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Blackcelebkids.com is dedicated to promoting the next generation of talented individuals. If you’re an up and coming talent (actress, singer, entrepreneur, movie director, dancer, fashion designer, model, artists, preacher etc..) or you know of a talented young person, then please fill out the submission form below.

General Guidelines
* An upoming star is defined by Blackcelebkids as a newcomer on the scene.

* Remember to include a brief biography of the up and coming star. Please include any website(s) or social networking sites. We understand that not every newcomer has a website, but we do require a brief biography of the up and coming star. Also, make sure to edit your write up as this could delay processing of your submission.

*Your content will be edited for spelling and grammar, but please proofread your content before submitting it.

*Plagiarism and violations of copyrights are not welcomed.

*Please reference any sources that you include in your content.

*Please don’t just send in a photo. A resume of some sort must accompany the photo.

* The maximum entry age is 20. This means that the upcoming star’s age can not exceed 20.

*Photos should be at least 540 in width. Only Jpeg images are allowed.

CLICK HERE to check out an archive of our past stars.

Do you have too many photos to upload? You can send professional photos of the young star to tips@blackcelebkids.com with the subject heading “Upcoming”. Remember to include the name of the star.

* All materials submitted become the property of Blackcelebkids.com. By submitting your work to us, you are giving Blackcelebkids.com the non-exclusive right to publish your work in any format, including all print, electronic, and online media. We reserve the right to edit or abridge your work at our sole discretion.

Please send all information to tips@blackcelebkids.com with subject line “Upcoming”. Thanks!