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I feel so blessed by my twins and my husband but i feel so very imperfect. I am 70 pounds over the weight that i am supposed to be; my twins keep me busy and up all night; my husband, it seems, doesn't have much time for me anymore and i am scared that he is no longer attracted to me.


We became an item in college and by the time I graduated with a Bachelor's, he switched majors twice and eventually dropped out of school. Currently, he is working at a minimum waged job but says that he has plans to obtain a degree in the medical field but I'm so scared that history will repeat itself (starting but never finishing).

I wish someone had shed light on the fact that as a parent you will have to make compromises. Everyday I compromise who and what I am for the sake and well being of my children. For example my weave , yes I said my weave, I am accustomed to wearing Indian human hair or milky way human hair, but now that I have kids I have to settle for yaky or synthetic.
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