spotlight, thanks to big brother Jackson and eldest sister Trinity. The little one has taken several pictures with her siblings since making entryway into the world last year, and becomes cuter with every shot.

Adrienne loves to show off her little cutie as Dylan is her first daughter. The proud mom threw her princess a spectacular Paris-themed baby shower before birth, and makes sure her wardrobe is filled with the latest fashions available.

Chris Bosh has two kids, Dylan and Jackson, with Adrienne Bosh. Trinity is the Miami ‘Heat’ star’s daughter with ex-girlfriend Allison Mathis.

Photos: Aprilbellephotos



Christina Millian and Violet are enjoying every bit of summer. The singer and her daughter enjoyed a bit of fun in the sun this past Independence Day with cool summer wear that was also patriotic.

Christina rocked a white dress that matched her daughter’s bright outfit. The two had the theme of red, white, and blue throughout their outerwear, which went with the spirit of the day that was patriotism.

Millian aims to give her daughter the keys to success in life. “I want you to know you are beautiful. Inside and out,” writes the singer to her little princess in an open letter. “Always remain humble and treat others the way you would like to be treated. Remember life is a blessing! So, remain positive and never let ANYONE put you down. I believe in you and I know you believe in yourself.”

Violet is Christina and ex-husband Terius Nash’s only child together.

Photos: Fameflynet/Instagram



Sebastian Thomaz has a whole lot of personality to share. The little one was recently photographed by mom Amber Rose, who was overjoyed to share pictures of her little cutie with Instagram fans.

“My lil guy,” tweeted Amber along with a photo of her son smiling wide for the camera. Little Bash was being tickled by his mom, which is what made him put on a happy face. Amber shared another picture of her son with a moustache. Of course, the facial hair wasn’t real but was rather a fake eyelash of Amber’s that fit Bash well. “Made a mustache for Bash outta one of my old lashes Lol,” tweeted Rose.

Sebastian is doing big things. Not only is the little one often invited to the studio to watch his father record music, but he also participates in gymnastics classes that teach him how to be balanced and well-rounded. Not bad for a 1-year-old.

Sebastian is Amber and husband Wiz Khalifa’s first child together. He was born on February 21, 2013.



Alysia Montano is defying the odds and proving that you can be active while pregnant. The Olympian recently ran the 800 meter while eight months pregnant.

“Thank you everyone for your outpouring of support! My heart is happy and baby is jumping for joy that he/she beat mommy in the 800,” tweeted Montano after the race.

The Olympian also discussed the experience on her blog. “What an exhilarating week it has been,” said the star. “I’ve received so much positive feedback, so many touching stories, and such an out-pouring of loving messages from people all over the world! I can not express my gratitude to have been contacted and supported by so many awesome people!”

Of course, there were naysayers who criticized Alysia for undergoing such strenuous workouts while eight months pregnant, and the athlete was sure to address their concerns. “I did my homework. I consulted with my doctors, sought advice from many exercise professionals, and spoke to tons of women who have exercised during their pregnancies. The overall consensus from my medical/professional team was, ‘GO BABY GO!’ Or should I say, ‘GO MAMA GO,’” explained the athlete.

Montano is expecting her little one to arrive in coming weeks.



Sherri Shepherd refuses to pay child support for a child that is not her seed. The former ‘View’ co-host has reportedly taken several measures to ensure that she doesn’t have to give estranged husband Lamar Sally one dime for their unborn surrogate child.

According to TMZ

“Sherri Shepherd does not want anything to do with her unborn surrogate baby … because she believes her estranged husband defrauded her into having the kid in the first place so he could get child support … this according to multiple sources connected with the couple.”

The former television personality has reportedly filed for divorce in New Jersey where surrogacy agreements are not generally recognized and is requesting that a judge rule that she has no parental rights in terms of the unborn little one since Lamar’s sperm was used for conception and not her egg.

Lamar filed for divorce from Sherri in California a few months back after accusing the celebrity of committing fraud in their marriage. Shepherd wed Sally on August 13, 2011.



Harper Tillman poses for Imoga Collection in a recent shoot with professional photographer Lee Clower. Held in New York City, the photoshoot featured a number of other young models.

Imoga Collection is best known for its ability to bring classic styles to children. The company has been going strong since 2006, and holds fast to their belief of children having great instincts that shape fashion. Imoga does not simply create smaller sizes of adult styles but rather invents new fashion that kids want to wear.

Harper Tillman is former NFL player Travares Tillman and celebrity stylist Kiki Tillman’s daughter. You can learn more about the Imoga Collection on the brand’s Facebook page and purchase items at Barneys, SaksFifthAvenue and AlexandAlexa.com.

Photos:Lee Clower.com


HarperTillman8 HarperTillman4  Miss Tillman did a spectacular job at her shoot for Enfant Street Style a few weeks ago, which featured her as an urban socialite. Check out the pictures HERE.



Paying upwards of $1,500 for a Summer dress is a big deal to some of us, but it’s a mere drop in the bucket for superstar Beyonce. The singer recently viewed Kara Walker’s Sugar Sphinx at Domino Sugar Factory in style and complete sync with her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

Bey’s floral print dress was one of Dolce & Gabbana’s latest designs. The outfit zipped from the back and had a square neck design that made it elegant. Blue also wore a floral print dress that was identical to her mom’s attire, which was valued at $390. Talk about baller status! The mother and daughter later sported matching gel manicures that showed off their edgy red style.

