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Congratulations to Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez who are expecting a child to arrive next year! The Reality TV star announced his wife’s pregnancy during a conversation with V100.7.

“It’s all real, but we got new additions with the family too but I don’t wanna say too much, but you know what I’m saying,” said Stevie J. The rapper added, “We extending and expanding the Jordan family….If you understand what I mean.”

Stevie and Joseline wed last year after being in courtship for several months. The couple recently made an appearance on the music video for the single ‘I Deserve It’ by Faith Evans.

Stevie has shared several pictures of himself with his children. The rapper is already the proud father of four kids, one of which is with Mimi Faust. Stevie was in a courtship with Faust immediately before beginning an exclusive union with Joseline. The ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star and his wife are expecting their first child together.



It’s Blue Ivy Carter in all of her picture-taking glory! The little one was recently photographed while taking a few pictures of her own at the Louvre museum in Paris.

Blue wore a cute red and white polka-dotted dress that flared out when the little one stood on one of the museum’s vents. Beyonce and Jay-Z looked on lovingly as their daughter explored the many sights that Louvre offered.

The Carters have spent the past few days touring Paris. Beyonce was spotted taking pictures of the scenery outside of the museum last week. Blue Ivy was also seen out-and-about in the City of Lights, with dad as her chauffeur.

It is rumored that Bey and Jay have been touring homes in the City of Angels. The power couple viewed a few homes in the luxurious parts of Los Angeles County before vacationing in Paris, which included one in Beverly Hills that cost $85 million and featured a candy area.

Bey and Jay are also said to be searching for a home in Paris. Check out more pictures of the family below!

Photo: Beyonce.com



Egypt Dean celebrated his birthday a few days early this past weekend with mom, dad, and friends by his side. The youngster had a race car themed party that featured a cake that was nothing short of unique.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz took lots of pictures of their son at his party. One photo featured the little one with his parents. “Them Deans,” tweeted Swizz. “Egypt party. Good vibes.” The cake that the loving parents gave their son was simply beautiful with its design being that of a racing track that had cars on it ready to compete.

Egypt will soon be big a brother as Alicia and Swizz are expecting their second child to arrive in December. “It’s looking like December,” said Keys during a recent interview with The View. “They tell me December 31st. I think that’s kind of cute.”

Alicia also discussed the joys of motherhood and how parenting Egypt has given her more confidence. “Being a mother has definitely given me more of a fierceness and understanding of what I believe in,” shared the star.

Egypt will turn 4-years-old later this month. Check out more pictures from his pre-birthday party below!



Vivica Fox shares her biggest regret in life with Oprah, and it is the lack of children. “That’s the biggest regret of my life that I have,” says the actress. “I don’t get to see my eyes in a child.”

Find out what else the star had to say in this week’s version of ‘A Celebrity Baby Blog.’

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Sugar Ray Leonard and Camille Leonard stopped by the premiere of I Am Ali at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood on Wednesday. The former athlete and his daughter looked fabulous on the red carpet. Camille was especially stylish in black and white attire.

I Am Ali takes viewers inside the life of Muhammad Ali with audio journals that the former athlete filmed himself. The compilation of audios feature Ali during various stages of his life. Interviews and testimonials recorded by others are also included in the documentary.

Sugar Ray Leonard is a retired boxer himself who won several matches during his career. The former athlete is the proud father of three sons and one daughter, who will soon celebrate her eighteenth birthday.

Muhammad Ali fathers nine children, including former boxing champion Laila Ali. The famed boxer has numerous grandchildren, including Sydney and Curtis Conway Jr. I Am Ali hits theaters in the United Kingdom on November 28, 2014.




Zoe Saldana is one of Elle magazine’s ‘Women in Hollywood’ for 2014. The actress will be featured alongside seven other notable women in Hollywood when the November issue of the magazine debuts later this month.

Saldana is shown on the issue’s cover rocking a cute black outfit. The stylish wear accents her bump well and fits Zoe just right. The star is also featured while dancing and wearing a beautiful black gown.

