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Want to guest blog for Mama Guru? Now is your chance to do so! If you have any parenting tips or advice to dish out to our readers, then please feel free to fill out the form below.

General Guidelines

* You must be 18+ years old to be published.

* Here are some topics you could explore:

1. Hair care tips for kids with ethnic hair

2. Hygiene/etiquette tips

3. Top 5 things you wish you had been told before becoming a mom/dad

4. How do we discipline the children of today?

5. Lessons you have learned as a parent

*Your content will be edited for spelling and grammar, but please proofread your content before submitting it.

*Plagiarism and violations of copyrights are not welcomed.

*Please reference any sources that you include in your content.

* Please feel free to provide your name and business name and/or website with your submission. If you would not like your name published, please indicate this when submitting your work online.

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