Although currently on tour with husband Jay-Z, Beyonce is spending every moment of free time with her daughter. “It’s good to have the balance,” says the star. “Balancing is something I am struggling with, but I am trying to smell the roses and make sure I don’t work so hard that I don’t enjoy the blessings that are around me every day.”

Blue is Bey and Jay’s first child together. The ‘Irreplaceable’ singer hopes to have more kids in coming years.

Get The Look:
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At the tender age of 4-years-old, Trinity Bosh may be the deciding factor in her mom and dad’s legal dispute. The child’s mother, Allison Mathis, has allegedly filed documents with the court that request Trinity to be put on the stand during the intense custody case between her and NBA star Chris Bosh that has been developing for several months.

TheJasmineBrand.com reports exclusively,

“The NBA star’s legal battle with his 4-year-old daughter’s baby mama took a nasty turn, with the mother filing court documents stating she wants their minor child to take the stand in the court room to help her win her request for custody and support.”

Allison allegedly filed the documents a few days ago and has yet to hear of the court’s decision concerning the matter. Trinity is Allison’s only child with Chris Bosh. The Miami ‘Heat’ star has three kids in all.



The Raymond boys are “in bliss.” Tameka Raymond recently shared pictures of her sons while having fun and relaxing in Malibu.

Usher V and Naviyd appeared to be thicker than thieves as they explored the beach together. One brother couldn’t go far without his partner following close behind. The two even enjoyed the spa life together in which they wore matching robes and sat next to one another.

Tameka just wrapped up filming for the upcoming season of ‘Atlanta Exes,’ and is planning to devote more of her time to Kile’s World foundation. “My goal is to open a school in honor of my beloved son,” says the Reality TV star. Kile Glover was 11-years-old when he was involved in a boating accident that led to his death. Tameka has been working hard ever since to keep his memory alive by sharing the importance of boat safety with everyone.

You can expect to see Raymond and other celebrities in the upcoming season of ‘Atlanta Exes.’ Tameka tells media that the show promises to be interesting. “Of course, we have our normal little spats here and there. It’s just like hanging out with friends…nothing serious,” explains the star. “We have a great camaraderie now.”

Usher V and Naviyd are Tameka and ex-husband Usher Raymond’s children. The Reality star has five kids in all.



Heidi Klum is on the move. The star was recently spotted in New York City with her kids. Klum was seen holding Lou in her arms as Leni, Johan, and Henry walked beside her. The supermodel and her kids looked fabulous in summer wear that was simple and to the point.

Although many view her as the epitome of healthy, Heidi tells Extra TV that she struggles with eating right on a daily basis. “I have to constantly have a fight with myself,” explains the star. “[I say], ‘Yes I want it…No, no, no…Yes I want it…No, no, no.’ Then you just walk away from [junk food].”

Heidi satisfies her fitness goals with a little physical activity alone and lots of quality time with her kids. “I like to run. I go swimming in the pool. I mean, I have four kids so they help me a lot too with keeping my body in shape,” shares the celeb.

You can view Heidi’s new workout line with New Balance in stores and on the company’s website, which is flashy and cute. “I kind of put the sprinkles on everything to make it more fashionable [and] make it more fun,” says the star of her line.

Heidi Klum has four kids.

Photos: Fameflynet



Indiana ‘Pacers’ player Paul George is planning on being an active dad if little Olivia turns out to be his child. The NBA star has filed court documents seeking sole custody of the 2-month-old if paternity results prove that he is the father.

ESPN reports,

“According to court documents, George filed for custody because he ‘has the means and resources to be a fully involved parent and to capably care for the child’ and that the mother, Daniela Rajic, ‘is not capable of the care’ as she is ‘currently unemployed and has refused to seek or gain employment and is dependent upon others for the care of the child.’

George’s petition would also allow for limited parental time sharing for Rajic.”

As you may recall, Paul was sued by Daniela a few weeks ago after she gave birth to Olivia on May 1, 2014. At the time, Rajic was working as a stripper and charged George as being the father of her child.

Daniela’s attorney has told the courts that his client is currently out of work due to her status as a new mother. He also deemed Paul’s comments as being “grossly insulting to women.”

Paul George joined the Indiana ‘Pacers’ in 2010 after playing college football for Fresno State University for two years. He is currently viewed as one of the fastest learners in the association.



The Los Angeles ‘Sparks’ got much love from their famous West Coast fans during their game against the Chicago ‘Sky’ at Madison Square Garden this past Monday night. The WNBA teams faced off in an unforgettable competition that was a part of the All Star series. Chris Paul and Jamie Foxx were two of many celebrities who came out and supported their beloved ‘Sparks’ team.

Chris and the family held up sticks that bore the ‘Sparks’ emblem on them. The Los Angeles ‘Clippers’ player smiled and showed much interest in the game while his wife, Jada, held their daughter, Camryn Alexis, in her arms. Little Chris, the couple’s son, was also at the game and could be seen smiling while holding the ‘Sparks’ stick high.

Jamie Foxx was spotted at the game as well. He and daughter Annalise had the opportunity to have a few words with media outlets that were covering the event. Annalise took several pictures with Candace Parker and Lisa Leslie before the night ended. Leslie’s daughter even sat with Jamie and Annalise!

The Los Angeles ‘Sparks’ are set to face off against the Phoenix ‘Mercury’ on Sunday. Check out more pictures of Chris Paul and Jamie Foxx at the basketball game.

Photos: Twitter/Instagram

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