Although she is considered one of the more popular celebs in Hollywood, Zoe tells Elle that she doesn’t play into the hype of being rich and famous. “That’s how those seven years my sisters and I spent on a bohemian island played very well,” explains the star. “We’re not American in terms of feeding into that machine that you have to be somebody. We were somebody the moment we were born.”

You can learn more about Saldana and other ‘Women in Hollywood’ when the November issue of Elle hits newsstands on October 21, 2014. Zoe is expecting her first child with husband Marc Perego.



It was a ‘Frozen’ night with Monica Brown and her daughter. The R&B singer took Laiyah to a presentation of ‘Frozen’ on ice earlier this week.

Monica filmed her daughter before taking her to the show. Laiyah was so excited to see her favorite Disney characters on ice that she told her mom that she didn’t want to go to the presentation. “She ain’t really mean that,” tweeted Monica. “Off we go,” wrote the star.


It was apparent that little Laiyah did not mean what she said in the video because she couldn’t take her eyes off the the characters on the ice. “Laiyah watched every minute of this show and sang LOUD,” tweeted Monica. The R&B star’s cousin also commented on Laiyah’s attention to the show. “He kept saying he couldn’t believe how into it she was.”

Laiyah is Monica and husband Shannon Brown’s first child together. The R&B singer has three kids in all.


Rose 3

Derrick “PJ” Rose Jr. celebrated his birthday with a Safari adventure earlier this week. The little one turned 2-years-old on Thursday, and had a huge bash in honor of his special day.

Mieka Reese and Derrick Rose went all out for their little man. The two gave their son beautiful cakes that were designed with the forest in mind and a camel for a day that chauffeured little Derrick and his friends around. At one point the 2-year-old took to riding the animal with mom. He pointed to various sites as Mieka held on to him and the wooden safety bars.


Mieka was so happy that her son enjoyed a wonderful bash. She was sure to thank everyone for their dedication and hard work that made little Derrick’s party a success. “Thank you everyone for helping celebrate my baby’s birthday,” wrote the star. Mieka gave special appreciation to The Fashion Firm for designing a letterman jacket with animal print leather sleeves just for Derrick. The fashion company put the number two on the back of the jacket to represent the tot’s new age.

Little PJ is Mieka’s only child with Derrick Rose Sr. Check out more pictures of the toddler on his birthday below!

The Smiths are on a roll! The brother-sister duo have been releasing music left and right, with their latest track being ‘Melancholy.’

“Well I guess we’re just some melancholy souls,” says Jaden at the beginning of the song. The teen raps his heart out as music in the background helps convey his message. “That’s why we spit these melancholy flows,” continues the star. “With these melancholy clothes/Brings this melancholy everywhere he goes.” Willow joins her brother in the selection, though she chooses to sing and not rap what she is feeling.

The brother and sister team have released at least three songs this week. Jaden began the creative flow by sharing ‘Blue Ocean’ on his sister’s Sound Cloud profile. The 16-year-old then dropped the music video for his song, ‘Fast,’ which was pure artistry. This latest collaboration between Jaden and Willow shows that the teens think about more than the latest technological advances. They are deeply concerned about the state of the world and their purpose in life.

Jaden and Willow are Will and wife Jada Smith’s kids.



Nia Riley and her daughter Kamryn are recovering after being involved in a serious car accident earlier this week. Soulja Boy shared the disturbing news with Twitter fans on Tuesday, and asked them to pray for his family.

“My girlfriend @NiaRiley was in a car accident and the car flipped over and our daughter was in the car. Need your prayers,” tweeted the rapper. Soulja Boy further wrote, “Life is short and you never know what could happen. I love them and don’t know what I would do if something happened to them. God first.”

A representative of the rapper later confirmed that both Nia and Kamryn were safe and reunited with Soulja Boy. “Thank you for your concern,” said the rep. “Both Nia and Kamryn are ok and are now home with Soulja Boy.”

Nia also commented on the accident tweeting, “Thanking God my baby and I are alive!! Our car flipped over yesterday (Tuesday). Can’t take life for granted!” The reality star shared a picture of the car that she and Kamryn were traveling in, and it was completely destroyed.

Nia has been in courtship with Soulja Boy for several months. Kamryn is her daughter from a previous relationship.



Derrick Rose Jr. is a little cutie who is growing by leaps and bounds! The little one was recently photographed by mom, Meika Reese, who captured her son before and after school.

The youngster looked especially fresh in one pic as he sported a sweater designed like a letterman jacket with jeans. Little Derrick was camera-ready as he slightly stuck out his chest and smiled. “School dayz,” tweeted mom.

It’s hard to believe that Derrick is going to school! It seems like just yesterday that the little one was stealing the spotlight from dad, Derrick Rose Sr., before a game at United Center. Derrick and his Chicago ‘Bulls’ colleagues were gearing up for competition when little Derrick walked out of the tunnel holding a basketball that was nearly as big as him. Many cameras captured the moment, which made the youngster the talk of the night.

Derrick and girlfriend Mieka Reese have one child together. Derrick Rose Jr. was born on October 9, 2012.



Kim Fields is surrounded by love. The actress recently took a few candids with her sons while exploring nature that featured her and them smiling and joyful.

Little Quincy lit up the pictures with his exuberance as big brother Sebastian joined in on all of the excitement. The boys took several pictures with mom and a few without Kim. Sebastian appeared to be giving his brother advice in one photo as he held the tot close and whispered in his ear.

Kim has talked about the bond that her sons share with media. “They look a lot alike,” said the star during a conversation with Closer Weekly. “Sebastian loves bragging about his little brother. He tells his teachers at school everything he does. He is Quincy’s publicist at this point,” joked Fields.

Sebastian is Kim and husband Christopher Morgan’s eldest son. The couple welcomed Quincy into the world on December 3, 2013.

Check out more pictures of the family below!



Beyonce and Jay-Z continue their tour of Paris with little Blue Ivy Carter in tow. The power couple were spotted out-and-about at night in the City of Light earlier this week. Blue was the cutie who wore a polka-dotted dress with black jacket, while Bey was the stylish mom who rocked leather pants with matching boots. Jay also showcased a bit of his fashion sense by sporting a silver jacket that coordinated well with the writing on his cap.

At just 2-years-old, Blue has visited more parts of the world than many adults. The little one has toured Spain, Italy, and the beautiful Bahamas. In fact, Miss Carter spent her first birthday in the Bahamas. What a gift!

Beyonce and Jay-Z are rumored to be searching for a home in France, though it has not yet been confirmed if the power couple have settled on a living space. The entertainers are also said to be collaborating for an album, and plan to release it suddenly like Beyonce debuted her latest self-titled work. The singer dropped her album on December 13, 2013, and it quickly rose to the top of the charts.

Blue is Beyonce and Jay-Z’s first child together. She will celebrate her third birthday in January.




Marsai Martin, Zendaya Coleman, Yara Shahidi, and Skai Jackson were three of many young stars to attend the premiere of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day on Monday. The showing was held at the El Capitain Theatre in Hollywood, and featured all of the stars who were in the hilarious film.

Alexander Cooper (Ed Oxenbould) is one kid who is certainly down on his luck. First, he gets gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe, then more disasters begin to unfold. The youngster is starting to think that he is the only one in his family with a dark cloud above his head when he discovers that his parents and siblings are also experiencing a bit of bad luck. Alexander, with the help of his friends, must learn how to overcome all of the problems that life throws his way and look at the brighter side of things, regardless of how bleak that side is.

Mekai Curtis also stars in the film as Paul Dumphy, and Jennifer Garner portrays Alexander’s mother. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day hits theaters nationwide on Friday, October 10, 2014.

Photo: Getty Images

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